A Journey with Love : what I take!

by - 8/06/2013

Hello Again! 
So, this will be a two-in-one post. It will be the first post my Journey with Love segment/Chronicles where I'll be sharing places and trips that I do. I'm not sure how many of these I'll be able to do, but I'll try to make them every time I leave town or that I go out with friends. 
Tomorrow I'll be heading over to my family's house in Pampilhosa da Serra, which is part of the district of Coimbra. I'll be back on Friday and I'll try to post as soon as I can. 
But before that, I want to share what I'll be taking with me as Skin Care and Makeup is related. I'm trying not to take too many things, specially since I won't be wearing makeup all the time because I'll be going to a natural pool (I'll share pictures of that as well). 


Skin Care is something super essential to me. I may not take Makeup, but Skin Care needs to come with me, no discussion possible. Because I need to keep my skin clean and hydrated. If I do that, I not even feel the need of wearing makeup - which has happen sometimes. So I tend to pretty much take almost everything I use, with the exception of Bioderma and Facial masks and facial scrub.

Starting with my Tone, I'll be taking my Tea Tree Clearing Toner. It's my favourite one!
It helps a lot with my skin, because of the Tea Tree properties. After this trip I'll try to get a new bottle.
For eye makeup removal I'll be taking my favourite one from Sephora. This one is amazing, I massage it on my eyes and everything comes out super easily. I also need to get a new bottle of this after the trip!
For moisturiser I'll be taking my Hydreane legere from La Roche Posay. It has thermal-water so it's amazing for people with de-hydrated and oily skin like me! I'm thinking about getting a more stronger one for the winter time.
Next, we have my all-time favourite cleanser (also from the body shop). I have Acne-prone skin, so anything that kills bacteria out of my face is a favourite.
Since I won't be taking my Bioderma with me, I'll have to take some makeup removing wipes. I'm not a huge fan for using them for everyday use, but for this case I'll have to open an exception.
An obviously, my dear Effaclar Duo had to come with me as well. Note that this is the European formula, so I can use this everyday without any problems.


For Face brushes, I'll be taking 3 brushes from Real Techniques. I'll be taking the expert face brush, the buffing brush and the contour brush. I loveee Real Techniques brushes, they are so soft!
I didn't want to take too many brushes, since I'll be off only two days...

For eye brushes I went (maybe) a little bit crazy...
I'll be taking a fluffy blending brush from Argent Makeup and 3 brushes from Zoeva - the shading brush, the pencil brush and the detail brush. I'm not sure of what makeup I'll be doing so, I believe that 4 brushes will be enough for me.
For eyeshadow palette, I'll take my new baby : Theodora palette by Urban Decay. I got this on sale last month and I've been playing around with this. I'll try to photograph any looks I do with her and if you want to, I'll try to make a review later on.


I'll also be taking a M.A.C. Paintpot (Painterly) and a Color Tattoo from Maybeline plus 3 eyeliners from Sephora (my favourite ones so far! Nice quality and nice price, specially when they are on sale)


For Lips I'll just be taking two Kate by Rimmel London lipsticks. A Nude one (03) and a Rose one (05). Their formula is amazing. My favourite drugstore/high street lipsticks so far!

Besides this I'll probably also take a blush and  my mascara (so that I can finish it up and buy a new one without any guilt problems).
And you, what would you take on a small trip?
Please Take Care.
With love,

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