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Many might be like "a book review? really?"
Yes, I love to read. During Christmas time, where I totally left the computer  and my cellphone aside, reading was my company. I finally got time (and will power) to finish this amazing book. I'm not sure why it took so much...
A Casual Vacancy is the first book for adults  ( not like 50 Shades of Grey or anything like that!)written by J.K.Rowling - the amazing writer of the Harry Potter series and recently the writer of The Cuckoo's Calling (under a pseudonym ). 
This wasn't a really loved book. First, I think that people where still very attach to the Potter writing, where she would be very careful with language and graphic scenes (it's a book for children after all!). Here we see the really strong language (not in everything sentence! but some characters get to swear more than other. and their swearing isn't a "bloody-something" like Ron Weasley).They were also really attached to magic and strange events. Here, there is no such thing.

Now the deep problem is the heavy truth that this book has. The book talks about a small town called Pagford and how a group of people want to remove Fields (a social neighbourhood, with many economical and social problems) from their responsibility. They look to those people as if they are worthless and are not worthy of anything. But J.K.Rowling shows more than what we know and see. For instance, let's not forget that she lived under Governmental assistance when went back from Portugal after leaving her husband , so she knows this reality quite well. She knows how hard it can be. She shows the struggles from both sides - everyone has problems, no matte how much money you have on your bank account- but she also does something else.

She doesn't just show some problems that high middle-class households have. She actually jokes about some of them (I think that's one of the main reasons for some people not liking this book, it kinda shows them the harsh truth about themselves). She wants to compare the problems and addictions that the poorest and the richest have. There is actually a really magnificent part where one of the characters actually talks about it (actually it's not real talking, but that just a "small" detail).

Now, Character wise, she nailed it again. They are quite complex, they aren't 100% good or 100% bad. Others are so mean that could even compete with Dolores Umbridge (there is one of them that actually, should have a ending like hers... actually, being dragged and beaten up by centaurs would be too good for that character). We can feel their problems, we feel sorry for them, we get angry with them and sometimes we get really relived because they get to learn something. Sometimes we get sad because we knew how good their intentions where, but how they got cut because of other persons choices. It's not easy. Also, we get to know the same character from different point of views. Everyone has an opinion, and believe me, they are all pretty different.

Also, some people didn't loved the ending, because it was quite "opened" and felt that it had a void. I think that she actually made that on purpose. Like, we are the ones who should close the void in real life by helping some of this people and not being so judgemental, when we ourselves have deep problems. I also saw some complains about how the book "speed up" in the end. But, that just like live. Some days everything is slow like if the time doesn't pass by. But when something has to happen, it's with full speed. I think she wanted to hit the reader with what was happening. Like "here take it! It's done and you can't do anything about it". 

Still, I heavily recommend this book. It's really nice to see Jo doing and working on something new. Let's face it : it wasn't because she needed it, It was because she wanted it. And I can't wait to start reading  The Cuckoo's Calling as well. (She trolled us with that one seriously...I would never guess it was written by her!)
I'll try to bring more book reviews and thought about books during this year.
Have read Casual Vacancy? What's your thought about it?
I'm currently re-reading The fifth book of the Harry Potter series and I'm working on finishing a more "political" and cultural book. 
Anyway, take care and have a nice day!* 

With Love.

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