OOTD and Park photos

by - 4/29/2014

I'm finally back! this is a really quick and small post...I just wanted to share some photos I took to the park in Caldas da Rainha. I went there on Sunday with my best friend to spend a bit of time before I took the bus back home. 
I also decided to share the Outif I had...Just a regular and casual look (and before you ask, that vest is made of fake leader! ) and I also decided to share a some-kind-of-selfie...on a no make up day (again...I've been taking care of my acne and seriously...my skin used to be a lot worse than this...)

Anyway, I'm ready to work more here. I already have a few posts ready to be written and I have ideas for photos and looks Basically, I have a lot to share with you guys!
Take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

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