So I'm 21, what now?

by - 9/15/2014

So, today (September 15 to be exact) is my birthday. Geez, I'm 21 now - how did that happen? Anyway it did. I've changed a lot during this past year - I see things with other perspectives, I don't care for things that I used to and I've learned how to focus in what it's important. College will be a challenge this year but hopefully a really happy one. I'll probably be a bit off because I'll need to focus in school. I'll try to use my free time to write and post as much as I can but I won't promise miracles. I'll start German this year and, although I studied Chinese last year and it was okay, I don't want to mess up German. Still, I want to keep this lovely corner.
I'll work on getting more looks and photos like this one here - I'll probably ask friends for help but I guess that it's okay. I've been working on getting a nice Halloween project this year - usually I pass it, but I want to do something. Also, I'll probably be talking  more about decor and home stuff because I want to finish my room - I'm currently working on rehabilitating a new drawer which will contain my makeup and jewelry and I want to get new bedding sets and with luck even a vanity table. I'll be updating you guys as much as possible. The same will be applied to my book reading. I promised that I would review a book each month but it's been hard since I've been reading George R.R. Martin's Game of Throne's saga (I know it's called " A Song of Ice and Fire" , but Game of Thrones sounds a lot better) and I'm currently waiting for the new J.K.Rowling's book about Detective Strike. I also want to read more in English and finish my manga collection (like finally finish my Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles and Vampire Knight collections...and GET SAILOR MOON TOO! I seriously need that. Along with Pandora Hearts).
So yes, there's a lot coming. I'll be sure to update everyone as soon as possible. Also, as for birthday presents and collective haul post I'll probably just post it around October which is when most of the things I'll order from Korea arrive. Also, I'll be announcing the giveaway winner as soon as possible and possibly a new giveaway as well - anyone excited?
Thank you everyone for all the love and support! It's been wonderful.
Take care, have a nice day!
With Love,

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