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Finally, something that it's not a review....I mean, don't get me wrong but after some time I kinda feel that I need to post something that it's me talking about the details of product. Something more fun and light is always a good idea I think to switch things a little bit. Which kinda makes me think that I should prepare more makeup looks posts...
But today's post is a TAG. I was Tagged by Sleep and Water ( I'm so sorry for only posting this now...Thank you for tagging me!!) and I felt I had to make this one ( no Shayne, I didn't forgot about you tag either! ). I really like blush...It's one of those things that I like to play with. And collect. Although I make sure to only keep things that I like and I know I'll be sure to wear. It's not the first time I pass on something because I'm sure I won't be using it as much as I thought I would.  So prepare yourselves for a post full of blush photos.

1. What blush colour suits you the most?
I believe that peach corals and dusty rose blushes are something that will always make me look good no matter the situation or makeup I have on. It's the type of Blush I tend to gravitate more. Examples of that are Benefit's Coralista, Nars Orgasm and Benefit's Rockateur.

2. Pressed, Cream or Loose Blush?
For sure pressed. Cream is okay too but I'm too messy and with the luck I have half of the blush would fly away or spill on my makeup table. Even today I manage to spill a quarter of my Essie Base/Toap Coat on my desk table. Pressed blush is a safe choice.
3. Favourite Shimmery Blush ?
This one is quite hard...mostly because of of the blushes I own are shimmery. I personally like to have a certain glow on my cheeks. If I want something more natural I go for Benefit's Coralista but I want something more vivid I go for Soap&Glory's Peach Party - which seems like a nice dupe to extremely expensive Bobby Brown Shimmer Bricks.


4. Favourite Matte blush?
I don't really use too many Matte blushes...unless I'm using highlighter to add the extra glow. Or if it's Winter - Matte and Winter go nicely together. For this reason I tend to grab either Nars Seduction ( my favourite winter blush) or Turbinado from Sleek.

5.Favourite Cream Blush?
This one is easy since I only Own Bourjois Cream Blush in 03. I really want to get more Shades from this collection and more Stick blushes but I always tend to grab more powder blushes. Not really sure why since it's quite easy to apply this with my bare fingers....


6. Favourite Drugstore Blush ?
For sure Sleek trio in Sugar and Soap & Glory's Peach Party along side with The Body Shop's Blush (it's not really drugstore but it's quite affordable). Most Drugstore blushes here tend to not be that pigmented or don't have shades that I really like...which is quite sad. 

7. Favourite High-End Blush?
Because I have more High-end blushes than Drugstore this was quite hard to pick...But Benefit's Coralista, Rockateur and Sugarbomb had to be on this list since they are the ones I end up using more on a daily basics. I also really like Nars Outlaw.


8. Favourite Bright Blush?
I don't really own many Bright blushes...The ones I really wanted aren't available here...So my picks go to Aritaum Sugarball Velvet Blush in Nº4 and The Body Shop's blush in 06. I specially have a soft spot to Aritaumn's because it really makes a difference on my pale skin.

9. Your biggest blush disappointment?
For sure a Catrice Blush I owned back in the day. That things wasn't pigmented...having it or not on my face would look with same.
10. Blush with the Best Packaging?
Packaging is something I really appreciate. Although I think they are quite bolky and big, Benefit's blushes are really pretty. My favourite is for sure Coralista's packaging. I also really like Skin Food's packaging...I mean who can resist to something like this?
But in terms of size The Body Shop has it right. Their Blushes don't take too much space on my makeup bad whenever I need to travel.

11. Blush Wishlist?
Oh...I shouldn't answer this...But I really want to get my hands on Nars Deep Throat and on Benefit's Hervana. Oh and Too Faced's new blushes!!! They all look so nice and pretty. And on the side of "I wan't but can't get", Tarte's blush in True Love, Fearless, Achiote, Blissful and Natural Beauty.

12. Your Holy Grail Blush?
Right now? Probably Benefit's Coralista.

Lastly but not least I'll tag Shayne , Andreia and Maria Inês to do this tag.
Thank you all for reading! Take care

With Love,

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