The Multitasking Mask


Long time no see, I know! I don't even need to say that the main reason for the lack of posts was school right? Besides that, I wasn't in the best condition during the month of January and most part of March. But, let's not even think about it!
I got myself a week of vacation because of Easter and among other things - like travelling to Caldas da Rainha again - I'm already preparing more and more posts. You see, I might not been blogging but that didn't keept me from getting new products and testing out new things...So I have an Army of things to share.
And since I finally got a new camera and a new computer that makes me able to work in a better way - it may sound like and excuse but both my old and old computer were in need for retirement. I didn't got an DSLR like most people would do, instead I got an Hybrid camera : it's digital but I can still get lenses like I would for a DSLR. Mine came with a 20-50 lens and so far I am happy, although I might get another one in the future - only after getting myself a Wacom digital table.

I got this mask back in January if I'm not mistaken. The body shop opened and Outlet store and while I went there to "just get a conditioner " and leaving with tone of new things to try out, this was one of the products that found their way . Not that hard when we have 40% discount right?

The sales attendant recommended this to me because she new I was doing an exfoliating mask with AHA and BHA and that my skin was dehydrated. Seriously...I'm so happy for getting this!
There's nothing more relaxing than using this after exfoliation or a regular clay mask. I can see this being really handy during the super hot days of summer.
Specially beacuse I also use this as a Sleeping mask - I just dabb a tiny bit of this after my moisturiser and et voilá, I wake up with something that resembles baby skin.

On the other hand, this is not the cheapest mask. I can probably get something simillar and cheaper from a Korean brand - I really want to get my hands on the Lioele Sleeping mask and on some of Etude House's Sheet Masks with Hyaluronic Acid.  But I'll probably repurchase this at my local Outlet store anyway.

I hope that you guys liked this post. I'll be working on getting more content here. I had to leave the blog but now, I hope that I'm finally back for good.

Take care everyone! Have a nice day!
With Love, 
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