Sleek Blush by 3 in Sugar | Review


If there is a High Street/Drugstore brand that I really love is Sleek. Although I have a Love-Hate with their eyeshadows, I love their blushes (I'm planning on getting their new releases...specially the one with the cream blushes). I previously made a review on their Face Form and I'm thinking if I should or not talk about my other two eyeshadow palettes - mainly because mine are from a bad shipment and apparently the new one don't have the problems that mine have.
Anyway, this blush palette was a tricky one. When it was launch I was super afraid of this colours. Like...really afraid. But after getting Outlaw and Seduction from Nars, I saw how nice this palete was and I finally decided to get it. Best decision ever.


Starting with Demerara, this is a really nice dupe for Seduction from Nars (actually, many Sleek blushes are nice dupes for the Nars blushes! So don't get kinky replicas and counterfeited make up, get a dupe like this instead!). It's matte (which means that we can play a lot with highlighter afterwards) and looks really pretty on the cheeks. In my personal opinion, this is a all-year blush. Depending on you eyeshadow and lipstick colour, this will always look good.


Muscovado (which reminds me for a type of brown sugar called mascavado in Portuguese) is a golden shimmer version of Demerara. The base tone is the same, but this one contains gold reflects. I need to be really careful with this one since it super, super pigmented. Don't get too crazy with this one...unless you want to look like a golden berry clown.
Personally, this is more of a Fall/Winter blush. You can totally wear it during the Spring and Summer, but I think that it looks better during the cold time.


Lastly, but not least - Turbinado is my choice for the Summer. It's a Tangerine/Apricot colour. Really pretty but I need to be careful with this one - or I'll be looking like an orange Humpa-Lumpa!
This screams Summer to me. For the day time, I like to year this alone, but during the night time - I LOVE to year a bit of highlighter on top.

Overall, I really happy with the 3 blushes and I really want to get more of this palettes (specially the new ones!). You can find this at some Sephoras, Boots, Superdrug and of course - Sleek's official website .
I hope you enjoyed this review!
Take care, have a nice day.
With Love,

Beauty UK Baked Bronzer | Review


Another make up product that fits on my Budget Beauty Segment. For those who don't know, Beauty Uk is a High Street/Drugstore brand with an amazing quality.
I got this after their baked blush repackage, I wanted to test something new and this looked like the perfect item. The lady in the store wanted to sell me this as a bronzer because of the name but I knew better.  As you can see on the swatches, it has a really pretty gold tone. I dare to say that this precious is a really nice dupe to the Mineralize Skin Finishes from M.A.C - costing a fraction of his High End Brother. 
I Love to wear this either as a highlighter or as a blush to warm my cheeks. My only complain is the package. It's quite big in my opinion and wastes too much space. The old version was better in my opinion (and had peach who looked really nice for the winter time!), specially because it had more product and was made of plastic, while this one is made or cardboard. The only good thing is the mirror - always good for travel. 
Anyway, there isn't much to say about him. I got him for 5 to 6 euros (which is more or less the same in the UK - 3.99£). 
And don't worry, my next review will be bigger than this one. 
Take care, have a nice day!*

With Love,

A small Haul


Before I start to talk about what I got during this last week, I wanted to share a list that I'll have on my blog from now on. Starting from today, I'll have a list of all the book I've read during the year of 2014.The ones with reviews will have a link attached to the respective post. I already reviewed one this month and I'll probably do another by the end of this month or the beginning of the next one. Books are a passion for me and personally I really want to share my thoughts, opinions and recommendations with you.

On, the haul. Starting off with the content of the Special Secret Bag (it's a monthly service, like Birchbox or the Ipsy bag, but sometimes they do specially editions where the content are just full-size products) where this time the brand choose was MeMeMe. I only owned a loose power from them - not that bad, but not that great either - but the content of this bag made me think about investing more on their products. I got a Blush! me Pink  blush box - the concept is similar to the blush boxes from Benefit, but they are more affordable ; a Beat the Blues in Pearl Pink - a liquid/cream pink highlighter, a really good dupe for the High Beam from Benefit ; A nude Nail Polish in 78  Ambitious - really amazing for when I want something  simple on my nails and lastly but not least a Lipstick in Elektra - a really pretty hot pink (or hot magenta as they describe) for the Spring and Summer time. I got all of this for a fraction of the price. I really need to invest more on their bags!

Next, because my current tube was dying , I got a backup for the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo - who know has a reformulated version. Sadly I got to know that after I bought this one. Maybe next time I'll be able to buy it and test it. Also, because my currently foaming cleanser was running out, I got the Avène Clerance Gel. It wasn't my first option, since what I real wanted was the Sebium gel from Bioderma but sadly, it was sold out. I'll be testing this one and only after that I'll then by the Bioderma one.

Lastly but not least, from the sales I got two OPI Nail Polishes - Planks a Lot (the lilac one) and I Eat Mainly Lobster (the coral one). They usually cost 15 euros a bottle...but I got them for less than 5 euros each. I'll be hunting more pretty colours like this during the rest of the sales time. OPI nail polishes are really expensive during the regular time. Seriously, they cost 8$ in the US and end up costing 10 or 15 euros here in's insane! So yeah, I take advantage of the sales and promotions to buy them. I have to look for Essie as well. Besides the nail polishes, I also got one of the new Bourjois Color Boost in 05 Red Island. There is another colour (06 Plum Russian) that I want to get as well. Color Boost's are really amazing. Aside from the Nars Matte Velvet Lip Pencils, this are my favourite! If you can, please check them.

Besides this, I also got a skirt from Bershka during the sales. It's really good and I'll be sure to share my next look with her. I'm thinking about doing another trip to that Bershka to get another skirt and a new Shirt.

Anyway, that's it for today.
Take care Everyone! Have a nice day.
With Love,

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure | Review


Having large pores is a horrible fate. Sadly, I have to deal with that, along with sensitive skin. Before anyone asks, yes I did try the Porefessional from Benefit. I don't really hate or love it...I just can't wear it with Liquid Foundation but, I've tried it with their Powder foundation and it looked nice...Maybe I'll purchase the full-size later to wear along with my future Pro-Finish Powder.
Now, back to the Primed & Poreless Pure from Too Faced, I got this specially because it's oil-free. For one, I don't want to clog my pores; second, I have oily-skin so I already have enough oil for me and for anybody else who wants it.
 I got this at one of the local Sephora's here with 20% off , which isn't bad considering the fact that the regular price is more or less 30 euros. (I believe it's more cheaper at Beauty Bay, not sure). It was a very spontaneous purchase (since it was it before the very existence of this blog) although, a very searched one - because I had research for reviews between this primer and others.

Now, what is this? According to Too Faced :

What It Is: 
Our colorless, oil-free formula mattifies surface oil and minimizes redness from irritated skin while it erases the appearance of pores, fine lines and other imperfections. As always with our primers, foundations and powders stay in place all day, colors stay true, and skin has a smooth and poreless finish.
More To Love:
  • Sensitive Formula: Pure is 100% oil-free and includes special soothing and mattifying ingredients so those with sensitive or oily skin get all the benefits of priming without the risk of congestion or irritation.
  • Mattifies Skin: EVERMAT technology provides balancing benefits by regulating surplus oil production to the skin’s surface, minimizing shine and helping to improve the skin’s overall texture.
  • Soothes & Brightens: An innovative ingredient SEPI-CALM soothes inflamed skin and gently works to brighten complexion while reducing future pigmentation concerns.
  • Poreless & Flawless: Our lightweight formula virtually erases pores and imperfections.

Now, I wouldn't say that this is a total miracle worker but...Yes, it is indeed a good primer, doesn't irritate my skin at all, doesn't clog my pores and makes my foundation look nice. My Skin's texture didn't change at all because of this, specially because if I don't have my skin prepared it won't do miracles. For instance, if you don't properly moisturise your face or Scrub it to remove dead sell, the primer won't be able to contain all the oil or if you don't clean your face properly, he won't be able to camouflage your pores. I'm thinking about getting the pressed power version to wear as a Setting Powder in the future (there is a loose version as well).


As you can see, it has a more gelly consistency with no colour whatsoever. Also, you are totally able to control the amount of product that you want.
Was it worth the investment? To me it was since I haven't found ant primer that does a better job compared to this one. For instances, with this one, a little goes long because of it's texture but I recently got one that although it's good, isn't that good compared to this one. 

I still want to test other primers like the regular version from Too Faced, the Make Up For Ever HD Primer, the Time Balm Primer from The Balm (I really want to invest more on their products this year) or the Becca Ever Matte Poreless Primer - but I'll always still get this one. 

I hope that you enjoyed this review. I'll be sure to show how this looks on my face later next week since I'm planing to start a "What's on my face" segment here.
Take care everyone! Have a nice day*

With Love, 

My 2013 Skin and Hair Care Picks


Finally I'm able to share this!With no further due, here are my Skin and Hair Care 2013 picks.
From La Roche-Posay, both the Effaclar Duo and the Hydreane Legere had to be mentioned. The first is a treatment gel, which helped me a lot with Clog Pores and Acne Scars. The Second is the best moisturiser I ever use, since it's water-base, doesn't have any oil and leaves my skin smooth and hydrated.
Next, Lierac Dioptigel survived his big test during the winter time. I usually get my under eyes really dry during this time - with my skin cracking and hurting a lot..not good at all - but this gel totally stops that.My under eyes look good and less dark! I'll probably repurchase this during 2014! (Although I want to try out one from Bioderma)
The Body Shop's Tea Tree Scrub was a really good surprise. I was really disappointed with their old formula, but this new one is just perfect. I only need a really small bit of this for my face, doesn't irritate my skin or anything. Although I wanted to try something else, I'll probably stick with his one for a while.


For my hair, I discovered from TRESemmé their Heat Protector Spray and their Ends  Repair Cream. I always blow-dry my hair (specially during the winter time) and I want to protect my hair. As for my ends...they always get quite dry, but this is helping me with that and as a plus, helps me a lot with de-tangling my hair.
Next, the Avène Thermal Water was a Summer saviour! Specially during the really hot nights - I would refresh my face with this, which would make me be able to have some proper sleeping. And during the day it would help with some extra hydration.
The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm is a recent discovery, I got it with 50% during a promotion and I'm really glad for that. This takes all of my make up - specially waterproof mascara and eyeliner - without problems. Also, a little pea-size is what I, which means that this will last a lot.
On the other had, Bioderma's Cleansing Water is another great favourite. When I'm not using the cleansing balm, I'm using this bad boy. It removes make up residues and doesn't cause any breakouts or anything like that.

Balea's Hand Cream was a gift from a German friend and I'm so happy for getting this. The smell is amazing and it's the perfect hand cream, since it isn't greasy at all and absorbs really fast.
Lastly but not least, my beloved Tangle Teezer. Why didn't I got this earlier? This is the best hair-Brush I every tried out. Doesn't break my hair and de-tangles my hair without paint. I'm actually thinking about offering one to my cousin.

And that's it. I'll be working around some review's and other ideas. I'm planning to talk a bit more about hair and brushes during this year.
Take Care Everyone!
With Love,

My 2013 Make Up Picks


I really to do this. There was no way I could just pass the opportunity of talking about the products I use and loved the most during 2013. Today's Edition is about Make Up, but I'll also do one about Skin Care and Hair Care (I know that I don't really about my hair, but maybe I should just start doing that this year?)

(It's so nice to have natural light. I'm going to take tones and tones of photos, so I can have work material for the winter and sunny-less days that are coming back)
It was quite hard to do this picks. I've found some really nice products during the last months of the year, but I decided to stick with the ones I knew the longest. Starting with something that has enough products for a complete look, The Bronze of Champions kit from Benefit was an amazing purchase.First, I would never find how amazing the Hoola Bronzer and the What's Up Highlighter are without this. When I looked to them on their full-size form I would think "I don't really need that" or "it's nothing special". I couldn't be more wrong. Hoola is really good for contouring or for warming up my cheeks.It doesn't melt with the warm temperature and doesn't look muddy or orange on my completion. What's Up is for sure the prettiest highlighter I ever saw. I have a soft spot for Golden Highlighters, but I always thought that I should wear powder ones instead of creamy ones. I won't stop  searching for nice powder version, but I really need to get the full-size of this ASAP. It's a really big shame what I initially thought about this. Another product that stand out from this kit was the Creassless Cream eyeshadow. I actually already bought a full-size version of this (but in another colour) because it's worth the money. It's creamy, easy to wear and blend and doesn't crease too much (or at least too fast). The only products that haven't gain my total confidence are the  Longwear Powder Shadow and the mini They're Real Mascara. The Longwear Powder Shadow isn't really 6 euros Inglot eyeshadows are way more pigmented than this.The colour is really pretty, but it's hard to use it (which is why I didn't got the world of neutrals palette and went straight ahead to a full-size cream eyeshadow). Now the mascara...I've tried a full-size version once and it was way better than this. I heard people complaining how the travel version isn't 100% equal to the full-size one...maybe get and try out and see how it works. 

The Painterly Paint Pot from MAC is the perfect base colour for me. It covers my discolouration and veins and helps with keep my eyehsadows in place. I actually thought about getting another one, but like I stated before, I ended up getting another from Benefit. This is a really nice investment. I got this a year ago on Christmas and I still have product for another...2, 3 years?  I don't regret getting this and it had to be included on my favourite products for 2013 for sure.

Nars Seduction Blush was a Giveaway prize  from  Lina's Beauty Diary (who sadly deleted her blog! I'll miss her lovely posts!). At first I was really afraid of this colour. I was usued to the really light colours, since I thought that I would look bad with something like this. How wrong I was..this actually looks really good on me. Among other things, I'm not afraid of this type of colours, the key is using less and build up - which can be hard, takin in consideration how pigmented this is. Also, this blush doesn't fade. I've worn it for 10 hours and it didn't move a bit...It's just perfect and I really want to get my hands on more of these precious treasures. 

This one isn't a big surprise. Although I'm currently playing around with the Naked 3 Palette, the original Naked Palette from Urban Decay is for sure the palette I wore the most during 2013.My favourite combination is Sin and Toasted, although Half Baked and Smog got a big of use as well. I might be interested in getting more neutral palettes, but this one will always have a soft spot in my heart. 


Last, but not least...
From my nail stach, I had to pick these two. Sally Hansen's (from their Salon collection) in 220 Café Au Lait is a really pretty nude that looks really amazing on my completion. For those times where I want something on my nails, but anything too extreme, it's perfect. Orly's Angel Rain is a true star. I really like to play around with this nail polish, specially pairing him with other colours as bases. He gives a really amazing dual-chrome effect.

In therms of eyeliner, there are two fellows who need to be mentioned.Catrice Made to Stay Inside Eye Highlighter pen in 010 In the Mood for Nude could win the prize for the biggest name, but also could win the "best water line pencil" award. Brightens my eyes, doesn't fade too much and it's super affordable and easy to find. And my Sephora Flashy Eye Liner (Waterproof version) in 16 Flashy Ultra Brown was my eyeliner of choice. I got this on sale two years ago (they did a repackage ans re-name the collection) and I think that this needs a bit of love. Their quality is amazing, I dare to say that they are a really good rival for the pencils from Urban Decay.

For brushes, there where two brands that made a stand out for me - Real Techniques and Argent Makeup. I decided to mention my favourite brushes from both brands. From Real Techniques, the Expert Face Brush is pure heaven. Not only blends my foundation perfectly, it's also really easy to clean - not like F82 for example. Argent Makeup 201 Brush is my favourite bleeding and crease brush. It has a perfect shape and the bristols are really soft. I can't wait to get more brushes from both this brands. 

With Love,

The Casual Vacancy | Book Review



Many might be like "a book review? really?"
Yes, I love to read. During Christmas time, where I totally left the computer  and my cellphone aside, reading was my company. I finally got time (and will power) to finish this amazing book. I'm not sure why it took so much...
A Casual Vacancy is the first book for adults  ( not like 50 Shades of Grey or anything like that!)written by J.K.Rowling - the amazing writer of the Harry Potter series and recently the writer of The Cuckoo's Calling (under a pseudonym ). 
This wasn't a really loved book. First, I think that people where still very attach to the Potter writing, where she would be very careful with language and graphic scenes (it's a book for children after all!). Here we see the really strong language (not in everything sentence! but some characters get to swear more than other. and their swearing isn't a "bloody-something" like Ron Weasley).They were also really attached to magic and strange events. Here, there is no such thing.

Now the deep problem is the heavy truth that this book has. The book talks about a small town called Pagford and how a group of people want to remove Fields (a social neighbourhood, with many economical and social problems) from their responsibility. They look to those people as if they are worthless and are not worthy of anything. But J.K.Rowling shows more than what we know and see. For instance, let's not forget that she lived under Governmental assistance when went back from Portugal after leaving her husband , so she knows this reality quite well. She knows how hard it can be. She shows the struggles from both sides - everyone has problems, no matte how much money you have on your bank account- but she also does something else.

She doesn't just show some problems that high middle-class households have. She actually jokes about some of them (I think that's one of the main reasons for some people not liking this book, it kinda shows them the harsh truth about themselves). She wants to compare the problems and addictions that the poorest and the richest have. There is actually a really magnificent part where one of the characters actually talks about it (actually it's not real talking, but that just a "small" detail).

Now, Character wise, she nailed it again. They are quite complex, they aren't 100% good or 100% bad. Others are so mean that could even compete with Dolores Umbridge (there is one of them that actually, should have a ending like hers... actually, being dragged and beaten up by centaurs would be too good for that character). We can feel their problems, we feel sorry for them, we get angry with them and sometimes we get really relived because they get to learn something. Sometimes we get sad because we knew how good their intentions where, but how they got cut because of other persons choices. It's not easy. Also, we get to know the same character from different point of views. Everyone has an opinion, and believe me, they are all pretty different.

Also, some people didn't loved the ending, because it was quite "opened" and felt that it had a void. I think that she actually made that on purpose. Like, we are the ones who should close the void in real life by helping some of this people and not being so judgemental, when we ourselves have deep problems. I also saw some complains about how the book "speed up" in the end. But, that just like live. Some days everything is slow like if the time doesn't pass by. But when something has to happen, it's with full speed. I think she wanted to hit the reader with what was happening. Like "here take it! It's done and you can't do anything about it". 

Still, I heavily recommend this book. It's really nice to see Jo doing and working on something new. Let's face it : it wasn't because she needed it, It was because she wanted it. And I can't wait to start reading  The Cuckoo's Calling as well. (She trolled us with that one seriously...I would never guess it was written by her!)
I'll try to bring more book reviews and thought about books during this year.
Have read Casual Vacancy? What's your thought about it?
I'm currently re-reading The fifth book of the Harry Potter series and I'm working on finishing a more "political" and cultural book. 
Anyway, take care and have a nice day!* 

With Love.

What I got for Christmas 2013


Before I start talking about some of the thing I already got from Christmas, I want to apologize for the strange background or photo quality. Like I said on my last post, I recently moved to my new room and I'm still adjusting. Plus, the weather had been horrible so, I had to use my lighting instead of the usual natural light(I'm quite lucky for getting white lightings instead of the traditional yellow).

Now, Christmas talk. Most of my "presents" were money. I still have some left to get some of the things from previous wihslists (like the precious blue bag and the Nude'tude palette). Also, my grandparents on my dad's side are probably going to give some extra money for clothes (I might be able to get the pretty green coat and the A-line Skirt ). Now, what I really got.
My Mother sent me a package with presents for me, my brother and my cousins. I got the Starbucks Mug and the two lip balms. Not really bad, since I use lip blams all the time and I really needed one of those mugs for when I'm working on the computer or studding. And this design was only available in the UK if I'm not mistaken. 
Right after Chritmas, promotions and sales started. I received an SMS from Sephora with a 25% at every two products. It was the perfect oportunity for me to get the Urban Decay Naked3 palette and a Benefit Cream Eyeshadow.I know, I said I would get a Paint Pot from MAC, but they never have sales of promotions and the ones from Benefit are not only cheaper, they quality is also pretty similar to MAC's. I got the shade Birthday Suit an I'm thinking about getting more shades in the future. Specially a full size of Bikini-Tiny.

And now, the fun part. The code was meant to be spend as many times I wanted until December 31, so the day after my first purchase there, I thought about going to another Sephora and buy a new Mascara and Concealer. Yes, I thought about it.As soon as I entered one of my local Sephora's, I saw their Sales display with two amazing deals : The Romantic Eyes Kit (with a full-size mascara, palette,eye primer and eyeliner) for 15 euros instead of the regular 35 and the Bunny Bronzer (with the old packaging) for 12 euros instead of the regular 27 euros. So, for the Regular price of the Bronzer, I got not one but 5 full-size products. They also had the Natural Eyes palette and the Sephora loves Too Faced palette but both ran way (I can't really complain about it, since I'll be getting Nude'tude soon and I'll start saving for the Chocolate Bar palette). In therms of Sales, I'll be searching for nail polishes (OPI for 7 euros instead of the usual 15, YSL for 10 euros instead of the usual 20). I've heard about Urban Decay Palettes (Feminine, Fun and the other one) but, the one I really wanted isn't available (the Glinda palette to be exact, altough I'm pretty sure that my local Sephora must have at least one still getting dust on top of that really pretty box, back at their storage)

In therms of Skin Care, many are getting Biotherm and other nice brands for 70% of their usual price (not really bad). What I really wanted was REN and I'm not sure about the El Corte Inglés sales (it's the only place where I can find the brand without ordering it online, although I've heard that it's more expensive there).Lush is having sales on their Holidays items and I believe Boticário and Kiko are working nicely on their sales as well. 

I'll stop the rambling for now.

Take care everyone, have a nice day!*
With Love,

Beauty Wishlist for 2014


First, I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone! How was your New Year's Eve? Mine was passed with my family, eating pizza and watching CSI (not bad, really!). Now, I'm a girl of list and wishlist. I do them a lot, specially for personal organization.With that said, I want to share my personal wishlist for 2014. With luck, I might be able to get every single one of this products.  Now let's start.

In therms of Skin Care, besides the normal products (like eye cream, cleanser and tonic), I want some special items. For example, I really want to try the Mask of Magnaminty from LUSH. Many say that this is amazing for those with acne-prone skin, which isn't totally my case but, I still have some issues that I don't mind to take care.
The Kiehl's Energizing  Facial Scrub is a bit pricey for what I usually spend on a Scrub, but I've heard really amazing things about this brand. For some reason the bottle mentions that this is for men but, there is not reference to that at their website (I'll probably have to ask first about it).
REN's Invisible Pores Detox Mask  looks like a really product for my clogged pores. If there is something that I really love is a detox mask, specially for those day when I'm super tired and my skin needs something else. Let's just hope that REN's can live for my expectations.  

In therms of foundation I really want to try the Oil-free Tinted Moisturiser from Laura Mercier, specially when the brand is finally going to be launch here.Along with that, I'm also curious about their Secret Camouflage Concealer. This year I want to get the best concealer- both for my eyes and scars/marks/imperfections.
Speaking of that, I also want to repurchase my Benefit's Boi-ing concealer. Mine is not really old, but it's already starting to look funky and since the expiration mark has already passed, I think it's time to get a new one. I don't want to get bacterial problems because of an old concealer...
I though I would get this las year during their flash black-friday sale but I couldn't go there so, I'll be sure to get the Make Up For Ever Pro Finish powder this year.I never tried a powder foundation before, but this one just spiked my curiosity!

Now finally...Make up. I'm a neutral lover. It's what I wear the most...So there is no surprise that the two palettes I have on my wishlist are both Neutral Teamed. The first, TheBalm's Nude'tude palette will be welcomed during January or February (I was meant to have it earlier but sadly it was out of stock...but my waiting will be compensated for sure, since this palette is known for it's amazing quality). I had this on my Birthday Wishlist but I end up switching it for the Pretty Rebel palette from Too Faced. 
Speaking of Too Faced, their Chocolate Bar palette is amazing! Some colours look quite similar to the one from TheBalm, but others are quite unique. I used to ignore Too Faced, but after getting Pretty Rebel, I won't be doing that mistake again. I'm not sure about it's release here, but the worst that can happen is only getting it around my Birthday (let's hope that I can get it sooner)
In therms os face products, my picks will be the Tropicoral and the Fellin'Dandy kits from Benefit. I already Own sugarlicous and it's amazing. We get to test many of their products and think if we should or not get the full-size. For exampel, because of my The Bronze of Champions kit, I really want to get the full-size of What's Up highlighter and Bikini Tiny's Cream Eyeshadow. 

And you, do you have a 2014 wishlist too?
Take care everyone! Again, Happy New Year!

With Love,

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