Small haul and Birthday presents


Hello dears!
I want to share a little haul, that it's going to include some products I got from my grandparents (because of my birthday). Anyway, I want to say that I don't buy this type of makeup all the time, I just usually use my birthday and Christmas money to get specially more high end makeup products (specially palettes). So please don't get mad! (And yes, you might see more products later because my aunt and my dad have yet to give me their presents)

Sarting with products that have nothing to do with a From Bourjois, I finally....but FINALLY got myself a cream blush from Bourjois. I spent all my Spring and Summer reading British bloggers raving about them. When they finally hit our stores I saved some money and I got one for myself.It's really amazing! I want to buy all of them (in time, in time!)
From Catrice (if you are familiar with Essence, Catrice is like a "big sister" to Essence. Their products have a more "solid" packaging, are a bit (like 1 or 2 euros, depending on the product) more expensive but their quality is amazing. They launch their own version of the chubby sticks and I'm really happy with them. For 5.69 they are really amazing. I want to (in time) get more colours. 

Yesterday I went to the supermarket and to Well's (it's like a Drugstore/ParaPharmacy) And I this four items. From Well's, I got the Brow Gel/Mascara from my brows. I got the brown one because I thought it would be better than the clear one ( I have brown hair and brows anyway) and I got that small eye pencil - Made to Stay inside eye Highlighter Pen - because I saw a review from NikkieTutorials about how amazing this product was - even better than her favourite Ben Nye pencil !!. I tried out today and it's amazing. I want to try more products from Catrice  because of this! 
Than from Bourjois again, two Color Boost's (Red Sunrise and Fuchsia Libre). They started to sell them on my local supermarket (with some luck, they also start to sell the cream blushes!). I'm glad that I was finally able to get them. I'll be on the haunt for the other two ones. 

And now the fun part. I got all of these items with money that my grandparents gave me. Otherwise, I wouldn't nothing (with the exception of the Mini-Sephora palette that was a gift from...Sephora.). But that have to say that I'm quite happy with what I got.

You guys are probably wondering why did I get this and not the Nude'Tude palette. Well...Nude'Tude isn't a limited edition or a "new season" product. It's something I can get any time during the year, while Pretty Rebel from Too Faced is a fall palette. I knew this palette from other reviews and promotion photos. I'm really glad that I was able to get this baby. The quality of this shades (and even the palette material) is amazing. I really need to invest a bit more on Too Faced products!
My favourite shades are (of course) the more nude shades, but the pink one is just heave, along with her neighbour. Anyway, I'll be working making a nice review during October (I may take a while...I'll announce why soon!)

Finally something from my wishlist!
I've been haunting this kit for ages! (pretty much since it was launched). I'm happy that I finally was able to get it. The only product that I'm quite unsure is the Benetint...I though it would be a bit more pigmented? Maybe I'm using a wrong nude lipstick with it. Anyway, I'll be looking more into it before making any review. I like to be really sure about products before talking about them.
I've swatched the blush (It was applied on me during a Brow Session on Benefit's BrowBar, which is why I got it) and it's pigmented and beautiful! If I ever finish this, I want to get a full-size version!

I'm looking forward into getting also TropiCoral and Felling'Dandy.

And the Sephora gift. A really small (almost travel size) palette with a blush, 4 eyeshadows and 2 lips products. I'm quite happy with this. Last year, Sephora's present was a facial cream...Now this I'll use way more than the cream. It's amazing to carry out on my hand bag or for travels.

It's everything for today.
If you want to see a review on one of this products please tell me! I'll eventually talk about them all, but if you want to see something first I'll work on it.

Please take care, have an wonderful day!

With Love,

Efflaclar Duo | Review


I'm really sorry for the very un-original name for this blog post. I promise I'll try to find something nicer next time!!
So, I finally decided to review some products.
Today I'll be talking about a skin care favourite : Efflaclar Duo from La Roche-Posay. It's one of those products that people either really love or don't really fell for it, which I understand. We don't all have the same skin or skin type.
Also, I'll be talking about the European version. I know that in the US, the formula of this product (for some really weird reason) is different from the European Version. The European Version can be used everyday all over the face, while the US version is a spot-treatment - a very strong for what I manage to find. Pleeeeaseeee beware of this. I know that some people in the US had problems because they though that both version would be used in the same way. Please check which version you have, because I may be talking about something completely different from what you have.

This product comes in a very Silky and "tall" tube, But it's quite nice actually. If you read my last post, you know that I recently finished a tube of this product. Because of how this is tube is design, I'm able to use all the product without either leaving some product in the tube or having to cute the tube to use the rest. 
The "tip applicator" is also nice. I can precisely choose how much product I use,I can control with without any issues - sometimes it's very difficult to control quantities of products because of how they are build. 

Now, how was I introduced to this precious? 
I was watching a favourites video of BeautyCrush on Youtube when she mentioned this because she had seen a video of Tanya Burr (who had been advised by Ruth Crilly - don't ask me how she found this, It would be too much information..). Anyway, I got intrigued. They were claiming that this problem was a miracle with spots and acne problems. And I wanted to search that. 
They were right. This product is amazing.

But, it's not a miracle maker. I mean, don't expect to use it and wake up on the next day with the face of a baby. You need to use this everyday to have some results. After a week or two I could see my marks fading. After 1 tube, I have marks that are completely gone. My Skin texture also improved.
The only thing that I have to complain is that, it did nothing to my pores. It's the only down side. If you are planning to buy this because of your pores, don't do it. It won't help you that much.


About the ingredients, my field of study had nothing to do with science, but I can tell you that one of the big differences between the European and the American version, is that the European one contains Salicylic Acid, while the American one contains Benzoyl Peroxide. 
I also wanted to show you what the brand says about this product. Like I said, it's nice for acne and marks, but it doesn't do that much for pores. 

I also want to mention that this product has a gel consistency. It "soaks up" pretty fast and it doesn't look oily at all (I hate the oily feel on my skin. It's why I prefer water-based moisturisers). It also "blends" pretty easily.

Besides the downside mentioned, I'm pretty happy with this product and I'll keep buying it. Now I don't stress over acne marks or something. Finally I almost lost the feeling of needing heavy makeup on my face.

You can find this on Pharmacy's (in Portugal you can find this for 14€), Boots (for 9.75£), but you can find more information on La Roche-Posay's Website.

I hope you liked this review.
Please take care, have a nice day!
With Love,

The Liebster Awards!


Hello dears!
Shame on me for not doing this post earlier!
Before I start answering this tag, I seriously want to thank you all. When I started this blog, I never tough I would have this much love. I started this a month ago and mad that...I should have done it earlier! I won't abandon this blog in a near future. Every day I find more ideas and things that I want to share here. I hope you won't mind!

 Anyway, the Lisbter Awards! I've done this on my Portuguese blog, but I never, ever expected to be nominated this soon here...specially three times! I was firstly nominated by Life of Chloe (for some reason the blog post isn't on-line now, I can't answer this questions, sorry!), then I was nominated by Wonderland Waterfall and earlier today I was nominated by My Chic Adventure. This nominations are given to blogs that have less than 200 followers, so they can get some love (Thank you very much!)

Now, the question from Wonderland Waterfall:

1.If you could have any one superpower, what would it be? 
Turning what I imagine into life. Seriously, imagine how awesome it would be summing one of Danny's Dragons (from Game of Thrones) against...Voldemort for example. It would be awesome. Imagination and creation are powerful things. That's why common people sometimes speak badly against creators, painters and such. Because they hold unique powers. 

2.Would you use it for good, or for evil? Good obviously.
3.If you could come home and have one product sitting on your bed, what would it be? Hum...I don't know...does Tom Felton count?
4.What is your favourite brand? Hard question! I can't really mention just one brand...
5.Have you finished schooling yet? High School yes, University not yet.
6.What is your birthday? Today, September 15 actually!
7.Who are your fashion icons? I don't really have "the" fashion icon...I really love Emma Watson's style. Oh! And Girl's Generation! 

8.Do you have a bloglovin? I do! If click on that icon with the B and a heart you'll be able to follow me there.

9.McDonald's or Burger King? BURGUER KING!! Seriously, their meat is amazing, totally worth the price.

10. Cats or dogs? Both!!

Now, My chic Adventure questions!

1.What made you want to start blogging? Among other things, I love to share my thoughts and opinions. It helps a lot knowing how someone else reacts to a product. Also, I really love all the love we get from fellow bloggers and readers. To me, blogging is amazing.

2.What is your favourite part about the blogging community? All the love I get when people comment! I love to know peoples opinions an thoughts about what I write. 

3. What is your favorite social networking site? Facebook! It's what I use the most, but I also really enjoy Instagram and Tumblr. 

4. Who is your celebrity inspiration? J.K.Rowling for sure! She is amazing. When Everyone said she would fail and not see her work rewarded, she became one of the most famous writes of all days. Also, she speaks about how we should be tolerant and how love wins everything. 

5. What is your favourite article of clothing? Jeans! Amazing for both Summer and Winter.

6. What is one thing you could never live without? Family, Friends and Kpop. My life would be miserable without them ! 

7.If you could meet any blogger, who would it be? Mean Question!! But because she is sooooo far away from me, Kimdao !!
8. What is your favourite beauty product? For Skin Care is Facial masks. For Makeup is blush. 

9. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? I would love to do an Asian Tour. Macau, Beijing  Seoul, Hong Kong and Tokyo!

10. What is your favourite store to shop at? Sephora probably. It's the only store that sells my favourite brands like Benefit or Urban Decay. 

Who I'm going to tag?

Sorry but I couldn't just pick one person! So I'll be tagging everyone who wants to do this.

My Questions?

1. If you could live in a Fantasy World (like Hogwarts, Half-Blood Camp), where would you live?
2. What's you favourite book?
3. Casual or Classic?
4. Flats or Heels?
5. Summer or Winter?
6. Vogue or Elle?
7. Who's your favourite Fashion Designer?
8. How do you see yourself in 10 years?
9. Makeup or Skin Care?
10.Blog or Youtube?

Please Take Care!

With Love,

And They're Gone #1


Hello Dears!
Today I decided to write my first Empties post. I love to read them.
I feel really happy knowing that, even having so much stuff, I always end up finishing them. Clean concious I guess.

I'm really happy that I have this much to show and share.
I always try to finish everything and don't use anything new until the old one is dead an done - unless I have an allergic reaction or the product isn't in a good condition. Which is a nice system. It makes me save money - since I don't feel the need to get anything - space , because I don't end up with 10 cleansers (Seriously, I bought a cleanser from The Body Shop 2 or 3 months ago and I still have enough product for the next 2 or 3. And I get my concious clear.


Starting with Hair and Body, last month I finish a bottle of shampoo and conditioner from L'oréal Elvive, from their Keratine line. It's a nice product. It didn't amaze me and by the end of the month my hair was getting used to it (it's not a good sign). I may bought again, but not in a near future.
Sephora's Coco lotion was something that I didn't enjoy at all. I got it last year on sales and took me a lot to finally finish it. I'm glad I did it!
Last but not leas, Le Petit Marseillais hair mask for oily hair is one my favourite hair masks. Contains Jasmin and white clay. This guy you see here is my third jar. I won't but straith way, just because I'm in love with my current mask from TRESemmé and I'm dying to try out Lush's and The Body Shop's hair products. Anyway, I might get another one!


For skin care, I finish a lot (which is why I did that haul last month). From Le Petit Oliver, I really loved their Clay & Lavender mask (although I want to try their normal clay mask and their clay and Tea Tree mask ), affordable and really amazing.
From Balea (a German brand) I finish a hydrating mask that I got from a friend. It's a really nice mask, specially for when my skin is more dehydrated. The sad thing is that I can't get it now. The tinny white and Orange sample-size tube is a sample from a Sun Screen from Eucerin. I didn't liked it, too oily for me, which means I won't be purchasing the real-size version.
And, with great sadness (not so much because I got a back up 2 days before it ended), my first tube of La Roche Posay's Effaclar Due is gone (I'll be writing a review about it this week!). It's really amazing. And I'll keep buying them.

The next three products are all from The Body Shop (need to keep saying it) and from their Tea Tree line.
The facial Exfoliant wasn't a favourite (although, the new one is AMAZING and a new favourite). It was too gentle for me, I wouldn't feel my skin exfoliated...I won't repurchase this particular exfoliant. The new one however is a different matter.
Then, the oil for spot treatment is something I should have gotten ages ago. Sometimes (either because of hormones, stress, bad sleep, food or something else) I get one or two pimples (which sometimes are super inflamed and hurt a lot) but with a little cotton-tip (don't be crazy like me, don't use cotton disks, cotton-tips are perfect) , place the oil on the pimple are and the pimple will dry out and heal.And to kill even more bacteria and stop the inflammation, I always use my Toner after. This is my favourite toner and I won't change it (although I want to try the tea tree water from lush!). It tones my skin, cleans it and helps me with my acne problem. What else can I ask?


Now for the only makeup item and the two items that aren't really that....important?
Starting with Demak Up makeup removing wipes, I don't use wipes on my face any more, only for swatches and removing makeup from my hands (for when I apply primer, concealer, cream eyeshadow..). Anyway, These ones aren't anything that special...I'll stick with my favourite ones from Nivea (that I usually get on buy 2, pay one packs ) . From the same brand, but a favourite, we have the Duo + cotton disks. They are amazing, specially for makeup removal. I'll keep buying them for sure.
And my only makeup item is a mascara from Rimmel London. This mascara (Scandaleyes show off) didn't wow me at all, besides, I would look like a Panda after 4 hours...I  repurchase this mascara. I prefere to give a couple more euros and get a nice one (I'm allergic to Maybelline Mascaras by the way). Rimmel London has amazing products, but this one isn't one of them (for me at least)

Before I show you the next product, please note everyone is different and, a product that works amazingly on mw may not work with you and vice-versa. I know for example that not everyone loves Efflaclar Duo as much as I do and there are people that really love Maybelline mascaras.


And the last product is something that I only use...once? I got this nail polish two or three months ago and last week when I wanted to use it...I found it like this...
It's dry and I don't know how. I got super sad because the colour was really pretty and I really love Sally Hansen's nail polishes...I guess I need to be careful next time.

Please take care, see you on my next post!
With Love,

August Beauty Favourites


Hello dears!
Finally I'm able to write this post! I planned to write it and post it yesterday but y photos didn't look good, so I decided that it was best re-shoot everything and write today. 
I want to say that my inspiration for the display and background of today post goes to Sleep and Water (one of my favourite blogger's). I wanted to take photos on my grandmother dining table but that didn't went very well because of the lighting...Anyway, I was able to photograph everything I wanted. 

An overview of everything. Two Skin Care products, a kit from Benefit, a blush from Nars and my favourite eye Brush from Argent Makeup.


Starting with Lierac's Dioptigel, it's my first eye cream (or should I say gel?) and it's amazing. I only need to use a real tiny....really tiny bit of this product. I feel that my under eye circles are less purple and ugly after using this.  Nice one Lierac!
Then of course, my beloved Efflacar Duo! I couldn't let him out of this post. It makes wonders. I had a huge problem with acne scares and now they area all fading away because of this bad boy. (P.S. This is the French version, which means I can use it everyday without any problems!)


Nars Outlaw is something everyone should have! What an amazing pink blush. super pigmented (which means that I need a really light hand when I'm working with it) and super long lasting! Yes, it's a bit expensive of some people (me included) but the quality is worth it! I still have to find a blush that lasts as much as this and that is as pigmented as this one!
The little brush you see here sis Argent Makeuo's 201. It's a blending brush and O-M-G. It's amazing! If you have small eyelids you should check it. This brush actually blends the colours instead of rubbing everything like some super huge brushes do. And because it's made with synthetic fibbers, not only is animal friendly, it's also super soft! And the Pink helps a little bit as well!

The Bronze of Champions is something I'll never regret buying. I mean, hoola was never something that I would buy. I never though it would look good and What's Up was something I would always ignore. How could I? They are amazing products!
The cream eyeshadow and the powder one also something heavenly. Really amazing for everyday looks.
The LipGloss is really good, not sticky at all. The mascara...another piece of Heaven.

I don't have swatches of anything because I want to review everything separately.

Please Take Care girls! Have a nice day!*
With Love,

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