A Gift Guide to your Nerdiest & Geekiest Friend


I am very aware that it is a bit late for gift guides (or not? there is always someone who shops at the last minute I guess?) and I hadn't done any, specially beauty related, because I'd already seen really amazing gift guides from really amazing and talented girls.

My November & Autumn Beauty Favourites | 2018


November flew away at a highway speed. One day we are celebrating Halloween and when we realise we are almost celebrating Christmas and eating Turkey (in my case codfish) with family. Nonetheless, I want to share my November & Autumn favourites, since December marks the beginning of Winter. 

My First Colourpop Haul


Colourpop is no stranger to beauty lovers. I've been dying to try out this products for the longest time and this year, with the help of a friend, I finally place my first order on their website. Spoiler alert: Everything is so nice!

Fenty Foundation Review & Thoughts


As the end of the year approaches and Festivities start - Christmas parties, New Years Eve and such - if there's something that much be on point is foundation. Fenty Beauty was finally released here at Sephora by the end of August and I was lucky enough to get it right away. After much thought and use, I'll be sharing my thoughts on it.

October Favourites | 2018


October was a very weird month. With some of the hottest and coldest days of the year, strange things in my personal life and new discoveries beauty-wise. I wouldn't believe it would be like this if someone had told me beforehand.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid | A Review


This post took a while to come out. But I guess it is better later than ever, specially when the topic is affordable skin care!

New Makeup I recently got | Small Haul


After my birthday it was expected that I'd have already a major Haul here. But...for now I decided to only get these small bits. Mostly because I am hording until most of the Holiday releases and special kits (also Black Friday!!) And yet I still needed and wanted some treats.

My Essie Nail Polish Choices for Autumn/Fall & Winter


Autumn has finally arrived (although in a bit of a bumpy way) and with that I am finally pulling out my comfy jumpers, stocking and of course: nail polish! 

My five Hair and Body picks for the Autumn/Fall


Autumn is slowly peaking through, after a really hot day in the beginning of October. Nonetheless, I have been already preparing my hair and body for the change of season, picking up products that will help me once the cold arrives so that I don't find myself in the middle of as unpleasant surprise.

My September Favourites | 2018


September was a crazy month! For starters I worked at my faculty because of the new students that were enrolling in their first-year of BA or MA. It was also my birthday month and other peculiar things got to happen. Nonetheless, there I am to share my beauty favourites of the month.

Lipsticks that get you into the Autumn/Fall Season


After Blush, what I love the most is lipstick without much question. Specially in the colder seasons where I can got for my shades of choice: reds, wine and deep browns. Today I'll be sharing what shades I'll be wearing while transitioning from the extremely suffocating hot weather to the more pleasant breeze of Autumn/Fall.  

The Autumn Blushes Edit


September is here and with it all the comebacks: coming back to school, coming back to work and of course coming back to university. Another obvious comeback is the Autumn season. It is still really hot here, but I can already imagine myself drinking hot tea at night and getting comfy around my blankets.

Are makeup brushes worth the Splurge?


Back in the day, makeup brushes were one of the biggest investments any makeup artists or makeup love would do. Eventually more affordable brush companies started to appear and with that a few transitioned into cult-like status, gaining popularity and updating their standards.

September Goals


Another month, another goals I guess? I really enjoyed writing my August Goals last month so I'll be trying to do a post like this every month from now on!

My August Favourites | 2018


After some months without posting my favourites, this month here I am to share both my favourites and some monthly experiences! Next month I'll be back to University and I am already working on getting back into routines and other stuff.

My four Ultimate base staples for different seasons


Base products are as much of a staple as lipstick. Personally, depending on the season and the weather my base makeup will change. During the summer time I tend to go for more powder-based and matte foundations, while I really love hydrating ones for the winter time. Today I'll be sharing my ultimate four base staples. 

Why am I updating some old blog posts ?


I guess today's post will be a bit different from the usual. I am no "blog expert" (as I am not popular enough to claim what it is best or not to get engagement). But I've read many thoughtful posts about the topic and today I want to discuss my take on one of them: Updating old blog posts.

My Favourite Foundation Brushes


In a world everyone uses Beauty blender, I still tend to go for foundation brushes. Nothing against Beauty blender ( I am yet to try it out) or sponges in general, but I tend to go for brushes on a daily basics, perhaps because I never have to wet them. Today I want to shade my 3 favourite foundation brushes and why I love each one of them. 

Two concealers I love more than Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer


I have to admit, I was a bit scared of writing this post, mostly because I feel that this might come across as a unpopular opinion. But after trying to feel what everyone was feeling, I had to give in and admit that the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer might not work with me like it works for other people.

My Birthday Wishlist


With my birthday coming up in September, I am already looking forward into getting some treats for myself. Today I'll be sharing my birthday beauty wishlist, mostly because there are other items - like books - that I really want but I might not share here before getting them.

Three Morning Skin Care Essentials


There's nothing like starting a morning with positivism. One of the things I love to do is to start my morning with a cup of coffee and to meditate a little (unless I have classes and work, otherwise I get way too early for that). But I'll always do my skin care routine and I'll share today the three stars of said routine.

My new Favourite Sephora Lip Stains | Review + Swatches


I believe everyone has heard about the Sephora Lip Stains - now in both Matte and Metallic finishes - and how amazing they are. I have mentioned them before on the blog, but I got new shades and ultimately new favourites. Today I'll be sharing what I think about them and how much I love them.

August Goals


Goals and achievement lists have been part of my planning lifestyle. There's nothing like sitting back and realising what you want to improve or accomplish. I decided to do this on a monthly basics and today I'll be sharing some of my goals for the month of August.

Copping with Blog Blocking


You are probably trying to grasp what is exactly "Blog Blocking". After suffering from something like this quite some time - either due to much work or just not knowing what to do, I decided to finally explore the topic here. 

Favourite Red Lipsticks | Review


I love red lipsticks. They have the power to change a look : either sexy or just classic. The possibilites are quite endless depending on what you choose to work with (both eyes and overall look). Today I'll be talking about my favourite red lipsticks and how I love to wear them.

My Current Night time Skin Care Routine


After a few months of settling down, today I'll be finally sharing my current Night time Skin Care routine. I decided to keep it as simple and consistent as possible. My skin has been okay, although stress and other things have caused some small issues. But nothing that a good routine cannot solve.

About Planning


Planning has been a habit I am trying to seriously acquire. Last year, I came across the world of planning and how there is a large community of people who dedicate their time to it. As someone who craves organisation and hates to feel lost in task, it felt like the next step.

Current Eye makeup team


Meet the Eye Team

After sharing my current makeup favourites that can stand the heat, today I'll be sharing the items I have been wearing lately (specially at night outs when the makeup won't be melting). These might seem a lot, but obviously there are day when my makeup looks are more simple than others. 

A Reading Saga for the Summer : The Lunar Chronicles


"Oh Stars" 

There's nothing like a good book. Even better, a good book series. I decided to share more book recommendations, specially for the summer time.

My heatproof makeup base


Because no one wants to be melting 

The Summer time usually means sunny days, the seaside and holidays. But it also means that the weather is super hot and not really friendly of make up. Usually I avoid completely wearing it, but there are always special events and days were I still want to look nice. Today I'll be sharing the products I use to create my heatproof makeup base. 

Summer Goals for 2018


Summer usually means that I won't be loading myself with tone of school work (or work in general) and I will have tone of free time for myself. Yet that does not mean that I won't be looking forward to score a few goals for this season before the beginning of the new semester. 

Two Favourite Peach Blushes for Summer


Getting that Hint of Peach 

I love to wear peach blushes, specially during the Summer time. I don't know why, but there's always something in me that reminds me of of the warmth of the season. I also tend to either wear more warmer shades or to just do simpler looks - because no one enjoys having their face melting under 35ยบ+ right? 

A very small haul from The Ordinary and Revolution


Because once in a while, there's nothing like a treat

I haven't bought anything beauty related for a while. But with the end of this semester and finishing a few important staples on my skin care routine, I decided to do a small haul at Maquibeauty/Maquillalia (depending on where you are) and I have to say, I am proud. I almost thought about getting something that I didn't need (in this case more lipsticks) but I decided to stop. What I was going to get wasn't really want I wanted to purchase so I decided to stop and instead of doing a mistake, I'll wait patiently until my birthday. 

Huda Desert Dusk Palette


When the desert meets the eye

At this point, I believe almost everyone knows who Huda. Or knows her brand. I have to sat, it look me a while to get into the hype. Having her released at Sephora was for sure he impulse I needed in order to buy and try out products from her brand. This the story of how I decided to adventure myself into the ultra-hyped Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette. 

Favourite Essie Nail Polishes for Spring and Summer


How to make Spring and Summer brighter with Essie

There's nothing like applying a good bright nail polish during the warm weather. Perhaps it's the bright light and the bright colours. Or the fact that the days tend to be longer. I just love to apply it. And this Spring and Summer is no exception, specially surrounding my Essie nail polish collection.

Things I've learn in 2018 so far


Because these six months have taught me a lot already 

Can you believe it? We are already in June!! I was not able to blog much in May due to a mix of personal problems, work load at college and having health problems (specially allergies) to take care. I really want to resume regular blogging between the end of this month and July. I cannot promise a concrete date due to pending evaluations for this semester's courses. 

Clinique Pop Blushes


 A Pop of Blush with Clinique 

I believe I have been talking about these blushes for ages around the blog by mentioning them in various posts. And yet I have been for months - I am not joking - been planning to talk about these bad boys. I actually took three different sets of photos - and at this point the current set might have changed again before posting. If this ain't perfectionism, I don't know what it is. 

April Favourites


 What I have been loving in April

Although I did not post my March Favourites, I thought it would be a good idea to still post post my April Favourites. This month was a mix of feelings - work is starting to appear, summer planning is also happening, God of War 4 was released oh boy  - and I cannot believe May it's here! I guess I am trying to not stress myself over work and have everything done and in control. It isn't easy tho, but thankfully I have been aware of my deadlines and have been trying to work on it. Nonetheless, there are always those days where my brain doesn't want to focus itself on what he needs too(hello overthinking!) and feel extremely tired. But hey! I am working on feeling better and overcoming this overflow of thoughts. (A Huge shutout to my best-friend who has been working as my therapist and helping me deal with these demons)

Four Pink Blushes for Spring


Blushing with Spring

Spring has finally started to pop up here. Although rain is necessary for maintaining good agriculture and nature in general, I was starting to get way too overwhelmed with the quantity of water pouring every single day - plus the storms, with thunders and crazy winds - and getting sick because I would get wet, the cold...you can imagine the drill.

Soph x Revolution Eyeshadow Palette


From Neutral to Bold, One palette for all.

I already shared my unconditional love for Soph and for her highlighter palette. And now here I am to share my opinion on her eyeshadow palette. Which is a very venturous thing for me, since I tend to stick with 12-eyeshadow type of palettes. I guess there's something specially about this one, right?

How to fall in love with Blogging Again


How to fall in love with your own Online Space again

Liquid Lipsticks for Spring


Welcoming the flower season.

Sophx Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette | Review + Swatches


Welcoming the High Blink World 

February Favourites


Between Cold and a roller-coaster. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner


When something simple is able to make a difference.

Current Favourite Nude Matte Lipsticks


There's no such thing as too many nude lipsticks. 

Etude House Any Cushion Cream Filter


As I grew older, I started to enjoy more natural and fuzz-free bases. BB Cushions are a must-have for this! Although tried many, I tend to go for Etude House - and not, it's not just because of their really cute packaging. 

Skin Care love from Korea


I am a believer that we should take care of ourselves. Yet, I am guilty of not doing that as often as I should - long work schedules, too much work at the University, too tired, and so on. And yet, one of my main goals for 2018 is to love myself more. not only accepting myself as I am, but also making sure that I am nurturing myself and giving an occasional treat. 

January Favourites


As the month ended, another one came by. But before we start indulging into the new goods of February, let me present you what made me happier during January (at least regarding Beauty and Make up)
I'll try to pick up again the habit of writing about favourites during 2018, since I was not able to do so during 2016 and 2017. Let's cross our fingers! 

Soap and Blotting


Hello Hello!
I was meant to have this up on Monday...but work and a few bits and bobs related with my Masters degree happened and I had to hold on. But better later than never right?
Soap&Glory has been a cult brand for me ever since I heard bloggers like Zoella mention it. That made me curious and sparked interest. A while ago my mother sent a package that contained these two beauties from the "One Heck of a Blot" range and I could not be more excited! 

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