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I am so sorry for the delay on this one but the semester ended Friday and I still have work and projects to deliver, plus tests to study to.
Without further due the winner of the giveaway is :

You can check the original widget on the giveaway post here.
Congrats Tania! I hope you like the palette :3

If you haven't won do not worry, I'll probably organizer another giveaway at the beginning of the year.
Take care every one!

Collective Haul and Birthday Goodies


How many days to write a new post? I know...I'm feeling the shame too. I'm going to pass over the part where I apologize and say how busy I am with school and everything right now. I believe everyone has realised that my life is pretty much around that.  There's nothing I can do about it. ALSO!! I know the giveaway is over and during the next week I inform who is the winner and send him/her an e-mail asking for the details so that I can send the palette. A little bit of patience please?
Having that said, here I am with a Collective Haul and few goodies I got because of my birthday. I've been spending a bit too much but, in my defence, most of the things are replacements of products that are empty or that will be empty soon. ( or that's what I say to myself...) 

So, from ebay ( yes, I've been adventuring myself a lot around there) I ordered a few goodies. From the same seller I got myself the SkinFood RedOrange MakeupFinish to replace my Urban Decay setting spray and I am really happy with the switch - I'll for sure buy more of this stuff instead of spending so much on a high end version - and the Holika Holika Sweet Cotton PoreCover Base which is at the time my favourite primer. It makes my foundation look amazing, it doesn't cost too much and doesn't have that really awful silicone feel that the primers from Too Faced and Benefit have. 
Next I have to admit that this is the reason why I can't do more impulsive purchases. The Missha Time Revolution Toner you see here was part of a trial kit Missha released but the seller decided to sell it separately. I felt kinda default about it...but It's okay. The product is the same and that's what it matters. I'm still not sure If I will get later another 250ml version of the toner or if I'll finally give up and get myself the Pixi Glow Tonic. Any recommendations? 
I believe everyone know how much I love cleansing oils, so when my beloved Innisfree Apple Jucy Cleansing Oil started his warning of " I'm about to finish", I decided to get another bottle. But I have to admit that I almost got something like the Banilla co. Purity Clear it Zero balm. I'll probably get the Clinique Take the Day off later instead. 
And because it's always a drama whenever I travel, I decided to get a baby-version of the Garnier Micelar Water. I like to use this to remove the first layer of make up because my actual cleansing, so a travel version is always a good thing. 
And I made the purchase of the year. This season Catrice launched their Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer which is pure perfection - it isn't too thick so it blends without problems and it covers my dark circles or any spot without problems. And I have the feeling that this is probably one of the closest things to the Nars Radiant Creamy concealer and to the Urban Decay Naked Concealer that I'll ever find from the Drugstore here. 

While visiting a local shop that sells professional hair products and accessories to hair salons, I realized that they started to sell Real Techniques as well. I mean, Real Techniques with a fair price - most retailers here end up selling the brushes with higher prices than the norm which would make me not get them at all. Because I already owned a couple of brushes, I decided to get two of the items that sparked my attention before getting the other two missing sets. The Miracle Complexion Sponge was something I wanted to try for the longest times, mostly because I heard it gives a more natural look to foundations and concealers - and it is true. I'm actually thinking about getting a backup of this because of how good it is.Also from Real Techniques I got the Setting Brush, which looks more like a highlighter brush than anything else - and that's why I got it. You can also use it to set the concealer but..I use my regular powder brush to do that. Having this said, I believe it's also nice to apply concealer. Overall, it's a multi-tasking brush.
Lastly buy not least at all, my mother sent me and my brother a lovely packaging containing our birthday presents. She had asked me what I wanted and as usual, I decided to ask a treat from Soap and Glory, in this case their One Heck of a Blot ( And yes, I am super curious to try out their primer and foundation!!) and so far I've been liking it a lot. Now I understand why people used to rave about it! And although we have Clinique here, some reason de Pop Blush collection isn't carried I decided to ask for two of their blushes in Plump Pop and Berry Pop and I am absolutely in love with them - they are super pigmented and stay on for a whole day without fading. I'm super impressed with their formula and I am thinking about asking for another 2 or 3 shades of this collection.

I'm currently waiting for a order from so I'll probably have another haul here soon...But first I'll probably post my first impressions on some of the items I got from the H&M Beauty Department ( It will be long and huge, believe me!!)
Thank you for reading, take care!

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