The Etude House Liquid Color Lipsticks | Review


I have been wondering about the right time to talk about these guys, mostly because I'm planing on getting some of the nude and pink shades in the future ( not in the nearest to be honest). With the craze surrounding liquid lipsticks, it wouldn't take too much time until to Korean brands release their own version. Etude House had already launched a version - tints that could be worn as lipsticks if we wanted, the Color Lips-Fit - but after a while they just launched the Color in Liquid Lips range with a enormous shade range and multiple seasonal and limited edition shades from time to time ( they have a green version for the spring time for example!!!). 
The packaging is like most of the products from Etude House a true dream to watch. Every detail is thought - it is appealing and user friendly because I want find what colour I am choosing very easily since it is shown. Yes it is plastic. Just like 85% of the packaging that other liquid lipsticks own, And even the boxes are cute!! I always have issues with this because I always feel compelled to order them inside a drawer I have. I just think it is too bad to trash out something so pretty like this. 
They aren't matte completely matte. In my opinion they held a satin finish - something like the amplified finish some MAC lipsticks have. Still, it is comfortable to the lips and really easy to apply. 

PK009 is gorgeous deep, kind of berry-ish pink that caught my eye as soon as I saw it. It is one of those shade that I just can't explain. It is quite unique in my opinion - at least I have not come across to another lipstick with such shade. ( and you guys know that I own a considerable stash of lipsticks and lip products). I got thinking about the winter time but I think this would suit pretty much any time of the year. It is dark enough to be a fall/winter shade but bright enough to wear during the spring and summer as well. If you want to get something unusual from this collection, grab this shade!!
RD302 is a gorgeous Snow-White Red shade. It does look more darker than what it really is, specially on my lips. It gives me that really classic and gorgeous polished look without too much effort. If you have more of a Pink-toned complexion this probably won't suit you as much since it has a tiny hint of blue. It's not much but it's enough to cause some "damage" ( not really, but I believe you understand what I want to say)

The applicator is so far my favourite across all the liquid lipsticks I have worn. It's super east to apply on the corners of my mouth and get a precise application. And the fact that the applicator isn't too long also helps with the precision and control of the product in my opinion.
It contains 0,12 OZ ( or 3,5gr) of product which although it seems a little at first, it's more or less the same quantity as the Anastasia or the Stilla liquid lipstick versions. Kat von D's have 0,2 OZ (which is quite a lot to be honest) and Sephora's have 0,169OZ. But these can be found at 12$ online, while any other option - except for the Color Pop Liquid Lipsticks, which have the same quantity of product but cost only 6$ a piece...why can't they just ship to Europe ??

And here's a little treat, because I know I should take more photos of myself to the blog but I always forget or I am not able to. These were taken during a trip I did to Sintra around my Eater-break and I was wearing RD302 on my lips and as you can see it is in fact more bright than what actually appears.
And as a title of curiosity the foundation I am wearing here is the Too Faced Cocoa Powder foundation, applied with a buffing brush from Real Techniques. (It has been my go-to foundation lately )

So yes, I'm in love with these liquid lipsticks from Etude House and I'm planning on getting more shade like PK006 , BE102 or even one of the purple shades. But I'll leave that for my birthday since I really wanted to test out other liquid lipstick formulas first - Color Pop can you please ship to Europe?? Like pretty please??
I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you very much for reading! Do you have recommendation regarding lipsticks and shades, please feel free to shade!

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