A very small haul from The Ordinary and Revolution


Because once in a while, there's nothing like a treat

I haven't bought anything beauty related for a while. But with the end of this semester and finishing a few important staples on my skin care routine, I decided to do a small haul at Maquibeauty/Maquillalia (depending on where you are) and I have to say, I am proud. I almost thought about getting something that I didn't need (in this case more lipsticks) but I decided to stop. What I was going to get wasn't really want I wanted to purchase so I decided to stop and instead of doing a mistake, I'll wait patiently until my birthday. 

Huda Desert Dusk Palette


When the desert meets the eye

At this point, I believe almost everyone knows who Huda. Or knows her brand. I have to sat, it look me a while to get into the hype. Having her released at Sephora was for sure he impulse I needed in order to buy and try out products from her brand. This the story of how I decided to adventure myself into the ultra-hyped Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette. 

Favourite Essie Nail Polishes for Spring and Summer


How to make Spring and Summer brighter with Essie

There's nothing like applying a good bright nail polish during the warm weather. Perhaps it's the bright light and the bright colours. Or the fact that the days tend to be longer. I just love to apply it. And this Spring and Summer is no exception, specially surrounding my Essie nail polish collection.

Things I've learn in 2018 so far


Because these six months have taught me a lot already 

Can you believe it? We are already in June!! I was not able to blog much in May due to a mix of personal problems, work load at college and having health problems (specially allergies) to take care. I really want to resume regular blogging between the end of this month and July. I cannot promise a concrete date due to pending evaluations for this semester's courses. 

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