Small Accessories Haul


Hello dears!

Today I'll be sharing a really small haul, just related with accessories. Just one of the times was bought without promotion, all the rest was bought with reduced price.

Starting with Claire's items. So, because of Girl's Generation video I got a Boy, I've been obsessed with headbands with ears. I almost bought ones on-line, but then I saw these ones on Claire's. And haunt Began. I feel in love with the second ones (with the pearls). Recently, after saving some money and getting some extra from my family for helping them out, I decided that it was time for me to get them. The problem was that I couldn't find them. which is why I got the green ones and paid the full-price. But then, I was tip-off that the ones with the pearls where available at another store.After arranging a coffee meet with a friend and a really awesome lunch with my family at an American Restaurant (50's Inspired! I'll post photos about it later this weekend) I went to this new store to finally get them. I thought I was going to pay full price, but they had discount (not sure why or how). Anyway, because of that I had some extra money and I decided to look around the mall and see if I could find more opportunities.

With the extra money, I was able to buy all of this items. And yes, it's pure coincidence that they are all mint-green/turquoise.

The glasses where another item that I wanted for ages. When I saw that they were 70%off I couldn't resist and get them. Then, I saw that Bijou Brigitte (it's a Accessory-related store) also carried this fabric hair ties. I got two (also with 70% off) and I'm really happy about it. They don't break my hair or anything! 

At last, but not least I got an Owl ring. For those who don't know, I'm a Potterhead (huge fan of Harry Potter) so Owls are a quite obsession (along with nice sheep's because they are super cute! ).

Here you can see how how the ring looks like. It's so cute, and the colour is amazing. Will totally bright up the dark colours of Autumn.
I hope that you enjoyed this really small haul.
Please take care, have a nice day.*
With Love,


Birthday Wishlist for 2013


Hello Dears! So, my birthday is coming up on September.
I've been thinking and I finally made a little list of what I really want for this year.
I usually tend to leave the more expensive products for occasions like this (birthdays and Christmas), with the exceptions of when I have some extra  money and I take advantage of Sephora's 20% off discounts  or their sales (like this Summer, when I got a Theodora Palette of 24 euros, instead of 45)

Starting up with the boots, I'm looking for a really nice pair of brown boots from Timberland. Yes, it's an expensive brand, but my family offered me the opportunity of buying them together, which I'll accept. They have amazing quality and are appropriate to wear either with jeans or with shorts. I only want this brown shade, I personally don't really love the yellow ones.

Next, although not release in my country yet (I don't know why, I've see people from the UK and the Netherlands talking about this), I really wanted to test out Estée Lauder's Double Wear Maximum Cover. Yes, it's a full-coverage foundation, but there are days where I really want something that covers all my imperfections and I can always mix it a bit with a lighter foundation or with a  wet sponge (I want to try Real Technique's one! Way cheaper than the Beauty Blender).

I bet that you guys are Trying to figure from what brand is the Pink brush. It's from Argent Makeup, a Portuguese brand! They only have 3 brushes (2 for face 1 for the eyes) but every brush is designed with patience so that they are perfect. This brush in particular it's called Argent Makeup 102 and it's supposed to be a bronzer brush BUT most of these brushes are multi-proposed. I think that this brush would also be wonderful to apply Cream blushes (like the Bourjois ones that finally found their way to Portuguese stores), Setting powder and who knows, even foundation! I'll try to talk about their eye brush (202) as soon as possible. If I spiked you curiosity I'll leave you here their facebook page , specially because I know for a act that they are going to launch an international shop! (And by the way, if you are scared about the hot pink, they also have the Classic Collection in black)

From Benefit, I wanted to finally get one of their "all face" kits. I already own The Bronze of Champions (I'll do a review on it soon! ) but I want to get the three kits related to their blushes, tints and glosses. I wanted to get Sugarlicious first (it contains a mini sugarbomb blush, a mini brush, two mini/travel size bottles of Benetint and High Beam highlighter  and a deluxe sample of sugalicious gloss, all for the price of a regular blush) because last year, I got a coupon from Sephora for a Browbar session from Benefit (I'm not sure if this exists in another country's, but here some selected sephora stores have a Benefit counter where their workers are brow experts and basically, do professionally your brows - I'm waiting for this years coupon!) on my birthday and the lady applied Sugarbomb on my cheeks (they always do a quite simple makeup look after working your brows) and it's interesting, because I never- ever - tought that sugarbomb would look good on me. I was wrong after all. The other two kits are related to Coralista blush (The kit name is TropiCoral) and to Dandelion (Feeling'dandy). I think that they should create more kits related to their other blushes and glosses!  

Last but not least, I wanted to finally get a Nude'Tude from The Balm. I am a convicted Neutral lover and order. It's strange  because, I love bright lips and cheeks but for eyeshadows I tend to buy more neutrals. This is a nice - not that expensive in my opinion, since it's cheaper than Urban Decay's Naked (which I own and love) - neutral palette. I want to get it, specially because of their pink and burgundy eyshadows. Their golden eyeshadow is also something nice, very different from Half Baked from Urban Decay (Which is one of my favourite eyeshadows!) 

There are more things that I want. But these are the main ones. I also wanted to get a nice deep Green Jacket and a Blue Bag for school (I wanted something like this or this , I guess that I need to search sport stores or something). 
And there is always the issue of a vanity for my new room. I'm indecisive between two from Ikea (the Malm one and the Helmer one). Oh well, too much to think I guess. 

And you, what do you think about my choices? What would ou pick if your birthday would be soon?
Thank you for all the kindness and support! It really pushes me into writing more here. 

Please take care everyone!
Have a nice day!

With love,

Skin Care Haul


Hello dears!
Today I'll be showing you a little skin care haul I did this week. Some of my favorite products were getting used up and I need to get new ones. And I also I was able to take advantage of some promotions. 


This Monday I went to Colombo - one of the biggest mall's in Portugal - with a dear friend of mine to catch one each other and to see how sales where and next season's collections After walking around, our last stop was on The Body Shop. They had a buy 3-pay 2 promotion which I thought it was wonderful! I needed a new bottle of Tonic - because this is my favorite tonic after all and a new bottle of Tea Tree's Oil. Because of the promotion, I end up also buying (or free) the new Tea Tree Face Scrub (I'm praying that this one get's to be better than the old version). I really want to go there again and get more things with this promotion, specially the Honey Bronze Bronzer and their new Makeup removers!!


On Tuesday I went to Continente (which is a big supermarket chain, they sell food and a bit of everything) and I went to their pharmacy department (also known as Well's) and I stock up myself on my favourite moisturizer - Hydreane Legere from La Roche-Posay. It's funny, I bought the first one by mistake. I was getting a nice moisturizer for my brother because he had lost his (he has super dry skin) and when I got home he had found his and they didn't match. I end up trying out to see if it was nice and...God! It was amazing. I have Oily Skin but, my skin is also dehydrated, so if I hydrate it, it won't produce more oil. Now I was running out and I needed to get it. Also, because La Roche-Posay is celebrating their 100 year anniversary, it came with a mini bottle of thermal water (amazing for having on my bag) and a mini Hydreane BB Cream. 
Next, I got an eye cream from Lierac. I never tried out eye creams (yeah, shame on me), but I decided that my eyes also needed to be taken care of. I saw some really good review on Lierac's eye creams, so I got Dioptigel, which helps with my puffy eyes. 


At last, but not least - also from Well's I got another tube of Effaclar Duo from La Roche-Posay. This product is amazing. I seriously can't live without it. This is my second tube and I'm predicting that I won't leave this product out of my routine anytime soon.
For last, from Continente's I got a Clay and Lavender Face Mask from Le Petit Olivier. It's a really nice face mask and again, it's my second tube of this. Although, I want to get my hands on their regular clay version and on their clay + tea tree version.

I hope that you enjoyed this post.
And by the way, do you guys love the new look? I worked on it all afternoon.
I'll try to post a new review or something by the end of the week.
Please Take Care,
Have a nice day!
With Love,

And there's school again #1 - Some tips for students


(Photo from here )

Hello dears!
Since we are going to start the back to school season, I decided to create a number of posts related with the theme that may help you. The first ones probably won't be related with beauty or fashion, but I'll to make them helpful.
Today's Post is about Tips and Tricks from students and how to manage for example college - which might sound strange for some people. Not all country's have the same college program. For example, the Studying in England is totally different from Studding in Portugal or Spain. Most UE courses have the style because of the Bologna Treatment (although I believe that they should revise it...for students sake and better education).
So, if you feel that none of this can be applied to you, I'm really sorry. But if they can help you, I'll be really happy.

  • Writing down everything that the Teacher says - You guys are looking to this and thinking "this girl is sooo crazy, that's super normal" maybe. But a lot of people only concentrate themselves about what the teacher is writing on the board or presenting on the panel, not what he actually says. It's not the first time that important details get lost there. I had a Philosophy teacher that would keep important details from us like that. And he would give us extra points if we used his tips.  So try to get those details and pare them with other note that he/she might give you. 

  • Schemes - Schemes are amazing for those who don't like to study by looking to huge pieces of paper and shinny words. With schemes you can write down the most important ideas and leave out all the extra stuff for the test. 

  • Didactic Material  - Some classes are done well with the support of things like videos and movies. You can sometimes find this work easily on YouTube. Try to thing outside the box and look for yourself. believe me, it will help you a lot. 

  • Utilize paperwork - You know when the teacher tells you do a work, you think "God, why am I doing this?" and after a while, you realize that the theme you worked on that paperwork end you on your test? Best thing you can do is utilize that work. Since you are spending time doing it, why not spending time learn something with it? You can also for example, save a copy and use that as a support material for you study. It would be two works for the price and time of one. 

  • Elder Support - I don't know how other schools and colleges work but, here in Portugal we have a Godfather/Godmother system. Usually a younger student has an elder student as a godfather, and usually the elder student provides some of his old notes to the younger student. I know that not everyone can have this but, why not ask help to a older friend or to a older brother? They probably don't need that information and it would help you a lot. 

  • Organize yourself - Try to get a small agenda, or even on your phone and computer and write down every test and delivery date. You'll be organized and you won't have any bad surprise. 

  • Don't waste time - If you are like me, you probably won't get to have the most organized notes during class, but you can always organize them at home (which counts as study as well!) . Don't waste time during classes about if one title got a pink or a orange colour. Work that out at home. 

  • Talk about it - try to discuss your class work with your peers. Believe me, it will help you to unconsciously to retain precious information. Better understand than memorize. 

  • Don't leave everything for last - it makes a huge difference. If you control your time and deliveries and studies, everything will be fine, believe me. Leaving everything for last won't be good. Unless you are a sparkle vampire and don't sleep at night. (I'm joking, don't take this offensive) 

  • Flash Cards - Flash cars are another good option. Play them with a friend, taking turn and luckily, both of you will be learning something and having fun at the same time!

  • If you are a History Student or are Studding Art - try to go to museums, believe me, it will make a huge difference. If you don't have a museum next to you, try to watch good documentaries. 

  • If you are studding a different language - try to watch movies without subtitles and listening to music. It will stimulate you connection with that language and assimilate their expressions. Reading comics can also help, because you have the draws guidance. I did all of this when I decided to learn better English and it helped me a lot. Once you get a nice level, try to read and write more in that language - for me, I now read a lot of fan-fictions and as you can see, I have this blog. 

I know that some of this tips are either really talked about or really crazy. But I hope that even with that, they end up helping you. I'll work on another post, like your school makeup-related kit, what to wear, and even a motivation one. 
Thank you for reading and I'm really sorry for any misspelling you may find. 
Please take care.

With Love,

A Journey with Love : Water wells in Soure


How are you? I'm right now melting because of the heat...We will be having a heat wave here in Portugal for the next week...thankfully I have my thermal water to save me!
So, I comeback from my trip on Friday morning, but I had to update my Portuguese blog first, and organize photos and edit them. 
I decided to separate them. I only took shoot at two occasions, both in different places. 
Today I'll be showing photos from the first day, when we visited a water mill. For those who aren't familiar to what it is, a water mill is a mill ( corn-cockle, which transforms corn into flour), that works because of force of the water. There are many types of water mills, depending on it's region and location (I believe my family owns at least one or two, I can try to look for them in October ) and this one is located next to a private "pool" (I need to show you you the pictures, so that you can understand). 

The lady you see in the picture is the owner of the water mill. She was so kind showing us the mill and turn him on. On the Second picture the water was passing to that box, which was making the well work. On the Third one, where she placed that barrier, it was when I mill stopped to work.
This water came from a Water Source near by, which has a fountain. 

And here is the mill inside. This is where the corn is ground and transformed into flour. That tiny wheel with the stick is what controls the quantity of corn that falls.
This is a very traditional system, and a lot of people still use this. Specially when they want to cook traditional bread, like corn bread and many others.
I really  enjoyed this visit.

Tomorrow I'll show you where I would spend more of my vacations when I was little.
I hope that you enjoyed this post.
Please take care,

With Love,

My Lip Helpers! | Review


I think I should start this post with a bit of introduction, since is my first post on this blog.
I already own another beauty blog called Style from Wonderland which is written in Portuguese. For some reason I felt the need to have my "international space", specially when most of the blogger's and youtuber's that I follow are international (some South Korean, Americans, Kimdao which is Australian, NikkieTuturials which is from the Netherlands and many, really many from the United Kingdom and I follow two really awesome bloggers from Luxembourg!) and my beauty ideas and opinion are heavy related to that. So yeah...I have two blogs now! I'll try to keep up with both of them. Maybe I can write a better post about myself later :3 

So, today I decided to talk about two of my favourite lip products. I seriously can't live without them. 
A bit of background : I have really dry lips during winter time and I get infections/irritation/allergies really easily - which mean totally inflamed lips and super dry skin on my mouth. It's terrible and makes my system totally out of myself, because I can't talk or eat properly. I used to have more Vaseline base lip balms, which aren't the best choice. They don't moisturise at all, they pretty much just cover the lips and that's it...they wouldn't fix my allergies or made me frustrated. 

So, because I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop products, I decided that it would be nice to test their lip balms and I informed myself about which ones would be the best or not. Besides that, I decided that it would be nice to pare it with a nice lip scrub. It meant another trip, but to Lush (so sad that we have only a few rare stores...a real shame!). So I got Sea Butter lip balm from The Body Shop and Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush.

The sea butter lip balm is amazing. At first I didn't like it, because I wasn't used to lip balm's without Vaseline. I didn't understand that it would took a bit until I could see the effects. Luckily, I usually try to use my products continuously 2 to 3 weeks (or even more) before I get to formulate an opinion. After a full week, I started to see the results coming. I lips where looking a lot healthier than what they were and even my lipsticks would apply easily and properly than when I used my old lip balms. They would last even more. The consistency is thick during the cold weather (I got this around May or June I believe, when we got a really cold weather) where we need to warm up a bit the product before we put it on the lips, but during the more warm weather is amazing. There are way many flavours to choose from. I'm thinking about getting a chocolate one and a strawberry one in the future.

The bubblegum lip scrub is another hit for me. I wanted a scrub because of the dry skin.
This (along with the lip balm) worked it. Every day I would scrub my lips after doing my night skin care routine and brushing my teeth. After that week, I saw my lips improving and improving.
I know that for a lot of people, this wouldn't be a really important product because you can actually make you own lip scrub with honey and sugar. Sadly, I have a really bad relation with honey and, I never know when those scrubs expire. For this one, I know that I won't have to bother before 2014's February. Besides, there are more flavours, like popcorn!

The Sea Butter Lip Scrub came with 8.5 gr. (around 0.3OZ) costing me around 5 to 6 euros.
The Bubblegum lip came with 25 gr ( I would say around 0.9 OZ? ) and it cost me around 7.5 euros.

The prices for both products may vary from country to country.
I hope that you enjoyed this post.
Please tell me what you lip helpers are or any new suggestions!
Please take care.

With love, 

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