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Say hello to my new daily moisturiser!
When my La Roche-Posay moisturisers started to give their last breath, I knew I had to get something else to replace them. For some reason, I didn't felt that I had to spend more than 17 euros on each of them...and I really hadn't. I mean, I don't mind spending the extra dollar or euro on skin care, but if there are cheaper options you bet that I'll grab them first for sure. 

I use this one exclusively for the day time and I usually just apply it in the mornings after cleansing and toning and before applying sunscreen/ sun block and my makeup for the day. I'll talk later about the one I'm using for the night time ( specially because I need to take photos and edit them first...oh the blogger drama). But now onto to this wonder! Say hello to the Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Suboom Cream. 
I believe that by the name you can see why I picked this up...Hyaluronic Acid? Oh yeah! I mean, as someone who struggles with dehydrated skin on a daily basics, there's nothing like this. I shall blame my " Hyaluronic Acrid craze" on Caroline Hirons ( a.k.a. the Skin Care Queen...at least for me)
This lovely deep blue and sturdy plastic tube of 45 ml contains one of the best moisturisers I ever used. It doesn't have a creamy texture like the regular kind, it's more of a gel-like texture. It's super light, has a tiny bit of scent ( nothing too strong in my opinion, specially because as soon as you apply the product onto your face, the scent just evaporates) and a little goes a long way.
What I particularly like is how this works with makeup. Because it has Hyaluronic Acid, this moisturiser retains all the water and moisture, leaving me with a really healthy and plum skin and keeping the oil out of my face as much as possible - although it won't keep out sweet and that kind of stuff, so if you happen to run the marathon ( or trying to catch the bus), that type of fluids will show up for sure - but that quite normal right?

But the best? It's price. I've checked this guys at multiple store and it's price is never above 6$!
Overall, I'll keep repurchasing it - unless I find it's Aqua Gel "brother" better. 
If you are looking for a good moisturiser that leaves your skin ready for makeup, this is for sure a really lovely option. 

I got mine at Jolse , but you can easily find it at any online store that carries Mizon. 
Thank you for reading! Take care and have a nice day!

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