New acquisitions


Guess who is finally trying to get some blog work done? I am currently on vacation but I thought this would be the perfect timing to work around a few posts. With that in mind, I'll be sharing a few things I've got during the last couple of months. A few of these ( specially what concerns skin care) are replacements of things that had previously run out or thought it was time to switch. I also had to grab sun protection since the summer time kicked with full force (and still I wasn't able of saving myself from getting a sunburn on my shoulders....)
As for the make up, the only really expandable thing here are the lip stains (aka matte liquid lipsticks) because I was really in need of the rest. Except the highlighters but those were a gift to myself for surviving my degree without getting insane. (hurray!) 

First Impressions | Skin Care


Hello! Hello! Here I am to share a few new items I got into my skin care routine. I decided it was time to shake things up a big  and some changes into my routine. (And I am not finished yet). I decided I need another toner for my morning time ( a simpler one, without acids or anything like that) and a new eye cream since I had an eye allergy at the beginning of the year - it wasn't pretty at all. I also wanted to try out The Ordinary since they seem like a really good brand with really amazing products at a really amazing price!

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