Foundation Brushes : Zoeva vs Sigma


I have to mention that while I am writing this review, the weather is cold and I don't want anything more than a hot tea.Except when it gets super hot during the afternoon and I don't know what to dress to school anymore. College is starting to be crazy, I had a little...I shall call it bump. Not a real bump but, something I wasn't expecting happened and I felt super lost for two days until after talking with a friend and crying like a baby I found out light again. Now things are good and I am finally focused again.  And I'm really sorry for the lack of posts. Seriously, I wish I could post more but...we all know how things work.

Anyway, here I am trying to write a post between a break of study. Today's post will be about a comparison between Sigma's F82 Round Kabuki Brush and Zoeva's 102 Silk Finish Brush.
In general terms, both are made with synthetic bristles and both have round top.
I got the Sigma F82 a few years ago, when there was this really huge craze about sigma - which know has been toned down a lot - and everyone would get and order brushes from them. The Zoeva 102 came along my Rose Gold Set - which I shall review in detail one of these days. 

Forgive me for having the Zoeva 102 dirty. For some reason one of my foundations stained that part and I'll probably have to get a proper soap to remove it.
As you can see, although both have round tops, they aren't exactly the same. Zoeva's is more flexible and more "open" when compared to F82 which is more dense. Does this make a difference? It does.
The F82 isn't a bad brush, but but because it's so dense sometimes it's quite harder to work with it depending on the foundation I am wearing. I need to blend it over and over again until I finally see no more strings. But, it is a really good to apply liquid concealer under my eyes - which is for what I use it the most right now. One thing that really bugs me is how hard it is to clean. Zoeva's 102 might have that spot, but it's easier to wash that brush than F82.
The 102 Silk Finish on the other hand offers a more natural finish without any strings and doesn't make me work the product too much onto the skin. I believe it's because of the brushes shade - which allows me to work better around areas like my nose. It's also easier to clean it since it isn't too much dense - but yes, that spot still bugs me a lot.

In terms of price point Zoeva wins for sure. The Sigma F82 costs 24$ , without even considering shipping and tax , while the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish costs 12,80€ alone and can be found in kits - like the rose gold I own - and we can always order it from websites that offer free shipping too.
Both are good, but I have to admit that Zoeva's has a better spot in my heart. ( considering it also has THAT HORRIBLE SPOT)

Anyway, I know this is not the best review but I promise I'll try to write something else late. If Assassin's Creed Syndicate allows me to. Specially because Christmas Season is starting, which means that it's okay to do tones of posts with wishlists and recommendations.
Thank you for reading and Take care!

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