A Sensitive Eye Care


Bioderma Sensibio Eye Gel 

With my Lierac Dioptigel giving it's last breath's, I thought it was time to do a little change and trying something else. I had heard really amazing things about this gel from Bioderma - which is a brand that I really enjoy - so I had really high hopes for this, specially because it's from a very nourishing line. 
There are many differences between this product and the one I had before. The packaging of this one is bigger and is less delicate and the tip of the tube is actually really nice to control how much product we want or not. And the product it self is also quite different -the texture is lighter and has a milky-white colour. 
In therms of the product efficacy it has good and bad points. It takes less time to sink in (probably because it contains alcohol, although it's not it's first or second ingredient) but it's not as moisturising as the one from Lierac. Don't get me wrong, this moisturises my under eye area but if I apply a "regular" amount it won't last too much. in the morning I'll feel the need of running and slandering it again. I need to apply twice or trice as much to get a more fuller hydration. I always notice that when ever I do that my eyes look less purple and less swelled in the morning. 
I'll keep repurchasing this as my morning eye cream but I'll have to get a more thicker gel or cream for the Winter time were I need all the hydration that I can get because the cold nights make my under eye are dry, more sensitive and sometimes flackey. Overall, it's good and won a nice place in my routine.
What's your favourite eye cream and/or eye gel? What would you recommend as a nice eye care product for the winter days?
I hope that you enjoyed this post.
Take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

The Summer Coral Lips


Why Coral? Why for Summer?

Mostly because it brightens my complexion and looks nice with the more "golden" that I'm able to get during the summer time. Although I might use them also during the Fall and Winter time - pinky and coral lips are something that I really enjoy during this season. So today I'll finally talk about my two favourite lipsticks - one of them had made a success when it showed on a March Favourites (if I'm not mistaken). 

Too Faced la crème Lipstick in  Juicy Melons
I got this boy last year as part of a giveaway prize. Actually, it was because of this product that my love for too faced started. It's a gorgeous coral with a soft hint of orange lipstick that looks amazing on my lips. 
It comes in a very unusual sleek container that makes envy to lipstick containers from brands like Yves Saint Laurent. The details with the name of the brand give an extra something. 
In terms of product texture it's really creamy. So creamy that actually part of the lipstick for stuck to the top cap - be aware of that. Luckily it wasn't too much, just a small part but the damage could be bigger. It's super pigmented and so comfortable on my lips. Like, really comfortable. It lasts a good 4 or 5 hours (If I'm not eating or drinking) without getting dry or flaky. 
I dare to say that this formula actually can compete with MAC's formula and YSL's without any problem. My next purchase will be for sure Spice Spice sugar (an old favourite of Jenn from the Fromheadtotoe).

MAC Creemesheen Lipstick in Sunny Seoul 
My very first item from MAC. I remember when I saw it online along side with three other lipsticks (all with names of Asian Cities) I really like it for the shade, effect and name - because Sunny is my favourite member from Girl's Generation and Seoul is the Capitol of South Korean, a country that I would love to visit (Actually, I would love to do an Asian Tour and travel around the continent).
It's a creemesheen lipstick so it's meant to be more glossy and sheer. I really like it for the Summer because it's not too "in your face". Yes, it's a hint of colour, but nothing strong like a burgundy for example (which is something that I really like for the winter time). My only concern is the fact that I need to have my lips in a good shape to wear this, other wise it will highlight the dryness and flaky parts. And how my lips get when it fades - you'll have bits of colours at the fine lines of your lips. So be careful.
But I would still get it. Because I like the effect on my lips and I only use it when I know that I can re-apply it without problems.

So, which one is your favourite?
I hope that you liked this post.Take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

The Amazing SWAP with Shayne


Ah...What's a Swap? 
For those who don't know, a Swap - in the beauty community at least - is when two people decided to make an exchange of products. Both parties agree on a budget and mention things that like and don't like. Swap's need to be thought and prepared, there are a lot of cases of people getting scammed. So as a personal advise, don't enter in swaps with people that for instance you never heard of, that don't have a stable blog or platform. And don't start swapping with crazy budgets. Really. 
Because of the things mentioned above, I was really aware that I could get a no when I asked Shayne if she wanted to do a little swap. I knew that there were a few items that she really wanted to try out and it would be a nice experience. Happyly she agreed and we started to e-mail each other and sending twitter messages asking what ever it would be important. For instants I asked her if she had anything from a  certain brand before getting a palette for here because I didn't wanted to get something equal to what she already had. So, after reading this post, could please stop by Queen of All you See and read Shayne's post? 

The amazing items and wrapping skills of Shayne
We were all really scared that costoms would stop out packages and ruin our wrappings (and extra taxing of course, this was indeed an exchange of gifs, not a purchase at Sigma or another online store).I'll admit that my wrapping skills aren't the best. I really need to work on them and get more creative but no matter how much I work, I'll never have the amazing skills of Shayne. Seriously, it's so pretty! I felt bad that I had to ruin the wrapping, it's so pretty! 
Now for the content - God, I feel really blessed. Seriously, I like everything! Starting with the amazing Magnetic Palette from Wild Peach Cosmetics - it's so pretty and comes to a perfect time! I recently tried to make one myself but the project wasn't really successful and I was thinking about getting two unii paletes - one for my benefit depoted mini-blushes (to anyone who wants to depot benefit palettes BE CAREFUL THAT THINGS HAS SO MUCH GLUE. I cracked a bit of my bronzer and my blush...yes I'm sad about it) and eeshadows and other for MAC and other eyeshadows. Now i rather get another Wild Peach Cometics palette - it's pretty, sleek and has a mirror! And it's not heavy. Pure magnetic perfection. 
Next, the ModelsOwn Artstix polish duo is so nice! The white polish - Snow white - is really pigmented and only needs two coats to be opaque and the glitter top coat - Ibiza mix - is so pretty! I mean, I've been wanting a top coat like this for ages!! It's perfect and looks amazing with any polish. My nails are going to get prettier! 
And keeping the nail polish theme, the mini Orly Witch's Blue- which is so pigmented! So pigmented! I mean, I feel in love as soon as I saw the colour (because I have a soft spot for deep blues) but when I saw the pigmentation, I was sold out. Pure perfection. 
An item that is making scream and jump because it's going to get on the top list of favourites is de VMV Hypoallergenics OHH-LA-LASH which is the first mascara that I can apply without smudging, irritating my eyes, needing to spend 5 minutes without blinking or clumping my lashes and leaving tones of product. It's really good. My They're Real mascara has now competition. Big one. 
The sample of Kiehl's Ultra Facial cleanser was a really good surprise. Shayne new that I really was curious about the brand and their products and who knows - this might be the push for me to get something for them? 
But the amazing surprise was the Nars Duo in Orgasm/Laguna. Yes. I jumped. Its so pretty. So pretty. the orgasm blush is actually pinkier than the so-called dupe from sleek. And prettier.And laguna blends so nicely in my cheeks. Seriously, thank you!!
And lastly but not least, the MAC Viva Glam in Rihanna is the perfect red lipstick. Not only the colour is amazing but the formula is so confortable. If I though that Creemesheen was nice, Frost is even more. Now I am more than temped to check more lipsticks with that formula. 

So, I feel blessed and very happy with this experience. would I do it again? probably. Would I do it again with Shayne? Oh yes. So please, check Shayne's blog at Queen of All You See to know how she felt and her experience. 

Take care everyone!Have a nice day

With Love,

Essentials for Summer - the Make Up Edition


The Make up Essentials for Summer

During the Summer time I have to admit that I tend to cut the use of make up - I hate the sensation of having too much on my face or having products literally melting off . Seriously, I really don't like to wear make up when it's 35º Celsius or even more outside. I tend to moisturise and spritz tones of thermal water - and SPF if I leave the house, which I do really rarely because I hate too much heat (as much as I hate too much cold). But I still like to wear make up on special occasions or when the wear is nicier. Here are my pick for that occasion and also, I got inspired to do this post after reading Jenn's version on her blog , so maybe you could check it out later?

Starting with complexion, my choices go to the Benefit Big Easy and Bourjois CC Cream - both leave a very natural look and are really light weight on my face. And  both contain SPF, which is a huge plus for the summer time. For powder, obviously my choice is going for my holy grail Catrice Made to Stay Waterproof Powder because it's really amazing. It leaves my skin with a velvety look and leaves t shine-free for a long time. 
For the Bronzee-Godess feel Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer is called to the scene because it's really pretty and easy to blend. Also, it's matte so it's amazing for contour. And for a pop of colour, there's nothing like Rimmel London Stay Blushed Cream Blush in 01 Pop of Pink - it's so easy to blend and gives a very natural flushed tone to my cheeks. And lastly, but not least I like to add a bit of highlighter to my cheeks using Benefit What's Up (mini version, but I might repurchase the full-version later because it's really pretty!), giving a gorgeous golden glow. 

For eyes, I like to keep them as simple as possible. Sometimes I skip mascara because it get uncomfortable to wear it with the high temperatures. But, I still like a bit of eyeshadow, specially cream ones. So my choice go for the Benefit Creaseless shadows in Birthday Suit and Bikini-tiny (tiny version as well). To have a more awaken look, I also like to pop a bit of Catrice Made to Stay Waterproof Eye-liner to brighten my eyes. And if I want something extra, I can always pop a bit of my Sephora Flashy Waterproof liner and smoke it a bit. 

Going 'lippy, I really like to wear corals and pinks during summer (reds are nice too, but I like to leave them for more formal occasions during summer, while in Winter I like to wear them more often). So my choices go for the Bourjois Color Boost in Fuchsia Libre which a really bright and happy pink, MAC Sunny Seoul a more cheer coral and lastly but not least Too Faced Juicy Melons, which has more orange than Sunny Seoul and it's more creamy and pigmented. 

So here are my choices. Are you interested in knowing my Summer Skin Care Routine? 
Take Care Everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

Boost of Colour


Bourjois Color Boost

Before I start this review, I want to apologize. It's been a while since my last post - more than a week if i'm not mistaken. Besides the fact that I went on a small weekend vacation with my family, I've also experiencing some anxiety and small issues that have taken my focus and will power. As weird as it sounds, praying has helped and I believe that things are getting back at their right track. So I'm sorry for the lack of posts but, I really couldn't sit a write down a post or taking proper photos. Now I see the light at the end of tunnel and hopefully things are getting back to normal. 

Now, to the Color Boosts!These guys were released last year during the "let's all release some-kind of a chubby stick" thing that brands had - from Catrice to Etude House, everyone had their own version of chubbys. What made me interested in these was the nice effect and hopefully how easy I could get them. In general. I really like this type of lip product because it's really easy to carry and apply. 
I own 3 of the 6 colours that were released. Here you can see the two red and the vibrant pink colour but they also have an orange, a neutral pink and a purple-ish burgundy. The packaging is a really resistant and actually pretty plastic that makes really easy to know which colour you are getting and the twist-system really good - I hate to sharpen lip products. 
The formula is also really good - moisturising and really comfortable on the lips. It doesn't dry my lips and the glossy finish isn't too tacky or too shiny - there isn't shimmer which is good. Also, it stains your lips pretty nicely so even if the first layer of product leaves your lips during eating and drinking, you'll still have a bit of colour. 
The first colour we see in the swatches is 02 Fuchsia Libre, which is a really bright and happy pink. It's part for the first batch of colours so it was created for the pretty Spring days or for the fun Summer moments. Although in my opinion, it would also be nice for the Winter time if you want something to fight the dark days and moods. It has a more cool side so, some people need to be careful with this one.
Next we have 05 Red Island which is part of their second and more winter-ish batch. It's a pretty carmine red that complements my yellow toned skin pretty well but, people with more rosy toned skin need to be careful.But don't be sad, 01 Red Sunshine is a more vibrant and orange red (not too orange, which is good for me) that will make wonders. Although it was created for the summer, this is a colour that I believe looks nice all year around and at any occasion. 

The price for this Color Boost can differ a bit from place to place. You can easily find them at Boots or at Asos.com if you are ordering internationally. some countries also carry Bourjois locally at selected counters and drugstore shelves. 
Would I buy them again or more? Yes for sure. Although I'm curious about the Revlon Matte Kissable Stains- a future adventure maybe? 
I hope that you guys enjoyed today's review. I'll be working on editing more photos and texts for future posts.
Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

A Chocolate Bronze


Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer
Finally I get to talk (or should I say/type write?) about this bargain. For those who don't know or don't remember, I got his bronzer for 12€ during the last winter sales. The regular price here is 27 euros which means that I paid less than half. Why on sale? Because Too Faced released an updated version of their packaging -  which has a yellow cap with more textures than this version.
So yes, the only difference between the bronzer that I own an the current version that ou can find at any Sephora and Too Faced counter. The colour, product texture and smell is the same. 
Smell you ask? Yes, this bronzer smells like Chocolate. Cho-co-la-te! One of the main ingredients of this product is real cocoa - it's a really interesting traith and makes it even more interesting. 
The actual product is amazing - the colour is perfect for contour or just warming up our face and the texture is beautifull. It's really pigmented and but you can easily blend everything very easily - no matter if you prefer a more loose brush or a more precise one, you'll be able to blend everything in place. . And it's matte. 
Oh and the packaging? Although it doesn't have the beauty and sparkle of the newer version, I still really like it. It's big but, considering that this blush had 10 grams it's really sleek. It's made of hard plastic, it's easy to open and close and contains a really big and nice mirror. 
Would I get this again for it's full price? Yes I would! I actually want to get the Snow bunny version because I really believe in the quality of Too Faced bronzers. Also, they have a more light version called "Milk Chocolate bronzer" which is nice for those who are really pale and are scared of bronzers. 

I hope that you guys liked this review!
Take care, have a nice day.

With Love,

Naturally blushed


Rimmel London Stay Blushed in 001 Pop of Pink 

Cream blushes are a relative new thing for me since I would found them way too messy for me and not that pigmented (I was checking the wrong blushes apparently).But after testing out the Boujois Cream blush last year I finally realised that maybe I just needed to check a little bit more and I would for sure found really amazing ones. And yes, this is a good one. 
When I first noticed that they were available here I decided to get one to test and see if it was good or not (I mean, I was still a bit unsure about cream blushes from the drugstore...I didn't wanted to end up with 4 or 5 colours of something that I really don't like). Now, how good is this?
The texture is really nice and easy to blend; it's really pigmented - the kind that we need to be careful so we don't look like a clown. It provides a really natural and pretty look. the colour - 001 Pop of Pink - is perfect for everyday wear, no matter if it's summer or winter. Also, the packaging is a real charm in my opinion - a nice and sleek tube that allows you to control how much you want to get or not and it's fuss free and easy to carry on my make up bag during travels.
So yes, this is approved. For 7,5€ (our price here at least) I'm really happy and I want to get more colours in the future. 

Take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

Drugstore Camouflage


Catrice Camouflage Cream Concealer 
At first I got this concealer because it was advertised as a nice dupe for the Studio Fix Concealer from MAC - which  wanted and finally got it, a comparative review will be done afterwards - and it looked like a nice option for a drugstore concealer.I wanted something nice for my spots and marks, specially when I'm into getting more light weitght foundations and bases.
As mentioned in my May favourites post, this was quite hard to work at first - it would look cakey and it was really stiff and horrible. But after a tiny spray of thermal water, now it's more creamy and easy to work with. A lot easier actually. 
The packaging is a bit of a miss for me...I hate this type of packagings because they always look messy and gets dirty really easily. Just like Boi-ing used to get...
Also, the lasting power isn't really big, since after 3 or 4 hours you can start to see the spot showing up...which means that this isn't really nice for long days were I leave in the morning and only comeback when it's already night.
But overal, it's a good drugstore concealer, but it's nothing amazing like their Waterproof Powder. Not even close. 

Take care, have a nice day
With Love,

The Not-so-easy-to-get wishlist



Also known as "the products that don't exist in Europe" or "the products that don't get shipped that easily".
Although we can't really complain with the abundance of make up brands and products, there are always one or two items and brands that aren't that easily to get in these shores. So here are some of the items that I would love to add into my collection.
Thanks you Vanessa from Citron and guavaberry I've been really obsessed with blushes and wanting to get more blushes in my collection and also, I've realised that it's one of those items that really brightens up my complexion. So there's no surprise in having 3 blushes from Kat Von D (I'll blame Essie Button for this latest obsession! ) in Love song - a really pretty cool, subtly purpleish pink blush with bits of shimmer; Heartagram - a gorgeous deep rose shade that will be wonderful to pair with my Seduction from NARS ; and Por Vida - a really bright pink which looks amazing for when I want to have my blush matching my happy mood.  Also from Kat Von D, I'm really crying over their True Romance palette in Saint - because neutral palettes are something that I love and collect. That's it, I admit it.
Keeping with the neutral palette theme, this is an old wanted product - the LORAC unzipped palette. The shade selection is just...GORGEOUS. Like seriously, it's amazing and just beautiful. I think that this one would be more loved than the LORAC pro (although it would get love as well). It's 10$ cheaper than the Naked Palettes and sadly more hard to get since Lorac isn't available at sephora and they don't ship their products internationally (meaning other continents besides North America).
Lastly but not least - Tarte blushes! I'll be sincere, I would love to try other products from them like their foundation, eye primer and concealer but, If I had the chance of getting just these babies - I would be more than happy. Here I have the 4 that I want the most : Natural Beauty is a really nice strawberry red shade - and unusual choice for me but I know that it's something that would look amazing on a red lip loo; Amused is a bright pink - perfect for everyday wear, specially on sunnier days ; Tipsy is a standard coral - there isn't too much explanation for this since, I really like this type of shades, specially for the summer time ; and Achiote a gorgeous apricot pink that screams happiness to my heart.

So, here they are. These are the items that I'll be asking to any friend that happens to travel to the USA. And you, do you have any item on your wishlist that you can't easily get where you live?
I promise that I'll try to post a bit more during this week!
Take care.
With Love, 

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