April Favourites


 What I have been loving in April

Although I did not post my March Favourites, I thought it would be a good idea to still post post my April Favourites. This month was a mix of feelings - work is starting to appear, summer planning is also happening, God of War 4 was released oh boy  - and I cannot believe May it's here! I guess I am trying to not stress myself over work and have everything done and in control. It isn't easy tho, but thankfully I have been aware of my deadlines and have been trying to work on it. Nonetheless, there are always those days where my brain doesn't want to focus itself on what he needs too(hello overthinking!) and feel extremely tired. But hey! I am working on feeling better and overcoming this overflow of thoughts. (A Huge shutout to my best-friend who has been working as my therapist and helping me deal with these demons)

Four Pink Blushes for Spring


Blushing with Spring

Spring has finally started to pop up here. Although rain is necessary for maintaining good agriculture and nature in general, I was starting to get way too overwhelmed with the quantity of water pouring every single day - plus the storms, with thunders and crazy winds - and getting sick because I would get wet, the cold...you can imagine the drill.

Soph x Revolution Eyeshadow Palette


From Neutral to Bold, One palette for all.

I already shared my unconditional love for Soph and for her highlighter palette. And now here I am to share my opinion on her eyeshadow palette. Which is a very venturous thing for me, since I tend to stick with 12-eyeshadow type of palettes. I guess there's something specially about this one, right?

How to fall in love with Blogging Again


How to fall in love with your own Online Space again

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