The Daring Games Sales Damage and First Impressions


The Daring Game collection was something that picked my attention´when it was released. But I know that things wouldn't run away and that they would get cheaper so I waited for it. And well, I got crazy afterwards as you can see...
I'm also thinking about testing the regular Kiko shadow sticks, mostly because I want something that it's easy to apply on my way to college without too much effort or even to throw into my bag and apply when I arrive at school (although it would be a very extreme situation). But I'm not sure yet because there's also the Clinique eye chubbys and the amazing Bobbi Brown shadow sticks. But so far, I'm impressed with the two shadow sticks I got. 

Queen of Hearts Palette in 03 Elegant Ebony
I  bet no one was expecting this one. I mean : a quad? That's so not me. I went for this because I finally understood how helpful mattes can be and also, I needed a compact palette for when I travel. Oh and something that simplifies my makeup when I don't know what to do as well.
I like the shadow selection, although it's not really something I tend to gravitate to - I'm more into golden and warmer shades than to cooler ones - so it wasn't like that I would have 30858053753 shadows like the ones that are here. They blend really easily and they have a decent pigmentation - I mean, we're talking about kiko, not Urban Decay or Too Faced . But something that I really like is how the mattes aren't dusty or crumble which is something I tend to hate in matte shades. 
Overall, it's a palette/quad that I can use on a everyday basics or on a special occasion. Oh...and the packaging? ADORABLE. I mean, look at that heart.

Color-up Long Lasting Eyeshadow in 24 and 10
I've been wanting to get shadow sticks for a quite sometime...mostly because they are quite convenient and easy to wear. Running away from the typical beige shade, I went for 24 because it's a nice dark brown shade. It's not that pigmented when applied on the eye-lid, which is actually positive. It means that I can still build-up the look with another shadows. But the best part is how longlasting and anti-crease this is. When worn between the eye primer and the eyeshadow, it's a marvelous thing. I had this event on Saturday and I wore 10 between my Lime Crime Primer and the eyeshadows from my Naked 3 and....after 10 hours my eye makeup was still intact. And when I say intact I mean that i was pretty much untouched.
I'm sad that I couldn't more shades but, now I really want to get more products like this. (I've been searching for alternatives from Korean and Japanese brands fro example...and like I said, I really want to try the chubbys from Clinique)

Golden Game Sculpting Bronzer 01 Radiant Honey
I got this for 3 main reasons : it was on sale; Lily Pebbles declared it as a dupe to the Sculpting Palette from  Charlote Tilbury   and the packaging is just gorgeous.  Aside from this, I have to say that I don't regret getting this. The sculpting powder is really nice to wear since the shade doesn't look muddy or too orange on me and it's really easy to blend. The only thing that I need to be careful with is the highlighter since it can look too glittery to my taste and if I don't set it carefully I'll look like a Disco Ball (not cool at all). 

Top Pairs Blush in 02 Raspberry Rose and Peach
Now these, these were on my wishlist forever. I really like both shades, specially because I can see myself wearing them a lot during the spring and summer. I mean, if there's something that I need are bright shades - my collection is mostly covered  by darker shades like Seduction from Nars or Demerara from Sleek.
Raspberry Pink is a gorgeous pink that will go nicely with those transitional days were it's not too cold or too warm and because it's matte I can play with highlighters without problems. But if I want something  as a 2 in 1 Peach will get me covered. It's a less shimmered blush - I mean look at the blush from my Sleek face form - and a more oraged version of the Nars Orgasm.
Both are extremely pigmented and ask for a light hand. They also have the power of life on my cheeks for hours without fading, which is something I only tend to find on brands like Benefit or Nars. 

Top Pairs Blush in 03 Rosewood and Azalea
This is another blush duo that got my attention - I mean, Rosewood is that transitional shade that doesn't look too wintery or too bright. It just goes with any type of look without problems. And Azalea on the other hand screams Spring and Summer which is something I need around my collection shores.
Again, both shades are pigmented and don't fade that easily on my face. 
And both palettes have a gorgeous packaging (are you catching how much I love the packaging? I hope you do) that makes me want to display it. One day, since I might get a set of Muji drawer's (although that would be the proof of how big my collection is currently) 

Ace of Diamonds Lipstick in 32
I'll blame the sales. And the packaging. 
I mean, this is a very "me shade" for the Spring and Summer time, although thankfully doesn't look exactly like the other two corals that I own - MAC's Sunny Seoul and Too Faced's Juicy Melons. 
This one leaves a some-kind-of matte finish but it's not drying at all. It's actually super comfortable and stains my lips - which means that I don't need to retouch it too many times during the day. 

Ace of Diamonds Lipsticks in 34
This is the type of shade that is starling to take over my collection. Mostly because I finally understood the power of a statement lipstick and it's wonders for those days were we want to look nice without too much effort. Or for when we are happy and want to show it. Again, it's super comfortable and easy to wear and apply. I'm actually sad that I wasn't able to snatch more of these. 

Ace of Diamond Lip Pencil in 32 and 19
I ended up picking these two and I'm glad I did it. I tend to forget about lip pencils but such a creamy formula I really had to do the extra investment. 32 matches the lipstick without any problems, making the application easy, no smudging and makes it last a lot longer and 19 is almost a match to my Too Faced La Crème Lipstick in Juicy Melons, which I can apply easily because of this lip pencil.
Now all I need is a red, a nude and a more purple shade.

And that's it. I know that speaking about products that we can't get any more isn't exactly the best but I really wanted to share my love for these guys. Kiko currently has some really pretty mosaic blushes and highlighters that I might snatch (who knows? I don't know it yet). I'm sorry for the lack of swatches but I really wanted to post something and if I was worrying about swatches there wouldn't be this post - mostly because of timing issues, editing, my computer failing and everything. 
Have you ever tried kiko? What do you think about the brand?

Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

January 2015 Favourites


January. The first month of the year and crazy as hell. I mean seriously, I would never expect this month to be like this. I've been bad, I've been on top of the world and currently...I'm just okay. In the end, all I want is to know with what I can count or is going to start again in February and my mind-set is as simple as "pass every class". That and being with my friend as much as I can - if I didn't hit rock bottom, I can thank them. My spending habits were....crazy. But I'm finally getting myself on track again but hei, some things had to be done like my room renovation - I can't wait to get my new bed setting. 
Now, onto the favourites, although I didn't had classes, I had a few gatherings and meeting with my friends - best thing I could have done - which meant that I actually wore makeup this makeup. Actually, there was a day were I wore it for more than 12 hours (crazy I know). 

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm Treatment 
Like, the best lip balm I ever tried. I mean, THE BEST. I tend to wear this when I am at home ot as night treatment this is the bomb. My lips were so chapped and peeling after using this and now, a month after using it...they are all pretty and taken care, It's super moisturising and comfortable, although it's too much for "school use", but it's amazing for when I'm at home without classes and I don't have to care about anything. Oh and it's amazing to prep your lips for lipstick as well, it makes a huge a difference. (yes, a review shall be made)

Kiko Queen of Hearts palette in 03 Elegant Ebony 
This was a sales purchase (along side with their blushes, bronzing duo...two see the craziness don't you? ) and although at first I wanted the brown neutral (which is now out of stock and I'll never get) I think this was a safer choice. When never I wanted to do something but I didn't know what I would go for this and it would always look nice. I tend to avoid mattes - mostly because I find them too powdery - but these are amazing.  They also don't crease like crazy, which is really, really positive. And look at the packaging. I mean, that heart is just pure perfection. 

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in My Two Cents
I got this because I love cream shadows and because of Sleep and Water's rave and I don't regret it. I think I like this more than the Birthday Suit, mostly because it's warmer  and it looks more matte on my lids. It's also easier to pair with other eyeshadows (mostly because I own more warm shadows and cooler ones). But yes, this is easier to wear and apply. 

The Body Shop Color Crush Lipstick in 335
This was an impulsive purchase - I'll blame the fact that I have now a TBS outlet shop with 40% every time we buy 4 items - but I'm glad I got it. It's like a "my lips but better" meet "pick me up" lipstick. I might look awful, I might not have foundation if I wear this lipstick I'll look amazing. It's super moisturising, pigmented and comfortable. I might get more of these in the future...specially because of the 40% off.  

The Body Shop Cool&Creamy Tea Tree Cleanser
This little guy, this little guy, I've been wanting to try it for a while and I'm glad that I finally did it. I remember reading Essie Button raving and raving about this cleanser and I get it. It doesn't contain any SLS so it's not super harsh on my skin and doesn't make it angry. Contains both Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid which helps me a lot preventing spots for appearing or, when my skin is angrier, it takes care of it. It's also amazing to wear when I am taking a shower and because of it's really fresh scent, it's amazing as my morning cleanser. 

And that's it. As you can see all of these are new products that I've been trying and falling in love. I promise that I'll try to work on reviews as soon as possible. I've been writing as many posts as I can, my only issue is now the photos (specially when I'm contemplating on getting a DSLR because my current came is just asking for a retirement).

Take Care everyone , have a nice day!

With Love, 
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