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The one that started my deeply love for Neutral Palettes

Meet Urban Decay Naked Palette. the most famous of all

This is probably one of the most cliché posts I could ever do right now. I mean, pretty much everyone know "who" is the Naked palette. But still, I wanted to give her a little spot light. 
It's a true classic among the beauty community - some people love it, other people don't. To me, it's one of my favourite make up palettes and it's part of the trieade that it's always on easy reach (who can guess what are the other two palettes?)
It contains 12 more bronzy and warm toned eyeshadows.the quality is good - yes, they have better quality nowadays. My favourite eyeshadows are the Satin ones like sin, half baked and toasted - they are supper soft and buttery. The mattes - Naked and Buck - aren't really my cup of tea. They are quite chalky compared to the mattes they have nowadays. The ones I really don't like are Creep and Gunmetal - not only because I don't really wear those shades but also because creep has pigmentation problems. 
Still, I really love tis palette and I wouldn't think twice about buying this again in the future - specially if the repackage it like Too Faced did with their palettes. 

My only complain is the packaging. Isn't as studier ad the Pretty Rebel from Too face for example and gets dirty super easily. Like really, super annoying. The brush isn't nice either. at least for powder eyeshadows. And the mini primer that came with it wouldn't do a thing my really oily lids. 
what's your favourite neutral palette?

Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

Brand Love : The mini Benefit Edit


Do you like Benefit? This edit is all about this minisI'm a terrible blogger. I started this segment a few month's ago and ended up not keeping it for a while. Well, in my defence at least I have this one and another two planned for the next months.
This edition is all about the Benefit minis. I have a good collection of them mostly because of their amazing value kits. If you want to know the brand and see if you like this or that product before committing yourself to the full-size, there's nothing better. They're also amazing for travelling because they occupy less space.

Starting what I've mentioned more than once as my favourite, the Creaseless Cream Shadow in Bikini-Tiny is a true star. This tiny pot contains 3.2 gr of product. That's 0.2 gr more than my Catrice concealer. Besides the actual product size, this shade is just gorgeous. I mean, really gorgeous. And doesn't crease like crazy on my eyes. This was what made me get Birthday Suit so yes, an amazing mini. And I will for sure get the full-size. When ever this finishes first of course.

The Same applies to What's Up Highlighter. I used to overlook this product - I though it was strange and not worth the money. Wrong. This gives the most pretty and beautiful golden light to you cheeks without being too shimmery or making you look like a shinny disco ball. It's amazing for the summer time BUT I'll be wearing it all year long.

The POREfessional is something that took a while to win a spot in my heart. Now that it's finishing I'm missing him a lot. I don't like this with foundations because it messes them like crazy but, it's amazing for those days were I don't really want to wear liquid foundation but still want to do something to my nose pores. Also, it work really nice with powder foundations.  Still not sure If I'm going to get a mini or a full-size one, but I'll get another one for sure.

Now Benetint...I have a hard relationship with benetint. I can't work it on my lips - it just doesn't allow me to do the bitten lip effect like I wanted. But as a liquid blush is amazing! It's easy to blend and gives a really natural look to my my cheeks. I probably won't get the full-size of this one but, I'll take care of this little guy.

The High Beam was a lovely surprise.  I wasn't expecting it to be so creamy and pigmented. But still, you need to be careful with this one because you might end up looking like Rumplestilskin's cousin if over blend this to parts that you shouldn't.

The mini Sugarbom blush is just gorgeous. Gorgeous. It has the prettiest dark peach colour and it's amazing for any time of the year. Easy to blend and work. This mini has tone of product, I'll take a while until I finish all of this. The same goes to Hoola, which I thought it wasn't that special. I was wrong, it blends beautifully and gives an amazing contour effect. I only wish they had less glue (that's why they are a bit cracked). Also, I want to give a special thanks to Shayne because the WildPeach cosmetics palette is really handy!
Lastly but not least we have the Thanks-a-Latte Eyeshadow which is a lovely greyish brown shadow. I have a love-hate relationship with this because It swatches beautifully BUT, it doesn't get to be picked up when ever I try to use it with a regular eyeshadow brush. Maybe I'm using the wrong one?

So, I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you like minis? If so, what's your favourite?
Take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love

A Calming Toning



Because there's nothing like a good and gentle Toner
The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner

Everyone knows how important toning if - if you don't know let me tell, you are skiping a really important step in your skin care routine. Toning prepares your skin for all the serums and moisturisers that you want to place on your face after cleansing.There are various types of toners : the gentle ones this, the moisturising ones and the exfoliating ones (which contains the AHA and BHA acids, which I really want to test out). 
The present toner is a very calming, simple yet effective toner. It doesn't contain trace of alcohol, perfume of funky smell - actually, it doesn't smell to anything. 
It's a beautiful treat to use at night after cleansing my face - it doesn't irritate my skin at all and can feel how it prepares it for the next stage on my skin care. My skin has improved a lot since I started to use this because the serum/treatment works even better along with my moisturiser. I have less spots when even I get them they even a lot quicker than before. This does exactly what it claims : it purifies my skin without being too over striping or irritating. 
I knew this had to be good since it had the seal of approve from Caroline Hirons but, I never expected how good it would be. Although I'm curious about exfoliating toners and The Body shop's Vitamin E toner, I'll keep repurchasing this.
Thank you for all the support! Don't forget to enter in the Giveaway!

Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love

The CC take


After the BB's, now it's time for the CC's
Bourjois CC Cream

Surprise, the lightest shade is available at my local supermarket - yet, it's still a bit dark for me. Usually, Asian CC creams came in a White Universal shade that it's meant to suit everyone. for those who don't know, CC stands for Colour Control - it's meant to control the colour of your face and even out your skin tone. It's not meant to cover blemishes or anything. This was meant to be a more light-weight product for those that don't have blemishes of scars but have problems with toning the face.
The consistency of this product is very liquidly, like a tube version of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. It provides a very natural look to your face but on very, very hot days (like 40º Celsius days) I won't be recommending this over the Benefit Big Easy for example because this one will need tones of powder. But it's lovely for the winter and spring time - although I won't be able to wear it in that time because of the shade. Not only because it would be too dark because this has a very rosy-undertone. Girl's with a more yellow undertone will look strange. I can make it during the Summer with bronzer and everything, but during the winter...not that much.Although this manages to later one with oxidation look good during the Summer timer. But I really think that the same won't happen during the Winter.
I wish they could do another shade, more lighter and yellow. If they did that I would be able to wear this more often.
Oh and people that don't like scent on their foundations be careful - this has tones and tones of scent (perfume is one of the ingredients).
And, although they call this a CC cream, this is more of a light-to-medium coverage foundation or some-kind-of-bb cream than an actual CC cream.
I'll be using this on a daily-basics during the Summer time but, I probably will skip repurchasing this.

Bourjois CC Eye Cream
Or should they say - concealer. I have mixed feeling about this product.
I love the colour and texture because it brightens my under eye area and contour acts the darkness that I usually have. But...the packaging is so annoying. Even more than the one from the Maybelline LumiTouch - first you can't control how much product it leaves and second, you always have tone of old product layering on top of the applicator. Personally, I dome-foot applicators are the best.
The main issue is the contamination. Because there's always old product there bacteria end up have a nice playground which can later end up in complications and eye infections.
I definitely won't be repurchasing this. While the CC cream has problems with the colour match, this one has more extended problems that can actual health problems. I've heard of products like the Lioele Under Eye Brighter or the Marc Jacobs Remedy concealer pen which have a similar applicator but in metal instead of plastic and doesn't have the problem of having tones of product floating around.

Have you tried one of these? What do you prefer, Western or Asian CC creams? and as a Bonus here's a photo of me wearing this. Not the prettiest and I'm wearing my glasses but, extra points for trying? it's really hard for me to take photos since my came doesn't show my expression and angle so I tend to have 20 or 30 photos of me in the strangest angles and with luck only 1 decent photo. But I promise that I'll try to make more post with my not-so-pretty face.


Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

A Micellar Solution


The Beauty of a Cleansing Water

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Water 

Cleansing water are something that I truly enjoy - not for proper cleansing but to remove the first layer of make up when I want to cleanse my face or if I'm feeling tired. It's also nice in the mornings when I'm rushing and want to still remover traces of the sweat and night cream. My favourite cleansing water so far is the Bioderma Sebium H2O but, this one from Garnier was a lovely surprise. 
When recently my trusty Bioderma Water finished, I got scared because it was sold out at every pharmacy and para-pharmacy in my area. Had to get something so on a trip to the supermarket I thought..why not this one?I wasn't really expecting anything nice from this - the reviews on it's "sister" from L'oréal haven't been the best for example. But I'm really happy to think otherwise.

 It's 400ml of product, cost me around 4 euros and doesn't contain any alcohol or perfume. 

If you open the can and try to smell it, you get any scent but on you skin sometimes I smell something like hydrogen peroxide - it doesn't bother me too much but I don't know how people that are really picky with scents would feel.
It doesn't irritate my skin at all, cleanses well and it leaves a really nice refreshing feel to the skin.Yet, I don't really feel my skin pampered like I would with Bioderma. 
The Packaging is nice - nice plastic bottle - and the cap isn't too wide or two small so I can control the quantity of product in my cotton pad without problems. Although, I would love if they had a smaller version.
It's a nice choice for those who are on a budget or just can't find their favourite Cleansing Water in Stock (like like I did). Will I repurchase this again? probably if my Bioderma gets to be out of stock again when this finishes - which is why I would love if they had a smaller version.

Have you tried this? What's your favourite cleansing water?

I hope you liked it,please take care everyone!

With Love,

High and Down from YSL


When we think about big brands like Chanel, Dior or YSL - we usually think automatically  think about quality and luxurious products. Some live for the expectations but others? not quite.


Yves Saint Laurent 4 colour Harmony in 04 Nude
Starting with the product that didn't live for my expectation, this quad had everything to be a favourite - it has neutral eyeshadows, it's compact, pretty packaging...But the lack of pigmentation totally sets me off. I like my eyeshadows pigmented, buttery and easy to blend. I don't mind spending the extra buck. But this quad? is a mess. The only really good eyeshadow is the light Brown. The Medium Brown is nice too but not enough for me to be able to define my crease fo example. 
The white and the dark brown are a mess. Huge mess. 
I tried to use them with a wet brush under a blogger's recommendation and still...a mess. 
Apparently this is a problem that only this quad (and the other from this collection) have. My advise on this is either do research or try to swatch things before getting them. (this was actually given to my mother who later gave this to me)
Note : the first swatch was done with the eyeshadows in their regular form and the second one was made with a weat brush.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in Pink Coral 
Meet the high star of this post. I got this lipstick on a summer sales two years ago. It's not a very me shade since it has a nice hint of orange but for some reason, it actually looks nice on me.
This is a very creamy lipstick, although it can be scary sometimes because this will settle on you fine lines so, scrub those lips and moisturise them first. 
The packaging is quite bulky - the bulkiest of all lipsticks I own. I would prefer something like the ones that their rouge velupé have. More elegant in my opinion.
It's a bit on the pricey side but, it's nice. If you are on a splurge day I would recommend this or their Rouge Velupté (specially because those have a more prettier packaging). 

I hope you liked this post! Take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

Beauty with Love very first Giveaway!


Oh yeah!
I'll be making a year of blogging - with this blog at least - in August. And I'll be 21 this year - in September 15. And I've loved all the love and support. So I decided to make a small appreciation giveaway! 
The Mandatory rules are simple:

1. Follow me at Blogger Or Bloglovin - please don't forget to specify at which you are following me.
2. write your e-mail, I won't be doing anything with this EXCEPT, contacting the winner once the giveaway is finished. 
3. Leave a Comment telling me what you would love to see at Beauty with Love. 

There are more extra entries like: liking the facebook page, following me on Twitter, following me on Instagram and sharing this photo on your blog:

The Winner will won a Rimmel London Powder blush in Terracotta (you can't probably use this as a bronzer as well? ); 2 Rimmel London Stay Blushes cream blushes in 01 pop of pink and 05 Apricot Glow; A mini BB Cream from La Roche-Posay in Medium; a cute pair of icre cream earrings and a Sample of Sephora's Shower Gel.
The giveaways ends September 15 at 11:59 pm (London and PT time) and it's International.
Good luck and don't forget to write your entries at the rafflecopter form - those are the only ones that will be counted. 
Good luck everyone! Take care

With Love,

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The Perfect Eye base

MAC Painterly, also known as my favourite eye base
I'll blame part of this on NikkieTutorials.If it wasn't for her raves on the Soft Ochre Paint Pot, I would never had this in my life. with all the raves, I asked for a sample of soft ochre when I got Sunny Seoul - it was too yellow for me, but I really enjoyed the formula. But after Christmas of that year I decided that I really wanted a paint pot and went to a MAC counter - the lady of that day was actually a really friendly one - looked up to their shade selection and said "it's this one". And that's how Painterly came with me. 
Although it looks a bit scary and dark on my swatch, it's actually really perfect for my eyelids - it brightens, counter acts the discolouration and covers the veins. And helps a lot with keeping my lids "oil-free". Way better than the Too Faced shadow insurance (which is too oily for my totally melts my eyeshadows...any recommendations on a good eye primer?)
The packaging is nice - I can swipe my finger to remove the product without getting it under my finger nails. But, the downside is that I always need to have this upside down to see the colour and name. 
Some people complain that their paint pot's got dry really fast...that hasn't happen to me at all - it's still super creamy and easy to blend. 
I'm really happy with this product and I might get Rubenesque in the future. Although MAC has really heavy competition with the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows (which are also my favourites). 
Do you like cream shadows? What's your favourites? 
I hope you liked this review. Take care, have a nice day!

With Love, 

The Asian Beauty Wishlist


'cause there's nothing like wishlists 
You know how much I like making wishlists. It's the type of thing that I like to do in a while. It's like shopping, without actual shopping.
So today's Wishlist theme is Asian beauty - something that always makes me curious but, because you can only find it online and I'm a very on the spot shopper I tend to forget or leave it behind. Here's the selection of products that I would love to try - from skin Care, complexion, Make up to even some accessories and helpers. Who's curious?

Uhh Skin Care.
I'll start with something that I need ASAP. The Etude House sun Prize Sun Block looks really amazing and perfect for someone who doesn't want to turn into a Salmon or Shrimp because of the Sun. Last year I used a few samples i had from Avène but they are now gone and I need a new solution.
Because everyone knows that I'm a cleansing balm lover, the Banila.Co Clear it Zero is something that I really want to try. BethniY raved about this a lot - and we are talking about a girl that loves the Emma Hardie cleansing balm to death.
The Lioele Waterdrop sleeping pack was actually recommended by a Portuguese friend that has a skin type very close to mine. She also has really dehydrated skin and she says that this is amazing - it hydrates and doesn't make any fuzz. Sounds good.
Another thing that I love is Toners. The It radiant Brightening Toner looks a really nice dupe (or some-kind-of-product) to the Pixi glow tonic (which I haven't gotten yet because of the super crazy shipping...15£ of shipping for a product that costs 16£ is too much.).
Next (and another recommendation from a friend) is the TheFaceShop Volcanic Clay Nose Mask which is meant to take out all the clogged gunk from the pores like a regular strip would. I have problems with clogged pored around my nose and check area and although things are better, I still want something extra to take care of it.
Lastly but not least at all, the TonyMoly Tomatox Face mask - I tried a sample of this mask this week and it's so nice! It's super gentle, cleanses and purifies my skin without being too over stripping. A must, must!


Complexion. Complexion. As I stated before, I really like more natural looking bases and Korean brands really know how to make them but, they also know how to make really good concealers.
A proof of that is the new Aritaum Full cover Liquid Concealer which has 25ml - yes you read it right - of great coverage. I've seen some swatches and the second shade is a perfect match for a NC20 'gal like me. It looks like a really nice dupe to the MUFE full Cover.
Next, something I'll also blame on BethniY as well, is the 3CE full cover concealer , a wand-type liquid concealer that according to some reviews is a really good dupe to the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (costing a fraction of the price).
And to finish the concealer fever, the SkinFood Dark Circles Salmon concealer is according to many people an amazing dupe to the Benefit Erase Paste - it covers dark circles without problems and the vintage packaging is so cute.
Keeping with the SkinFood theme, I'm seriously curious about the SkinFood Red Orange Makeup Fixer, which according to some reviews is even better than the All Nighter from Urban Decay.
Now, BB cushions are the new fever in Korea and I'm really curious about two. The first is the Etude House BB Crushion, specially with the Minnie packaging (there's also a new one with Cinderella)'s so pretty. And the BB is really good too.
The second one is the very raved Laneige Snow BB cushion (I probably miss-spelled the name? not sure). It's a bit on the pricey side but apparently it's really really good.I mean, Ingrid from missglamorazzi raved this A LOT.
lastly but not least, the Hydrating primer also sparked my curiosity. I usually use silicone-based primers but I'm curious about how this would work on my thirsty skin.

Oh, the pretty world of make up.
The Majolica Majorca Puff the checks are so, but so cute. My curiosity started when Kimdao reviewed one and actually talked about how pigmented they were (who doesn't love well-pigmented blushes?)Also, the packaging is adorable.
Another blush with adorable packaging is the Skin Food Rose Essence Cream Blusher. This collection is so cute and my choice would go for the blushes - the shade selection is nice and apparently they are really good. the lip lacquers from this collection also look really nice.
The Dolly Wink liquid liner is a classic. Although I'm currently looking for a good gel-eyeliner, I would also love to try something like this. There's nothing like a good eyeliner.
The Etude House Dear My Blooming Lipsticks have such a nice shade of pinks amd MLBB's! And how cute is that packaging? Their Antoinette lipsticks (specially from the first collection) were also really cute.
But, what I really wanted to get my hands on are the Etude House Color Lips-fit - a some kind of lip tints that we can also use as lipsticks. The packaging is adorable and the shade selection? So nice!
And lastlty, I'll blame this on Jen/fromheadtotoe - who remembers when she used to rave about the Lioele Auto Brow Eyebrow pencils? Oh yeah. Although I've been curious about the Soap&Glory version, this one still has a soft spot.

I bet everyone is like "what? lash curlers?".
Well, I really need a good lash curler. Mine is getting old and if never liked him, our relation isn't the best now. I've noticed that not having a good lash curler doesn't let me have a good lash look. I have really, really straight lashes and they need to be curled before I apply mascara, other wise my lashes will look floppy and heavy. Here we don't carry Shu Uemura's make up line and the shiseido line is really small. Besides, too overpriced as well.
So my choices would go for the Shiseido Lash curler or the Shu Uemura Lash curlers. I'm not sure if brands like Etude House and Laneige or Missha have or not good ones (it would be nice, since they are cheaper). And as a splurge (and because of Alix from I covet Thee) the Shu Uemura S-Curler (or S-line? not sure) from Shu Uemura is something that looks cool. Specially for fancy days.

So, here are the goodies from Asia that I really would love to try. Other things that I would love to try are the "lip chubbys" from HappySkin (a Philippine brand for those who don't know) which I have seen in Kim's and Hollie's blog.
What would you like to try from these brands? I hope you enjoyed the post.

Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

Studio Camouflage


Who's looking for a nice concealer for Spots and Acne marks?

MAC Studio finish concealer with SPF35 in NC20

Although I don't have too many acne problems nowadays, I still have one or another stubborn spot to cover and correct. And, if my choice of foundations is more on the light-coverage side, I prefer more heavy-duty and high coverage concealers for spots and under eye area.
So, after declaring my Benefit Boi-ing not proper to use, I started to look for a substitute and did a nice research on good concealers. The Make Up For Ever full-cover HD concealer and their concealer palette were my first choices but because I'm on a no-buy for MUFE until November (were they have their annual Black Friday and really amazing deals) I decided to look for something else. The Nars Creamy concealer was also a nice choice but because the brand isn't carried here I was really afraid of getting the wrong colour. Finally, there was this one.
On a family trip to one of the local malls, I decided to take advantage and finally get it since that mall had a MAC counter (I could also wait and ask some friends to get it from the time I guess...). The Sales Assistant was a bit snobby but I made sure to give the impression that I know a lot about how the make up things go - I asked for NC15 and she said "maybe it's too light" I told her to make a match to my neck and jaw line since I need to match my neck to my face. I know that it's bad to be like this but seriously, some SA's at MAC are really rude and make me want to leave the store. And I'm not the only one complaining...
Now, the product itself.The packaging is just perfect! I hate when concealers have the tops like Boi-ing or Camouflage cream were it's not a clip system like this. It gets messy super easily and I always ruin a bit of the product. And don't think that it contains less product because the packaging is smaller - this contains 7 grams of product versus de 4 grams of boi-ing and the 3 grams of Camouflage Cream.
The shade is really nice, although I'll probably need something a little lighter during the winter because I get really pale in November and December.Also, this isn't a good concealer for photoshoot's because it contains silica. But on the other hand, is really nice for daily basics because it has SPF35.
The only major downside is the fact that you can't wear this in you under eye area - MAC state's in the box that you can use it there. Which is really interesting because I told the SA that I would probably wear this in my under eye are and she didn't advise me against it. I'll trust MAC's warning on the box and keep myself a bit more cautious when dealing with this questions at MAC counters. If you want a concealer that can be used on your face and on you under eye area, this isn't a good choice. I'll probably try their mineralize concealer or even their pro long wear concealer (which has a pump that always releases more product than it should...).
Would I recommend this? Yes. Is this better than the so called dupe from Catrice? Yes it is, it has SPF and lasts longer on my face. It's also more creamier and easier to blend - no thermal water was added until this day.

What's your favourite concealer and what would you recommend me as a "all-over" concealer?
I hope you liked this review. Take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

June Favourites'14


June the crazy month

June was a hitting pan month. If April and May were amazing, June wasn't that good. My anxiety levels were really high and it was like I couldn't fundtion.It was like rock bottom to me. Praying helped me a lot - it was a very me time were I could think and try to see some light. Things are getting better and I've done some personal changes and I'm really trying to learn from this.
Antoher problem is my laptop - the fan isn't working as it should so he overheats and shuts down A LOT. I have to spot at every hour and do things "stage by stage" with fear that he might shut down for good. I'm waiting for an open day so my dad can take him to a gentleman that know how to change the thing (and hopefully change my current keyboard which got broken last time while they were deep cleaning).
A Good thing this month was my Swap with Shayne. Mostly because I'm really happy that she enjoyed what I sent her. I was depply scared that she wouldn't like or be disappointed.

Now, let's go to the beauty favourite, shall we?

The Body Shop Aloe Toner
This really simple toner has been helping me a lot. it really calms and prepares my skin for getting the hydration and special care that sometimes she needs.It doesn't contain any alcohol or funky scent so it's amazing for sensitive skin. I'll be doing a more in-deep review during July.
The Body shop Camomile Cleansing Oil
I don't need to rave this again, right? It's a really amazing and silky oil that cleanses my face without being too harsh and over stripping. My make up is removed without any fuzz or problems. 
Bioderma Sensibio eye Gel
I reviewd this on Sunday and just like I said - it's nice. But I'll still need something extra for the cold winter time. But for the current weather? Marvelous. 

Too Faced La Crème Juicy Melons Lipstick
The most perfect and pretty coral lisptick. Super Creamy, pigmented and easy to wear. This needs to get more attention, yes it does. 
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
My next review will be this bad boy. I can say that I really like it, although there's a "small" detail that doesn't let him be my "all ove the face and under eye concealer". Besides that, it's amazing. 
Benefit High Beam
So pretty. So, so pretty. I carried this with me during my trips and made the hole difference. And I actually prefer this to the dupe version from MeMeMe.(probably because this is more gelly and less liquidy).
Benefit Creaseless Cream Shado in Bikiny-Tiny
After depoting my the Bronze of Champions kit, I finally started to pay more attention to this. It was amzing on my travelling because of it's size. The champagne colour is perfect for everyday wear. 

I hope you like this post. Take care everyone, have a great July!

With Love,
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