Small Drugstore + random Haul


And here I am...with another haul..
So, starting with make up : Rimmel London recently launched (here at least) these new cream tint/blushes. I wanted something like this for a while so I decided to grab one to test. Currently they are only selling a pink and an apricot shade here. From Catrice I got 3 things : their Camouflage concealer - which apparently is a nice dupe for MAC Studio Fix concelaer? I'm thinking about getting that later so I'll be sure to compare them - because I was in a real need for a nice concealer; their Longlasting eye pencil liner in a nude shade because my beloved Inside Eye highlighter pen broke and I seriously need something like this to bright my waterline and lastly but not least their Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof which is so my the best setting powder I ever tried. This is way better than the Rimmel Stay Matte every single way! I'll keep testing this and I'll be sure to do a nice review on it.
On the random side, I got a nice and pretty note book because I'm gaining the habit of writing my blog ideas and posts before taking photos and writing them here. It's a nice way to work when I'm not on the computer and to keep everything organized (for example, monthly favourites!). Oh and of course, Frozen's DVD. I really wanted to get this, specially because this version contains the original version. And yes, I don't like my country's version, mostly because they decided to get someone to sing and someone to speak rather than getting someone that could do both things. And I'm also mad with a few translations. (yes I know that they can't do literal translations but still...some mistakes are just bad). Overall, there's nothing like hearing Idina Menzel (not Adele Nazeem like Travolta said...) and Kristen Bell singing "For the first time in Forever" (reprise).

I'll be working on new posts for this week and for the next.Leaving the city for a while made me ready to work harder here.
I really want to thank everyone for your awesome support!
Take care,have a nice day.
With Love,

Benefit Big Easy | Review



Benefit Big Easy
I admit, I was really sceptical about this product when the first PR posts start to show up. My previous experience with western BB creams wasn't exactly the best  - they would be either too oily or too dark. The Asian ones would be too grey and sometimes greasy for me.I almost gave up on BB creams....until I saw the first couple of swatches of this one. One of them - made by a beloved Portuguese blogger
Let's Talk about beauty on her facebook page - shown how 01 Fair was a match to MAC NC15. I new my match from Matchmaster from MAC so I went to find if it was NC15 from MAC....and it was! 

With my only foundation - Revlon Colorstay - ending and some money that I still had from Christmas I thought it was time to get it. Besides...Sephora sent me a 20% off coupon to my phone (yes, it's amazing how Sephora remembers to send me coupons every time I want to get something from them)

This is not a regular BB cream at all since the texture is more fluid at first but starts to get the "cream-to-powder finish" - which is why it's target to people with oily skin. I just won't recommend using a brush like F80 or F82 , because they are really dense and end up "eating" half of the product...which makes you spend more product...After all, Benefit actually recommends fingers and not brushes. But a more flexible brush - like Argent Makeup 102 or Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - will work without problems. I can't say if sponges are or okay or not because personally I don't own any. (If I for some reason end up getting one, I promise that I'll be sure to try it and update this post).
Another thing to point is the fact that this was made in Japan. In my opinion, Benefit wanted to get the best of both worlds - they wanted something with a more Western selection shade but that it would work like an Asian BB cream. Which is why they only launch it now and not last year like most brands (I'm looking at you Urban Decay). This BB cream will still adapt to your skin tone like an Asian BB cream would, you'll get the shade selection from a western BB cream, although I'll warn you that it takes 3 to 5 minutes for this to set, so don't be afraid. 
The coverage is's really light can be build. Personally, I don't want anything too strong so this is perfect - covers my small spots and the redness of my skin. The bigger one can either get an extra bit of bb cream or they can get concealer - which is something that most people forget...I rather conceal here and there and use a nice lightweight foundation than using a really heavy foundation - for daily wear at least. 
Benefit claims that you won't need to set this with powder but personally I like to do it anyway. If I skip this step It will take 6 hours for me to look shiny...with powder I get 7 to 8 hours. And with a nice setting spray I'm might get more but, I still like to touch up here and there during the day. But nothing can be better than the velvety finish that this BB cream gives to my skin. 

As you can see by the swatches, the colour looks strange at first but soon looks like my skin tone. And the full-face photos (a sweet bonus for not posting so much during this week) you can see the nice finish that this gives to my skin.And yes, I have spots and marks, it's okay I'm dealing with that and it's anything that makes me cry of take my sleep over night. This is me still recovering from what happen during the times I used the Avène Cleanser...
Overall, this is a perfect choice for a everyday look. I just won't recommend this if you are planning to attend an event were Flash is involved - this BB cream has SPF35. Also, ladies with dry skin or dry patches - I won't recommend this to any of you, since this will just make your dry patches more visible. 
the price is a bit bitter-sweet , since 39,90€ for a BB cream isn't something that you would give everyday but, with coupons and seasonal promotions you can always save 5 or 10 euros. (be sure that this price might be different in other countries)

I hope that you guys likes this review, I promise that I'll be posting more during the next week. 
Take care*

With Love,

Travel Make Up bag and Skin Care picks


So, here it is! Because of the April 25 - for those who don't know marks the end of the Dictatorship in Portugal - I had the week free and so had my best friend. So I decided to visit her again. I promise that I'll try to take more photos from Caldas da Rainha this time!
Anyway, I decided to share my travel make up - which is from Primark. For 4 euros, I really can't complain - and my skin care picks. I'll be spending 5 days there so I want to be prepared. 

As you can see on my first photo, I'll be taking my NUDE'tude palette with me - not only because it's easy to take but also because I want to take photos from different looks. Because I want products that last me the all day, I'll be taking the Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer (with the old packaging) and my Nars blushes in Outlaw and Seduction.
I know, the eye section looks really crazy - I'll be taking the Too Faced Shadow Insurance mainly because I want to used it so that I can get a new one. My MAC paint pot in Painterly and my Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit are staples that couldn't be left behind along with a mini They're real and my current lash curler. For my brows I'll be taking my Catrice brow pencil and my Catrice brow mascara - I don't really love them but I need to use them up before investing in something else. As eyeliners? Sephora Eyeliners of course - I'm taking a white, a blue, a purple and a brown one.
For my Face I'll be taking my Too Faced Primed and Poreless - my favourite primer - and my Big Easy from Benefit (which will have a review uploaded this week). Because I really like a touch of highlighter I'll be taking my mini What's Up and my mini High Beam.
Lipstick department looks crazy I know. But I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I'll  have someone to take me photos to do lip Swatches of MAC Sunny Seoul and Too Faced Juicy Melons. Kate by Rimmel London lipstick in 08 is my perfect nude colour that I always like to carry with me, along with a nice gloss like Sugarbomb from Benefit - a mini version from their Sugarlicious. So yes, I'll be out as a "vacation", but I'll be working on photos for upcoming reviews. very committed I know. 

In my usual make up bag - which usually carries what you are seeing - I'll be taking my Stay Matte Powder from Rimmel London, a roller ball perfume from Woman's Secret, a lavera lip balm and a small powder brush from Essence.
My brush selection isn't really big...for blush and bronzer I decided to take the Argent Makeup 102 brushes and a contour brush from Real Techniques. Now, in the eye department, I admit...I went a little crazy. From Zoeva I'll be taking a blending brush, a regular shadow brush and a "pencil brush"; Argent Makeup 201 is a staple that can't be left behind; and for details and eyeliner I'll be taking the detail brush from Real techniques and a Muji brush (yes, they have make brushes...really soft ones actually!)

As a cleanser I'll be taking The Body Shop Cleansing Butter - a staple in my routine. Because I can't pass without face masks, I'll be taking a Cattier Clay Mask and  Avène Cleanance Mask.
For my eye area I'll be taking my near death Lierac Dioptigel and my Bioderma Sensibio Eye - a new eye gel that I want to try out. As a spot treatment, I'll be taking my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo - a staple.
As a moisturiser I'll be taking my La Roche-Posay Hydreane Legere and a bottle of La Roche-Posay Thermal Water.

So, would you take this much make up and skin care?
Take care, have a nice day!
With Love,

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows in Birthday Suit


 Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit
If there is something that I like to have always around with me on in my collection for different reasons, that something is cream eyeshadows. I like how creamy they are, how easy to apply - specially when I'm in a rush to get the bus - and to make amazing bases to more complicated looks.

When Benefit launched their cream shadows I wasn't really curious about them at all...but when a tinny travel size came with my The Bronze of Champions kit I felt in love (the amazingness of benefit kits). The texture was perfect and it was incredible easy to blend - no matter if I was using my finger or a nice synthetic brush.
So after Christmas, promotions and sales started and I got a 25% off coupon from Sephora...major savings!


The box packaging is the prettiest and the most adorable thing I ever got from a beauty product. I can't send this to the trash can...I'll probably re-use it as a decoration piece or to storage my little earrings. The actual product packaging is also really nice - classic and user-friendly. It's slim enough to not take too much space in my storage and it's big enough for me to take product with my fingers without ending up with product under my finger nails. (Ew I know)

The colour is just gorgeous - perfect for everyday wear on it's own (specially along with eyeliner an lots of mascara) or as a base. I really like how this reflect depending on how much light it's getting. I love this dual-chrome effect. 
As I mentioned before, they last a nice time in my leads withou creassing, although it isn't anything special. But again, My lids are super oily and I always need a good primer (something I'm still looking for).
Overall, I'm really happy with this and I can't wait to get more colours - specially cooper and a pink. 
You can find this at, Sephora and Benefit counters worldwide.

Take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love,

Avène Cleanance Mask | Review


Avéne Cleanance Mask
I was supposed to be posting a nail art for a contest today, but because things didn't happen like I wanted, I decided to post this earlier...Let's see how things go. With Luck I may be able to post the nail art tomorow or around Friday.
So, I got this mask because I had watched Katie from Gh0stparties talk about this...a lot! I though it was just a regular mask...not, it's from that.

When I saw that this mask had AHA and BHA I got even more curious. I was supposed to be using toners to exfoliate my skin, but because I always take a while to order things from internet (specially when they aren't from the EU) I haven't started with that field yet (shame on me I know! May will be the month for that, I promise) I was in need for something. This was the product that closed that gap in my routine.
Contains both Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid and you only need a really tiny amount. During the first application a felt a little tickling - but nothing major or uncomfortable - which was the acids taking action. Once I rinse the mask (using a warm cloth, just like if I was rinsing a balm or an oil), my skin wasn't irritated at all, wasn't super dry or super oily - it was healthy, soft and good looking. I've been noticing that my more are getting cleaner because of this product. And when ever I have an inflamed spot, this takes care in a day or so.
Nowadays I don't feel the tickling any more and with continue use this has helped my skin improve. Even if I get the toners, I'll keep buying and using the masks in certain occasions - I'm currently using it between twice and trice a week, depending of how my skin is. 

Here are some swatched of this mask in my had (don't worry, I'll be sharing a selfie of me with this mask later this month). A tiny amount goes long and it only takes 5 minutes for the mask to be dry. 
This costs between 15 to 13 euros may be expensive for some people, but knowing how my skin has been and how good this is, it's worth it. 

My next now if finding a good oil or cream cleanser from Pharmacie brands...I wish they would understand that not everyone love foaming...I guess The Body Shop is going to be winning that category. 
If you have any recommendation of masks like this, please be sure to name them. I really love to try masks. 

Take care, have a nice day.
With Love, 

A Nude Attitude


theBalm NUDE'tude palette
I finally craved. I've been wanting to get this since last September (which is my birthday's month) but I ended up getting the Pretty Rebel from Too Faced. But finally, I finally got the NUDE'tude palette from theBalm.
Before I start the "eyeshadow by eyeshadow" thing and saying how the texture is, and the packaging...I'll be straith and cut it out right here : although it has neutrals, although it has a few colours that are similar, this is anything alike to the Naked palettes. This is a much "all-over-the place" palette - we have cooler tones, we have really warm tones, two pinks, a really pigmented white, a "yellow" golden shade and a burgundy - which doesn't exist in any of the Naked palettes. It won't replace them in my opinion, it will for sure complement them.
The packaging of this palette is amazing - it's super sleek, the cardboard material is strong and magnetic closure is very strong - better than the one from the Naked palette, similar to the one from Pretty Rebel - and the mirror has a nice size. Also, it doesn't get dirty too quickly.
The eyeshadow quality is amazing - the shimmery shades are super buttery and the matte one aren't too powdery or too hard. They don't crumble and they last an insane amount of time in my eyelids.And the pigmentation? Amazing.


(from left to right :Sassy; Stubborn;Selfish;Snobby;Stand-offish; Sultry)
The first half has mainly what I consider everyday and day-time eye shadows. Sassy is the most pigment white eyeshadow I even got the chance to work with! Some people don't like it because they miss a nice cream colour to highlight the brow bone, but personally I love this shadow. Its amazing as a base and to highlight my inner corner. And my brown bone? Well, there are a lot of brow pencils and cream products for that. Stubborn is an amazing all over the eyelid shade, specially as a base - in the swatch it looks really similar to my skin but, because my eyelids are actually darker, it really brightens my eyes. Selfish is a really pretty taupe/purple-ish shade that some times I wear in my crease and other times I wear in my eyelid - depending on the occasion. Snobby can be a bit controversial - to some is a yellow, to other is a gold , to me is something in between. I like this shade for highlighting the inner corner. Stand-offish is really similar to Dust from the Naked3 palette, without the huge fallout and the crumble that Dust has.I love this shade because I wear it alone or with Selfish or Sultry in my crease. Sultry is lovely warm matte brown, more warmer than buck from the Naked1 and without problems of being hard of powdery. 

(from left to right: Sophisticated;Sexy;Serious;Seductive;Silly;Sleek)
And the other half has what I call the night and party appropriate shades. Although, some of them are appropriate for daily wear as well. Sophisticated is something that I like to wear blended in my crease - defines it and looks really nice with other shades. Sexy is a gorgeous matte Burgundy shade that I like to smudge in my lower lashes and use as a transition shade - lovely to give an extra pop of colour. Serious is a nice black matte that can be used for the traditional smokey eye or as an eyeliner. Seductive is a gorgeous warm brown that I love to wear in my crease without problems. Silly is a warm purple-ish brown with spakles - and no, they don't have much fallout (for me at least) and Sleek is a really good deep brown for when you don't want to work with Serious - can be used as an eyeliner as well.

I'm really happy with this palette Overall, I recommend it to everyone. Price? From 36$ at (where you need to be careful with their shipping fees) to34.34€ at To my Portuguese Ladies I'll recommend Makeuppt because it's actually 3 euros cheaper than Feelunique and if you don't like or can't handle with paypal, you can do direct transfer. Also, you won't have to deal with customs services and all since taxes are already added to the final price.

Oh, did you liked the photo quality? Check out this post written by Citron + Guavaberry, her tips will help you a lot. I mean, they at least help me a lot!

Take care everyone, have a nice day.

With Love,

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