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May the " let's do all the reviews I can " week start. I'll probably over-post a bit but...after so much time, what else could I do?
So, I decided to talk about one of my most recent Skin Care acquisitions , the Missh Time Revolution Clear Toner containing both BHA and AHA - can you hear the bells? I did as soon as I saw this! 
I've been trying to find a good toner with both acids in it but it was quite difficult, specially because some are either too strong or too expensive. So you guys can imagine my happiness when I saw this at Jolse.com. 

Now, this came in a really big and strong plastic-that-looks-like-glass bottle containing 250ml of toner, which is a lot. A little goes a long way with this toner.
I don't find it rash or super strong on my skin, quite the opposite actually. For instances, when ever I use the FAB pads and I pass this afterwards, my skin thanks me a lot.  
At the beginning I would feel a simple tickling - nothing strong - but nowadays I don't feel anything, besides my skin getting super soft.  
Besides that, I've been noticing that I don't get as many spots and break outs like I used too and more importantly, my scares are fading! I can't even explain how good it is to look in the mirror and see my skin without so many red and dark marks around my cheeks. Everything is currently fading. 
I've also noticing that my pores are getting more unclogged as well - they still need a bit of work but I might get something else to help me with them, although I'm more preocupied with my marks and my skin texture.

And speaking of texture, this combined with other products - like my Mizon Serum and my FAB Ultra Repair Cream - are helping my skin texture to look more even and plump. 

Overall, it's one of the best products I ever tried and I'll keep repurchasing it for sure. Currently I'm just thinking about adding an Essence to my routine...any recommendations? The Missha Essence is quite expensive but I think that the Secret Key looks similar? 

Lastely but not least, I got my bottle from Jolse for 25.98$  but I believe that you can find it wherever you prefer ( I usually go for Jolse because of the Shipping and because I always get points for buying there)

I hope that you liked this review, take care everyone!

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