Limited Edition Palettes


It is something that we expect nowadays - limited edition palettes (and make up in general). Every Christmas, every time a big movie comes out, a special collaboration...there is a limited edition palette. Personally, I tend to avoid the big Christmas kits because I'm not a fan of really big palettes and kits...I don't know, there's just something that makes me step away from them. But from time to time there are special edition items that caught my attention.
We hear about them for a while but...what happens next? It's not the first time a palette gets shoved inside a drawer and gets forgotten. Youtubers won't use them because they feel bad because their subscribers won't be able to recreate the look. Bloggers won't mention them for the same reason. Eventually these items end up taking up space.

Trying Caudalie Skin Care


Skin Care has always been one of my main concerns and interests. I am always trying to to keep my skin hydrated and all breakouts at bay. This usually requires looking for products that won't be too harsh and will nourish my skin. 
A few months ago I read a blog post about the Caudalie Moisturizing Toner and I got really curious. I am really into acid toners ( Glycolic Acid is love in what concerns taking care of dead cells) but once in a while I like to switch into something more light (specially if I am using a more harsh or potent serum with vitamin C for example). With all of this in my mind I decided to give Caudalie's Toner a try along side with their Grape Water. 

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