Spa Cleansing at Home


The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil
As a new converter to the the cleansing oil thing, I had to try out this cleansing oil. 
The first times I use this I felt a small difference - I was used to the melting feel of the cleansing butter and this one has a more silky feel and it's more lightweight but, this sets more on your face than the cleansing butter so my advise is : work fast and don't let the oil set on your face. 
It's not as moisturising as the cleansing butter as well - but it's not over stripping either - but I've noticed that this one removes the impurities from my pores more easily and my complexion is getting brighter and brighter. 
The packaging is something that makes me a bit...insecure. Sometimes the product doesn't came as it should. Also,I'm quite scared because later on, I might have some problems with taking out the last bits of products because of the pump system. Maybe something like their toner packaging would be a lot nicer. 
As for the ingredients, it doesn't contain any mineral oil or liquid paraffin but, it contains a small trace of citric acid so, if you use this to cleanse your face in the morning, be sure to use a good sunscreen during the day time because your skin might get a bit sensitive to the sun exposure.  
But something that I really like is the indulgence of massaging the product on your face - it's just so good and relaxing. I really can't understand people that sleep without taking their make up off (it's really horrible for your skin by the way...). I can actually feel the oil melting the impurities and the traces of make up.Oh and the hot cloth on my face is another piece of heave (remember to switch them daily). 
Overall, I really like this cleansing oil and I really think that it's a good investment, specially because this also removes waterproof make up from your eyes without problems. 

I hope that you liked this review. 
Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

May Favourites '14


I'm really sorry for the lack of posts. I was meant to be posting on Monday but because of a personal issue (nothing big or bad, just too many things at the same time) I didn't had the heart to write a thing. Now, with everything more or less worked out, I can finally get back with my posts (I have so many new ideas and reviews to share! ).

May Favourites 
May was an interesting month.Not as good as April, but there was a few progresses and I have more projects that I want to keep up (like my room for example). I finally have my working desk on my new room but I'm still really unsure about the make up display. Also, I'm desperate for more shelving near the desk and a new mirror. This month I won't display any skin care items because I'm still testing with the new additions and getting to know if I really love them that much or not...but on the other hand, I'm deeply in love with what I have here.

Catrice Waterproof Powder
This really amazing powder was featured in my latest post and it's so good. I never encountered such perfection in a powder form - my skin looks matte but not too matte, velvety and pretty. And as a bonus, controls my oiliness quite well. I was on the run for a good powder but...I'll be putting that off for a while. I just hope that Catrice doesn't discontinue this...It would be a tragedy. 

Catrice Camouflage Cream concealer
I had a rough start with this would be hard to use and looked super cakey. But one day I remembered a tip that a favourite blogger used to do with her Kryolan concealer - to spray a bit of fix+ to make the product for soft. I don't have fix+ so I decided to use my Avène thermal water made a huge difference! Now the concealer is super creamy and soft and so easy to work. So if you got this and find it super hard to work, try this. (For those who have Boi-ing, maybe this tip can help a bit? I couldn't do it to mine since it was expired...)

Catrice Eye Pencil Waterproof in 100 Pearly Bird
An amazing substitute to my beloved Inside eye highlighter pen (which is still out of stock...). It stays for hours, doesn't irritate my eyes and the pearly finish actually gives a really nice effect. Even if I get a backup for my other eye liner, I might still keep another of this around because it's really good as well. And cheaper.

Rimmel London Stay blushed in 001 Pop of Pink
This.Is.So.Good. It's really easy to blend, looks natural and stays nicely in my skin. My expectations for this were really low but I was so wrong...Now I want to get the other colour and review them for you as soon as possible. A must try!

Nars Blush in Seduction
Yes I know, doesn't look like a spring colour but I love it! Specially on pale just makes me less flat and white. Also, it stays on my face for ages, which is amazing for someone who doesn't carry blush on her bag for touch ups. (Too much unnecessary weight for me...also, I'm always afraid of breaking things).

Thank you for all of your love and support!
Take care.

With Love,

The Perfect Affordable Powder



Catrice Made to Stay Waterproof Powder

I'll blame this one mostly on Ana Rita from Let's Talk About Beauty since she raved this a lot ( and she had real reason for doing it). 
To me, Powder is an important step - weather for setting foundation/bb cream/cc cream/ whatever-cream ; set concealer under my eyes and spots and of course, helping me with controlling the oil on my T-Zone (specially in the Summer time).
So, on a trip to my local Drugstore I decided to get this one and tried it. I'm currently hitting pan on my Rimmel London Powder - which I really don't like and probably won't repurchase (hint : packaging issues and powdery + cakey finish) so I wanted to try something else. The Catrice Powder is translucent while Rimmel's gives a hint of colour but it doesn't leave a white cast on your face. Although You should be careful because it contains silica, which is an ingredient that it's known to give a flashback effect on flash photography (remember Angelina's face? )
Besides that, the powder is really fine and gives a gorgeous look to your skin - makes it look like velvet and helps with minimizing pores. Alto, controls the oil on my T-zone pretty nicely. And the packaging is brilliant - sleek, with a big mirror and easy to carry. Also, it's quite resistant (quite opposite to Rimmel's).I can stay 6 hours without blotting my face, which is really good.
The "waterproof" claim is something that I didn't try because usually I really don't wear make up when I'm on the beach or pool side, but I've seen some tests and it looked nice.
If I used to be on a hunt for the perfect powder for my T-zone, after trying this one, the search stopped for a little. Yes, I really want to try out a nice high end powder (Like Urban Decay's de-slick or Too Faced's Primed and Poreless powder), but I'm not really worried since I got this.
For a Powder that costs around 4,50€, I'm really happy and I hope that Catrice doesn't discontinues him. (seriously, please don't do it!)

Take care, have a nice day!

With Love, 

Mostly, backups


Yes, I'm still figuring out how to deal with light...because I have less natural light (and because it was raining all day long...Winter is coming earlier or something? ) I had to use artificial lighting and editing skills. Personally...I like it. could be better, but I try to work it in the future. I really wanted to know your opinion...
So, because of the huge collection of empties, I had to get backups / new replacements (and I got a few new items along the way...)
Starting with Garnier, I got their new Skin Naturals Micelar Water mostly because the pharmacy/drugstore I went didn't had Bioderma and I had heard good things about this one. So far I like it - it cleans well, leaves a moisture feeling...but has a funny smell. (I'll be sure to do a proper review during the next week). Also from Garnier, I got the Skin Naturals 2 in 1 Make Up Remover mostly for those days were I get home earlier and I want to remove my make up a few hours before doing a proper cleanser. From La Roche-Posay I got the Hydreane Legere which is my holly grail moisturiser and the new Hydreane Extra Riche which was meant to be my future night moisturiser. I'll have to pass him on that and get the Hydreane Riche and I'll explain why I won't be using the Extra Riche as my night cream in triple review and comparison.
From Bourjois, I saw that the local supermarket had received a stock of their CC Cream collection and had the lightest shade so grabbed their CC Cream it along with their CC Eye Cream in their lightest shade as well.(Review will be posted during the next week as well). And because I really needed something that would make my nail polish dry faster, I decided to get a bottle of their Instant Dry nail drops. I haven't tested it yet because I was on a "no nail polish week".
Lastly but not least, The Body Shop has a 3 items - 30% off promotion and since I needed a new toner and new cleanser I decided to take the opportunity. I got their Aloe Toner since it's recommended by Caroline Hyrons - it purifies the skin, doesn't contain any alcohol and prepares my skin for my night creams. Because I needed a third item but didn't wanted to spend too much money on it, I choose their Seaweed Clay Mask (unitary version)because cleanses and purifies my skin, leaving a spa feel. I really wanted to get the full-size but it's quite expensive...who know If I don't snatch it on another 50% item sale. And finally, the amazing Camomile Cleansing Oil - a very luxurious cleanser that removes every trace of make up and dirt while not over striping my face.

So, what do you think about these photos?
Oh and don't get scared, but I'll be doing a complementary haul later since I need to get Hydreane Riche and a backup of my beloved Effaclar Duo. Oh...and apparently Essie is now available at major supermarkets here as well (I won't go crazy, but I really wanted a nice pink and a nice nude shade...and a cuticle oil)
I promise that I'll try to keep the blog updated. Take care, have a nice day!

With Love, 

L'Oréal Ever Sleek Sulphate Free Shampoo


L'Oréal Ever Sleek Sulphate Free Shampoo
With giving up on Foaming cleansers, it was only matter of time until I would also gave up on Foaming Shampoos as well. I always struggled with super oily ruts and itchy + flaky scalp and there wasn't anything that would help me. I used to say "oh my hair and my scalp get used to shampoo too quickly..." after all I was being too harsh and over striping my hair!
After realising that removing sulphates from my skin care products changed every thing to better, I thought about doing the same to my hair products. The problem? 98% of the shampoo brands at the drustore use sulphates and foaming agents. But than...this line from L'Oreál got launch.
I had heard wonders about it from Essie Button a while back but I thought that it wouldn't be released here...but when I finally found it I though "well...why not?"
The texture is very creamy and nice to work, it's doesn't lather too much - which is normal since there isn't any SLS does a few so I'm not sure if it is 100% sulphate free as they claim. But still, it isn't too harsh to my scalp, I don't get flakes like I used to and my hair doesn't get super oily as he used to!
Sometimes I don't even need to use conditioner or mask to de-tangle my ends.
Overall, although I want to try other shampoos - like The Body shop's - I'll probably keep buying this as my "drugstore shampoo". It's affordable and easy to get.

Do you guys have any recommendations on sulphate-free shampoos?
Take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

On my Face , Spring Edition


Today's Look
First, I'll again apologize for the bad lighting. I'm still working on getting proper lighting and setting for my photos. I also want to apologize on my really weird expressions...yes I really need to work on that as well.
For weird reason I decided that I should share what I used today on my face...let's enjoy that.
So, besides the fact that I cleansed, moisturised and used eye cream , I applied my Primed and Poreless Primer from Too Faced which is my favourite primer. I really should use him more but I'm always afraid of over using him because I really like him and I don't have any backup with me at the time (crazy I know). After that I applied my Shadow Insurance Primer from Too Faced on my eyelid and under eye are mostly because I really need to use up this product - It doesn't do too much to my oily lids but I can't just buy another bottle of primer, other wise I'll forget about this one and it will be a bigger waste. now, finally into concealer (yes I concealed first because of the "cream-to-powder" texture of big easy) I decided to use Healthy Mix Concealer from Bourjois under my eyes and the Cream Camouflage Concealer from Catrice on my spots and marks. Now it was finally the time to apply my Big Easy BB Cream from Benefit, specially on the centre of my face.
For my eyes, I had to fill my eyebrows with my Eyebrow Stylist and my Eyebrow Filler (both from catrice) because it doesn't matter if I'm rocking the perfect eye look - without the eyebrows nice and filled, it won't look the same.After that it was time to do my favourite combo of the moment with a twist : I applied Painterly Paint Pot from M.A.C. all over my lid to camouflage the discolouration, following it with my beloved Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit from Benefit. Now because I wanted a pop of colour, I decided to apply a tiny bit of my Cranberry Eyeshadow from M.A.C. on my crease and Flashy Liner waterproof in 13 Flashy Violet from Sephora on the under part of my eyes (I'm terrible with describing that area, I know). Finally it was time to brighten my eyes with the Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof in 100 Pearly Bird from Catrice, curl my lashes with by Lash Curler from Better and apply my Mini-They're Real Mascara from Benefit.
To complete the look, I decided that it was time to set everything with my Mattifying Powder Waterproof from Catrice, swipe a bit of Seduction Powder Blush by Nars on my check bones and of course apply a bit of colour on my lips with Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Never Say Never from Nars.

I hope you liked this, I promise I'll be working on getting better shots!
take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love, 

Emptie products of 2014 | May


Beware that I'm going to show loads and loads of trash. I've been collecting these for a long time and I finally got the time and shame to do this. Also, my skin care habits have changed a lot, so don't get scared if some of my old favourites won't get the same love that they used to.  
Oh, and these photos have a different background because I finally got my desk/vanity. I'll probably keep using my white board for some posts and as soon as I get like I want ( = getting a 2 drawer set from Muji, a mirror and some shelving) I'll be more than happy to share how things are. Have a seat and let's start.

Skin Care
Starting with Skin Care, I finished a bottle of the Tea Tree Face Wash from TheBodyShop a few month ago and, although I used to love this and consider it a staple I don't really feel the same way since I'm more into cleansing oils, balms and hot cloth cleansers. I won't bee getting it again. Another "long-finished emptie was the Tea Tree Oil that I used to dry my acne spots...I won't be getting it because I've got another way to get rid of them and the same applies to the Tea Tree Toner - I'm on board with the exfoliating toners although I'll probably get wither the Vit E or the Aloe Vera toner as hydrating and calming steps.
jumping now to Lush, my Bubblegum Lip Scrub is now completely dry and can't be used any more - I'll probably get it again during the next month or so...once I get my self psychologically prepared to get into that store, since I have to walk a hole hill to get there. Lush seriously, get a new store in a decent mall with underground access okay? Also from Lush, I finished my Let the good times Roll Cleanser/scrub which I'm not sure if I'll get or not. It doesn't contain any SLS but it doesn't remove make up at all.
From Sephora, their 2 in 1 eye makeup remover gel is completely out and I won't be getting it again since cleansing oils and balms can remove eye make up without problems and effectively.
Something that I'll keep getting for sure is my Effaclar Duo from La Roche Posay since it's amazing with taking care of spots and de-clogging pores and the same applies to my Bioderma Sébium H2O, which I love as a pre-cleanse or just to take my eye make up off when I arrive at home.
The only product that I don't know if I'll be getting again or not is my Lierac DioptiGel since I really want to try other eye creams and gels. But I really want to say that, it's a nice product and I don't have anything bad to point about it. 


For these, I only have two here but I've finished multiple over the months. I'm talking about the Nivea Make Up Remover Wipes - which I mainly use for swatches and to clean my hands when I'm doing my make up - and my Demarkup Duo+ cotton Pads - which are my favourites! A bit expensive, but totally worth it.

Hair Care
I've been a bad girl...I actually finished a couple of shampoo and conditioner bottles that got ditched before I could write this post. Shame on me.
The Pantene Nature Fusion Conditioner was  nice but it didn't wow me so, I probably won't be buying him any time soon. The same can be applied to the TRESemmé Ends Repair Hair Mask , which didn't repair or took care of my ends at all.
now, something that I want to get is the Happy Happy Joy Joy from Lush because it's super moisturising and helps a lot with de-tanggling my hair. 


Make Up
Starting with products that I really can't use because they are either dry or in bad conditions, two of my beloved Catrice Cream eyeshadows are dry (something that will probably happen with my other two) and can't be used at all...I'm really sad since I really like their formula and I can't repurchase them because they got discontinued! My Boi-ing concealer from Benefit is also in a bad shape - I couldn't use him during the cold time and recently I found out this strange yellow residue around the pan and the smell is really strange. I can't risk using this on my face and getting an allergic reaction. Also, I won't be getting it now since I really want to get one from MAC and two from Make Up For Ever.
From Essence, my Multi-Action Mascara is dry and very well used. It's a nice drugstore mascara but it didn't wow me that much for making me want to repurchase right away. 
My Catrice Highlighter Inside Eye Pen had an accident and it's broken...I wanted to get a new one but it was sold out but I'll be sure to snap another one as soon as possible because this is really good!
Lastly but not least, my Colorstay foundation from Revlon has also ended. It's a nice drugstore foundation (quite pricey here) but, because I really want to try out other foundations and tinted moisturisers, I won't be thinking about getting it any time soon.

Thank you for readin this! I promisse that I'll get better photos for my next post.
Take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love,

April Favourites'14


April Favourites

April was good. It was the month of big decisions and opportunities - from blogging challenges, a nice trip to my best friends house, a cosplay photoshoot...there was a lot. It was also the month of my father's and my grandmother's birthday. I just hope that May gets to be as good as April.
Starting with my favourites, my new Make Up bag from Primark was a life saviour while travelling this month since I used to have serious problems because the ones I had were really small!I got this for 4 euros...And I'll probably buy another one for my skin care.
 For skin care, nothing helped my dehydrated skin like my Thermal Water from La Roche Posay (I've also used the one from Avène, both are equally good) since it helps to refresh my skin and calms it dows as well and to exfoliate my skin and help me with clogged pores the Cleanance Mask from Avène was a must! Even if I start using more AHA and BHA toners, I won't stop using this mask because it's a miracle!
As for make up, the NUDE'tude had to be mentioned again specially because I used it on my best-friends photoshoot, it has just the perfect nude selection of shades and the eyeshadow quality is amazing. Birthday Suit had to be added as well since it was my life saviour for school days since it's super easy to apply and blend. And lastly but not least at all, big easy is for sure the best bb cream I ever tried - looks nice, it's comfortable and has a really natural coverage.
So, how was your April?
Take care, have a nice day. 

With Love,

A pop of bubblegum pink | Nails


Orly Pink Waterfall
Bubblegum pinks have a soft spot in my heart ever since I started to use nail polish. With Spring and Summer coming and the gorgeous sunnier days I finally decided to give this bad boy a bit of love. 
Last year, during a beauty convention in Lisbon I was able to get a few Orly nail polishes with discount. Pink Waterfall was one of them. Part of their Fall collection, her immediately had to come to my basket. There wasn't a major discuss about it. Now I'm finally able to talk about him. 
The colour is really nice - it's that pink with a blueish undertone that always reminds me of bubblegums. The texture and finish are glossy and the brush is nice, it isn't my favourite one (I prefer really big ones that allow me to paint the whole nail with just one swipe) but it's still nice. It doesn't take too much to dry but I'm still thinking about getting one of those fancy air can nail polish driers that Lilly Pebles once mentioned in her blog (although Orly apparently has a really nice top coat/drops for that as well). Also, it doesn't chip like crazy and doesn't damage my nails. 
Overall, I'm really happy with this colour and with Orly nail polishes in general. I'm thinking about getting more colours if that convention gets to happen again (although I'm extremely curious about Sephora X nail polishes that just got released in my country!) since the price it's similar to OPI (but with the plus that Orly nail polishes usually contain 18ml versus OPI's 15 ml)

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post. Have you tried any Orly nail polish?
Take care, have a nice day.

With Love,
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