LUSH'urious Wishlist



So, tomorrow I'll be visiting a local LUSH store (not so local actually!) because, among other things, a dear friend will celebrate her birthday next Sunday and I wanted to get something nice for her (she has been dealing with some skin problems). Oh, and I wanted to get nice things for me of course. I have to mention, that this is a very "all over the place wishlist". I won't be buying everything, I do have (sadly) a limited budget. So, unless I get a budget upgrate tomorrow, I'll be getting at least 3 of this things for me and one for my friend.

Herbalism, it's presented as a cleanser and exfoliating that purifies our skin. I've heard that it's amazing for those who have oily skin, because takes care of that, but doesn't over do it. Some times, cleansers can leave our skin way to dry, although, sometime it our fault because we forget that we should always moisturise our face after cleansing. Anyway, it looks like a really fun product to get and try out. And since my actual cleanser is giving his last breaths and I'll have a full bathroom to stock up my cleansing products (although I can't use too much space, I'll be sharing it with my brother after all).

I Love Juicy, is a clarifying shampoo target to those who, like me, have to deal with oily hair. It doesn't matter if it's summer, winter, if it's a sunny day or a rainy day - my hair will get oily. I really hate that. And I can't use the supermarket shampoo's for oily hair.  For some reason I'm allergic to them ...
I saw a review of Ingrid (or Missglamorazi on YouTube) saying that sometimes this can be way to clarifuing and that we can't use it all the time but, I'm planing on getting another shampoo to intercalate with this one.

The Round Container is something I need to get since, I'm planning on getting the Seanik Solid Shampoo. I've heard really good review's on this bad boy. I really can't wait to try him out. Specially, because he is amazing for when I decide to go on trips. I'll be sure to tell you what I think about him.

As a holiday special, I really want to get my hands on the Let the good times roll facial cleanser. At least here, it's a holiday item and I've heard that smells amazingly like...popcorn. No  need to go to a cinema I guess. It's a bit like a Herbalism, but without the exfolianting properties.

At last , but not least, the No Drought  is a dry shampoo to use on those days where we don't have enough time to wash and dry our hair or when we got camping. (not that I do it).  I want a dry shampoo to SOS situations, but sadly I can't get my hands on a Batiste can.

And it's it. I also want to visit The Body Shop because I got some eally amazing cupons. I want to get my hands on their new eye makeup remover and on their tea tree masks. (and their bronzer, lipsticks...who know what more).
My next post will be for sure another Eyeshadows for the fall post. I'm still working on another one and don't worry, I'll be talking about blushes and lipsticks.
And by the way, what have you tried from LUSH? What would you recommend?
Please take care everyone!Happy Thanks Giving to anyone who celebrates it. Have a nice day!*
With Love,

Eyeshadows for the Fall/Autumn #1


Like I said on my previous post, I planed some posts (3 actually) about eyeshadows that, in my opinion, are amazing or worth to check for the fall. Some you probably already have with you, others might be difficult to get. I'll also work on a series like this but for Blush and Lipstick.

Starting with Urban Decay's the Oz the Great and Powerful in Theodora eyeshadow palette, I know that this was a limited edition, but I believe that some website might still have it. I got this on sale early this year. I didn't got the Glinda Palette (although I have the faith that I might be able to get it during the summer sales, since I believe that they didn't got rid of all palettes) because at the time I tough that this would would be better than a more lavender related palette. For this post, my focus goes to the darker brown shades - Beware, Bewitch and West - which in my opinion are perfect for a more Warm Neutral look. You can pair them either with a bold lip or with a more neutral one.

Next, my dear friend Alexandra from Diary 'f a newbie  sent me (along with more amazing things) this really pretty Brown pigment - named Mink from Gosh.  I wore this once all over the lead - after wetting my brush - and the effect was priceless. This pigments aren't really that expensive and, if you can't find them (Gosh isn't available everywhere) I recommend you checking Inglot's pigments, since their quality and colour range is amazing, and they aren't really that pricy - specially compared to MAC.

At last, but not least, we have my beloved Cranberry from MAC. I got this during Summer because the colour looked perfect for my brown eyes but, when I saw a Vogue article about a Cranberry would be amazing for Fall with a Brown Smokey eye, I was more than thrilled to try it. I did it once and, it will be my look of choice for Christmas (or any other party that I might attend). I believe that Inglot and MakeupGeek might have a dupe for this if you can't find it (although this is from their permanent line) or if it is too expensive for you. 

Here are the swatches, from left to right we have, Urba Decay's West ; Urban Decay's Bewitch; Urban Decay's Beware ; MAC's Cranberry and GOSH's Pigment Mink.
What's you favourite eyeshadow?
Please take care every one, have a nice day!*
With Love, 

The Perfect Dual-Chrome Blue | Nails


Yes, I did it again. I really wanted to get a more blue dual-chrome nail than a purple one, so I decided to switch for a more darker base. I know that I could probably just go to a shop and by a new nail polish, but with this, I get to experiment and use what I already have with me. Not only I am saving money, I'm also giving some use to things that I already have. And the fact that I might end up with something unique, is always a plus.



This time I started with BlueSky Blond from Urban Decay (part of a kit that I won from Irsada's Beauty-full Word early this year). It's already super pretty on it own - I have a soft spot for dark shimer nail polishes. But again, the effect of Angel Rain from ORLY on top was what made this even more amazing. The dual-chrome effect is perfect for the cold time.
The nail kit from Urban Decay is no longer available (at least at and at Urban, they only have their Naked kit. Angel Rain can be easily found online, since it's part of ORLY's fall collection.


And that's it for today. A bit short I know, but don't worry, there will be more posts this week here. I have worked on eyeshadow picks for the fall (kinda late, but still in time I think).
Please take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love,

Harry Potter, the TAG


(Yes, I made this watercolour sketch. It's nothing special and I seriously need to redo this with more anatomy precision and composition) 

So, I found this TAG via Alexandra from Diário d'uma Novata and I told her that I need to steal this (yes, she allowed me to). I love Harry Potter. I can't wait to watch the new movie (about Newt Scamander, the "writer" of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them). I was online when the news - via J.K.Rowling's Facebook - came out. Better than this? A new and official Harry Potter book about his kids. 
Now, the TAG.

1.Your Favourite Book?
This is probably a huge cliché, but the first one (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) is forever my favourite one. Seriously, I laugh a lot every time I read it (Dumbledore's jokes about scars are quite...funny). It's very nostalgic. God, I want to read it now again. 

2.Your Favourite Movie?
Oh, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for sure. Seriously, it has a really dark feeling. Nothing like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince but...ah, it's just amazing. Specially because of all the revelations we have.Although I have to say that, for a nostalgic feel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (or the Sorcerer Stone, whatever you prefer) is amazing. Ah, all those Christmas scenes. They warm my heart. 

3.The Book you disliked the most?
Probably Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I don't know...maybe it's because I hate Gilderoy? Seriously...besides Umbridge, she was a serious useless professor. 

4.Parts of the Movie/Book that made you cry?
Pretty much every single death. I'm a very emotional person and I hate death and injustice. Specially for Sirius and Dobby. They were really important for Harry. Oh and Remus and Fred.

5. If you could met with one of the characters, which one would be?
This one is hard! I would love to meet at least 3 of them for complete different reasons!
I would love to meet Harry for obvious reasons. I would love to give him a hug. 
I would love to meet both Molly and Narcisa, because both of them helped Harry (some of you might think that Narcisa did too little, but...she helped him!)
Oh...and I love to meet kindly explain her how much I hate her.

6. Your Favourite Character? 
Hermione Granger!! She is amazing, and there isn't a lot I can't say about her amazingness. 

7.How would be you Patronus?
I have no idea...but I would love to have either a Phoenix or a Dragon. 

8.If you could have one of the Deathly Hollows, which one would be?
Maybe the Elder Wand so I could help those who need it. Seriously, how many times the bad guys have all the power and good none? We need to change the balance. 

9.In which House would you be?
Either Slytherin or Gryffindor. I haven't take my test at Pottermore yet. 

10.If you could meet any actor, which one would you want to meet?
I don't know, I would love to meet the all cast! But...I have to admit that I would give priority yo Tom Felton. 

11. Have you played any of the video games?
Not really...I'm not a huge gamer...

12.If you Played Quidditch, what would be your position?
I'm not a sports girl D: I have no idea...

13.Where you happy with the end?
You mean the part where many amazing characters die? No. The part where Harry gets to have a real family? Yes. 

14.How much does Harry Potter means to you?
I don't know...It can't be described!I really love Harry Potter and Jo's life. She is a true inspiration for me. 
So yes, Harry Potter means a lot to me. 

I hope that you guys liked this TAG. Please feel free to do it too.
Please take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

Christmas 2013 Wishlist | Fashion


Gray Coat from Tally Weijl ; Navy Blue Bag from Accessorize ; A-line black Skirt from Tally Weijl ;
Brown Boots from Seaside ; Black Boots from Seaside ;

I'm really sorry for not posting. I really try to post as much as I can, but between school and family, sometimes the blog is the last thing I work. I promised I would talk a bit about fashion.
My last post only covered makeup and beauty, but I always take advantage of Christmas to get some extra clothes, shoes or other items that I need. This year is no exception.

The Gray Coat from Tally Weijl found my love during a  afternoon walk with my family - we usually like to go to stores a see what they have or not before buying anything. It helps a lot, specially because we went on a Monday and there weren't a lot of people and we know that by the time we go there to buy our Christmas gifs, the stores will be full and if we know what we really want, it's easier. 
Now about the coat itself. I have to admit that I don't really need a new coat, but I felt in love with this one. I'll probably wait for the Winter Sales to buy him. Or, if I'm that lucky, I'm able to get him with discount (they usually do discounts and promotions during the Christmas time. It helps them to get rid of stock faster. )

The Navy Blue Bag from Accessorize is a old love. I wanted to get it sooner, but I might get it either now, of during the sales. I'm not sure yet. All I know is that, this is true perfection : 1) the colours is good for when I'm either wearing black or brown; 2) it's big enough to fit my books and notebooks from school; 3) the quality is amazing, which means I won't be buying a new bag after getting this one. (I hope at least!). 

The A-Line Black Skirt from Tally Weijl (although I've seen a similar model from Bershka ) would be a nice addiction to my closet. I usually only use shorts. Actually I think that I don't know any skirt nowadays (I'm very picky with skits. They either fit me well, or not.), which a quite shame. I've been also thinking about getting a red or a tartan skirt. I need more colour in my clothe-life. 

The Black & Brown Boots from Seaside are something that I need as soon as possible. First I don't own any black boots (a terrible problem for someone who doesn't like to match brown and black) and my current brown boots are kinda...dead? (it's normal I guess, they are 4 years old and I've been wearing them every single Fall/winter since I got them. Their main issue is the interior that need to be repaired and the shoe sole I'm not sure if I'm able to repair them. If so, I would just get the Black boots and keep using my current brown ones) 

And it's pretty much what I really want. Okay, a jumper or two and a new pair of jeans would be nice, but it's not a huge necessity. I'm not really sure about what I'm going to get or not. It will depend on what my brother will get because here, we are treated equality - when he gets something, I get something. When I get something, he gets something as well. 

I promise that late, I'll work on posting more review's. Or that swatch/comparative post that I talked about? Please take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

Christmas 2013 Wishlist | Beauty


Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay ; Happy go lovely Leelee kit from Benefit ; Indianwood Paint Pot from MAC ; Patisserie Lipstick from MAC ; Rebel Lipstick from MAC. 
I said on my last post that I would start to plan and post some wishlists. Some are personal, others have a bit of everything just to help someone out. I have to admit that the Beauty Wishlist is the one that reflects directly my preferences and wishes for this Christmas. I can always do another post with other recommendations that, even knowing that aren't for me, they might be good for any of you. 

Starting with the Naked 3 palette from the Urban Decay, this beauty is going to be mine. I knew that I would get a new neutral palette this Christmas. I was in doubt between one from Clarins and one from Bobbi Brown, but after hearing about this precious (and all the confusion that Sephora in France had) I finally knew what I should get. I didn't the Naked 2 (although today I regret a bit, because although I love the colours of my original Naked, I prefer the new packaging since the original one isn't exactly the best one). It's a very pink-related palette, which is totally my cup of tea. If had though about getting a new Oh So Special from Sleek (since mine has some pigmentation problems), I'll leave that idea. The palette also comes with one or two samples of their eye primers. I hope that they are better than the one I got from the original Naked - my leads are super oily, and that primer wouldn't help with two hours the shadows would literally melt from my eyes. I believe this palette is going to be released soon . they have everything to win if they do that after all. 

The Happy go lovely Leelee kit from Benefit is something that, for my understanding, is only available at , here in Portugal and I'm not if other European Sephoras have it as well. I saw it in stores and when I was researching for the price, I couldn't find it at their official website but I can find it in France...Maybe it's a specially kit for us, since we didn't have other special Christmas sets (like the sample one or the multi-lipgloss one). This kit has a full-size Leelee perfume - my favourite from Benefit - and three deluxe samples from the POREfessional (which I like to use when I just want to hide my pores and dust a bit of powder on my face, since I can't use this with liquid foundation), They're Real mascara (I still have a deluxe sample from the The Bronze of the Champions kit and I'm trying to get that sample a bit more dryer since the "liquid" texture isn't really good for my lashes) and "my place or yours Gina" - which is another sent I tried out and loved in store. This has the same price as the Naked 3 palette, a bit pricey but I hope that I might get a 20% discount that Sephora usually does during the Holiday time. 

Because I am a cream eyeshadow lover, I really want to get my hands on the Indianwood Paint Pot from MAC. It's a lovely brown colour. Perfect to be worn by itself (amazing for those days where I need to rush and leave the house as soon as possible) or to build up a really nice smokey eye. Paint Pots are my favourite cream eyeshadows - besides the Creaseless cream eyeshadow from Benefit - since they don't fade out and are super easy to use and blend. They are worth every penny, I mean, I'm still crying the money I gave for the ColorTatto from Maybeline, since they aren't that amazing...even my Catrice cream eyeshadows are better than that.

I'll blame Sleep and Water for this one. I saw her post about Patisserie Lipstick from MAC and I felt in love. It's a really amazing everyday lipstick. It's one of those lipsticks I'm sure that I'll have to repurchase a back in the future. I only own a nude lipstick, so I can get this one without any guilt feelings. 

At last, but not least , Rebel Lipstick from MAC is perfect for the Winter time. I don't own many dark lipsticks, specially like this one. I want to build a bit more my MAC lipstick collection and this one (along with Patisserie and other 3) are on my priority list. 

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post. I'll be working on more wishlist posts (and reviews). If you have any recommendations or suggestion , please comment or tweet me. I'll love to read it and comment/tweet back. 

Please take care, have a nice day!

With Love, 

Crème Prodigiuse from NUXE | Review


 Yes, I finally found the perfect night cream. I was a bit expensive than what I usually spend on any skin care, but it's worth it.
After some research I though that Nuxe's night cream would be perfect. It's target to all skin types and it's an anti-fatigue - which is perfect for someone like me who always spends too much time on the computer at night, instead of sleeping. I'm quite happy with this bad boy.
It doesn't leave my skin oily or striky since it's totally absorbed without any problems. The trick for me is to don't use too much - which is ok since I have oily skin and I usually wear Effaclar Duo before this so, although I need hydration, I can't over do it. It has a bit of a sent, but personally I don't really mind it. 


   Here's the list of ingredients and the product description made by NUXE. 
I can't really speak about the "anti-ageing" since I'm only 20 years old, but I have to say that I really feel the difference when I wake up, since my skin is way more plumper, hydrated. I've also seen an improvement in therms of my acne scars. 

This product is very creamy and easy to blend. As you can see, it doesn't leave a sticky feeling.Also, because it's so light, I don't really need to "scope" out the product. I just "touch" and use a bit of product (pretty much like the swatch).
Overall, I'm quite happy with this product and I think that I'll try out more NUXE's products - like their masks and tonics. This cost me around 27 euros (If I'm not mistaken) at my local Pharmacy. I'm not sure about other places to get this brand, besides France (since this is a French Skin Care brand) and the UK.
Have you ever tried out any NUXE product? What would you recommend?
Also, I'll be working into some Christmas wishlists. I'll divide them into categories. (Like beauty, fashion, high tech and literature). They'll be big but, we all know how I am right?

Anyway, thank you very much for reading. Please take care, have nice day!

With Love,

Sleek Storm Palette | Review


Hello dears!

I'm back with a review for you guys, and this time is something that everyone should have on their makeup collections, specially because it's quite affordable.Yes, I'm talking about Sleek's Storm palette. 

Sleek palettes are super slim, classic and clean. They somehow remind me of NARS type of packaging, although they have their own thing. My palette is quite old, so the name is written on the pack of the palette and the shadows are textured - and not reformulated. It also has a really big and convenient mirror and a sponge applicator that I used..once? 
The shadows from this particular palette - for a non reformulated palette - are amazing. I own two other sleek palettes from their old formula - Au Naturell and Oh So Special - and I have huge problems with their matte shadows because of the lack of pigmentation and because they crumble a lot. I believe I had really bad luck and got two palettes from a bad stock, because I've seen review's with the new formula and they are a lot better than mine. Yes, someone needs to replace the palettes I guess. 
Back to the shadows from this palette, they are amazing. Really pigmented and super easy to blend. The colours are perfect - we have the nudes, the pinks, the colourful ones for crazy smokey eyes and the black for lining. For 10 euros you get something amazing without spending too much or killing your bank account. I've seen review's about how this is a really nice dupe for the Urban Decay's Naked palette (I can do a post about it later if you want) and believe me, if you can't afford the Naked palette, get this one instead of a knock off made in a dark hole with no conditions and full of forbidden chemicals. 
Now let's talk shadow by shadow. 

Let's all cheer up for the amazing editing skills that I have. Yes, I forgot to flip the swatches. So sorry for that!Anyway, the Golden colour is amazing. Reminds me of Half Baked from Urban Decay, but a bit more darker. 

The Cream colour is pretty, but needs to be worked a bit but if you just want a bit of highlight on your inner corner or at your brow bone, this baby is perfect.
The Brown colour is amazing, AMAZING for those lazy days where I just want to swipe something in to my lead and run to get the bus. 
The Navy Blue is perfect for any Smokey Eye or Makeup in general. 

The Light Brown (matte) is a transition essential. Reminds me of Bitten from MakeupGeek (I don't own it so I can't actually swatch and compare it...for now at least).It's also really good defining the crease for simple every-day looks. 
The Yellow Gold is nice for really classic and composed looks.Specially if you are going to attend any Christmas Party or New Year's Event. It's specially for any party actually.
The Strong Green and the Dark Blue are both perfect for really strong and dark - maybe smoked - looks. Although I'm imagining a Slytherin look and a Ravenclaw look based on each shadow.


The Light Pink is quite refreshing, and yet, perfect for any look you want to do. 
The Darker Pink - reminds me of Cranberry by MAC (I actually own it and I can do a comparative review later too - is perfect for pretty much...everything? From a every-day look,  a "let's just swipe a bit of colour and run out " to a "let's do a really dark smokey look with pink". 
The Dark Matte Brown is also another perfect shadow for transition of even every-day looks. 
The Black shadow is the only one that disappointed me, although I'm that worried, since I actually wear black eyeshadow for anything (now at least!)

Bottom line is, for 10 euros (or 8£ or 10$, depending from you are) you get a pretty nice selection of colours. I really recommend this palette to anyone.In Portugal we can get this at any Sephora and in the UK you an get this from stores like Boots or Superdrug.For International buyers I recomend checking Sleek's website

I hope that you guys enjoyed this review. Do you want to know more about Sleek's products? I also own (besides this palette and the other two) their Face Form and a Blush by 3 in Sugar. 
Please take care, have a nice day!

With Love,

Autumn Look


Hello dears!
I said that I would be gone during the weekend, since I was going to visit my dear best friend Tercy. She is currently living in Caldas da Rainha because her college is there. Quite a nice village! We had a great time, from cooking, travelling - we went to Óbidos and to the beach as well - watching One Upon a Time in Wonderland (yes I'm a huge fan of the show! Alice, Cyrus and Knave are my favourite characters. And I hope that Alice gets to meet the Red Queen with her hood stick in her hands - if you know what I mean...).
Anyway, we also took the time to visit this beautiful park where we took amazing photos. I'll be sharing a few of my favourites today. The ones that you'll see were all taken by Tercy. She has a facebook page where she shows her amazing cosplay's. If you like Card Captor Sakura,Kobato and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles you will love her work for sure!


My look was quite simple. I didn't wear any makeup because we were just having fun and this photos where taken Sunday morning - I was leaving Sunday afternoon and I would probably fell asleep during the trip back home and I didn't wanted to do that with makeup on my face.
For clothing, my jacket is from Zara (I got it last year during Christmas) but you can get one that looks the same from Primark (and for half the price actually). My shirt is from Pull&Bear and I got it 2 or 3 years ago, but since tartan is quite fashionable this wear, you can easily get something like this anywhere. The trousers are from Bershka and they are pretty old and I don't know where you can get a similar pair. My bag is from Deeply and my boots are from Seaside, a Portuguese brand.

It was a really nice experience and I really want to repeat it again and again. Maybe spending more time than just a weekend, who knows?
Al last but not least, I want to leave you with my favourite photo.
Please take care everyone, have a nice day!


With Love,

October Favourites'13


Yes, another Favourites post! 
I managed, between school work and packing for a weekend trip (I'll take photos and share a bit of that later next week!) I was able to get this post written (so yeah, this is a pre-done post, sorry!). 
Anyway, let's get into it!


Argent Makeup 102 - It's a multi-task brush - perfect for contouring, blush and powder. I got it three weeks ago at InBeauty in Lisbon (along with the ORLY nail polishes) and it's a major favourite. I love to apply blush with him.Contouring  is also quite easier with him. And Powder? A true wonder. I seriously need to review all the Argent Makeup Brushes!
Sephora Flashy Liner in Flashy Brown -  My favourite eyeliner pencil. Cheap and amazing, what else can I want? I specially loved to do a Smokey eye with him early this week. If this ever runs out, I'll be sure to get another one from Sephora! This pencils need more attention! (Maybe I should include them on my next "Budget beauty? )
OPI Malaga Wine Nail Polish - Because of him I was able to have the best dual-chrome purple nail polish this month. I had to include him!
ORLY Angel Rain - the OPI nail polish couldn't work alone you know? This on top of any opaque nail polish gives the best dual-chrome effect. I'm happy I got it and I need to keep experimenting with him!
ORLY Top2Bottom - Amazing.The best Top&Base coat I ever got. I want to try their instant dry top coat because of this! My nails didn't chip like crazy. Yes, a true favourite.
Kate by Rimmel London in 03 - The perfect nude. I haven't been crazy with my lipstick lately, specially because of school. It's a really pretty colour, super moisturiser and easy to apply. I think I need more lipsticks like this in my life. 

And these are all my October favourites. 
Please take care everyone!Have a nice day!*

With Love, 

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