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There was a time where I wouldn't think about order Korean eyeshadows due to their lack of pigmentation - not because they didn't want to do products with quality but because the Korean Market wouldn't demand it as much as the western market. But with recent years, brands started to work on better shadows and pigments - probably because how the Korean Fashion has evolved and with the Globalization of Kpop. They aren't exactly perfect but they are still something worth trying, So during my first order from Etude House website, I decided to order two eyeshadows to try and see if they were worth something extra. I was pleasantly surprised.

( BR401 Cafe Latte ; Look at My Eye Jewel OR202  - both dry and with wet )
While making my first order from the official Etude House website, I decided that it would be a nice experience trying out their eyeshadows. Their range is quite good and the price is like...something that can't be beat. I mean, less than 5$ for a single shadow ? I had to try it out.And I'm really glad I did.
The matte eyeshadow, BR401 Caffe Latte has been my go-to matte shade. Seriously, there isn't anything that had beaten this eyeshadow. It might not look that impressive on the pan but really, it can make a difference. And the best part is that it's not powdery at all. all. It's super smooth and blends without any type of problem. It's not the first time that I might take with me a palette like Zoeva's Rosen Golden or Urban Decay's Naked 3  and this eyeshadow to keep the look polished and perfect. I'll probably get another matte from this line soon or latter.
The Glitter eyeshadow , Look at My Eyes Jewel OR202 is a really gorgeous orange full of golden particles. I'm usually really scared of this type of eyeshadows because they then to fallout a lot. Funny thinf is, this doesn't. I've worn this eyeshadow many times - both wet and dry - and it never fade, fell out or creased. Like never. I'm really tempted to get another two or three shades from this line to add into my collection - specially their greens and blues.
Overall, I totally recommend Etude House's single eyeshadows, They know have also a palette to house the shadows if you happen to depot them but, these are so good that I probably won't depot them. I believe it's because of eyeshadows like these that I'm really thrilled for shadows like Color Pop - I don't really like their packaging and how hard it is for me to get them. Seriously, try Etude House Eyeshadows, you'll fall in love for sure.

Take care, have a nice day!  

H&M Beauty Department : Fist Impression and thoughts


Before anything else, please allow me to wish all of you a Happy 2016. I hope this gets to be the year where you realise your good wishes. Seriously, just be happy. Even if that means being stubborn and go against the flow.
I haven't made too many wishes for this year except being happy and healthy. I could do a huge list of things to accomplish but...would that be worth of something? probably not. Anyway, this is not meant to be a philosophical post or anything like that. Now that I am finally on break from the Faculty until February, I am going to take this time to be with friends and of course work a bit more on my blog. ( remember that really pretty tab? I deleted it by mistake and now I need to re-do the code...patience I guess)
I'll eventually do my 2015 Favourites post. I am still deciding weather I do a post with a Top 10 including all types of products - from hair care to nail polish - or if I do different posts mentioning different products from each category. Any idea?
As for today's post, as you can see by the title and by the humongous quantity of photos, that I'll be discussing H&M Beauty Department and what I think about it. If you want a spoiler I would say : I'm loving every bit.

I was really surprised with the collection. The price is comparable and sometimes cheaper than what asked at the pharmacy's and markets here for budget beauty items. The packaging is also quite pleasant. Yes, it's all plastic and I wouldn't recommend you drop one of the blushes on the floor and they don't have mirror on but, there is an attention to detail that wasn't expected. The collection is sober and coherent. I wouldn't mid display any of these items next to a Chanel or a Dior blush for example.
The elegance that was obtained here is a true delicacy. But it's not only the packaging that it's something worth here believe me. The quality of the products is also another plus.

( on the left side Cameo Pink ; on the right side Dusty Rose )

To start off, I wasn't planning on getting nail polish since I'm really happy with my Essie collection but for some reason I felt like I should give them a try. I'm happy for that. So far I own the one that's presented in the photo - True Tyrian - and another one called Plum Fool which is a really pretty bubblegum pink. The Nail polish consistency is really creammy and I only need 2 coats and the finish is really amazing. It also doesn't chip for a week, which is a true wonder for me. 
I decided to get a shade from each of the blush categories to have an idea of how they are. Cameo Pink is a brownish pink from the H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush collection and although I saw someone complaining about it, it's one of my favourite bluhses for the season. I can use it for any occasion or eye look. It doesn't matter if it is a dramatic or a more neutral look, it will look amazing. 
Dusty Rose is a gorgeous everyday simple rose cream blush from the Pure Velvet Cream Blush collection and I have to say that I probably like this more than my bourjois cream blushes. I like to wear this alone or with Cameo Pink on top of it. It's one of those shades that give a healthy glow to the skin. 

( from left to right : Copper Bullion ; Dauphine Truffle ; Ginger Snap ; Russet Rose ; Pale Nude)

Nest, I have to admit that I probably went a bit on board with the eye department. But I have to say that I don't regret a bit. 
First of all, their eye liners are something everyone should consider. I love creamy eyeliners for a pop of colour or to use on my water line. So I can totally recommend the Colour Essence Eye Pencil - I got mine in Copper Bullion, which is a gorgeous brown, perfect for everyday wear - and the Soft Kajal Eye Pencil - which I own in Pale Nude - for my water line. They aren't expensive and they are worth every penny. I'll probably end up getting myself more shades of it. 
If there's something I always like to have in hand are cream shadows, because they are easy to wear on those days were I can't bother to blend everything in place or to wear as a base for a make up look. With that in mind, I have to say that the Colour Essence Eye Cream shadows are a nice option if you are looking a good affordable cream shadow - I got mine in Dauphine Truffle which is a nice deep brown that is perfect for everyday looks or to serve as a base for more deep and elaborated looks. 
Lastly but not least, I really do recommend you to give a try to the High Impact Eye Colour shadows - the selection is to die for : from mattes to satins and shimmers ; from neutrals to bright colours. You'll be able to find whatever you are looking for. I got myself Ginger Snap and Russet Rose , which although they look really similar on the swatch, russet rose tends to be more redish than ginger snap - which is more orangeish.

(Savoir Faire ; Bramble Ripple ; Au Naturel ; Saudade ; Bonne Vivante ; Chocs Away)
Starting off with the lipliners, I'll be quite sincere here : I don't really own that many. It's something I usually can skip, with exception for those really bold colours were in fact I need extra help. As long as they aren't drying - like one I still won from Flormar - I'm not that picky about lipliners. Which is why I went for a red lipliner like Savoir Faire, which I tend to grab whenever I use my Etude House Lipstick in RD301 - they match nicely and it helps containing any bleeding that could occur. Bramble Ripple was a necessary addition, since I need a more purple shade to wear along side my Etude House Lipstick in RD302. Au Naturel was something I decided to get because I feel in love with the shade and allows me to create a really interesting effect with Chocs Aways for example. Overall, the H&M Lip Definer collection is something you really should try out if you are looking for a good lipliner and aren't that picky about shade matching.  
As for their Lip Colour To-Go , I'm quite impressed with the variety of textures, colours and types they present. I was able to grab a more sheer Lip pencil in Saudade, which is really good if you want to use something more bold, but not that bold -  it can be more intense if paired with Bramble Ripple for example. If you are fan of a more creamy texture, Bonne Vivante is probably a good option for you, specially because it's one of those " my lips but butter and extra special" type of shade. I really like to wear it on more casual days. Lastly but not least, I have to bow at their matte pencil in Chocs Away since I can easily compare it to my Nars Matte Lip Pencil. It really comfortable, pigmented and stay in place without any problem.

In the end, I'm really happy with this collection and I would recommend any of you to try it out. It's not everyday that we are able to find make up like this at this price point and with this quality.
Thank you for reading and take care!

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