August Goals


Goals and achievement lists have been part of my planning lifestyle. There's nothing like sitting back and realising what you want to improve or accomplish. I decided to do this on a monthly basics and today I'll be sharing some of my goals for the month of August.

Copping with Blog Blocking


You are probably trying to grasp what is exactly "Blog Blocking". After suffering from something like this quite some time - either due to much work or just not knowing what to do, I decided to finally explore the topic here. 

Favourite Red Lipsticks | Review


I love red lipsticks. They have the power to change a look : either sexy or just classic. The possibilites are quite endless depending on what you choose to work with (both eyes and overall look). Today I'll be talking about my favourite red lipsticks and how I love to wear them.

My Current Night time Skin Care Routine


After a few months of settling down, today I'll be finally sharing my current Night time Skin Care routine. I decided to keep it as simple and consistent as possible. My skin has been okay, although stress and other things have caused some small issues. But nothing that a good routine cannot solve.

About Planning


Planning has been a habit I am trying to seriously acquire. Last year, I came across the world of planning and how there is a large community of people who dedicate their time to it. As someone who craves organisation and hates to feel lost in task, it felt like the next step.

Current Eye makeup team


Meet the Eye Team

After sharing my current makeup favourites that can stand the heat, today I'll be sharing the items I have been wearing lately (specially at night outs when the makeup won't be melting). These might seem a lot, but obviously there are day when my makeup looks are more simple than others. 

A Reading Saga for the Summer : The Lunar Chronicles


"Oh Stars" 

There's nothing like a good book. Even better, a good book series. I decided to share more book recommendations, specially for the summer time.

My heatproof makeup base


Because no one wants to be melting 

The Summer time usually means sunny days, the seaside and holidays. But it also means that the weather is super hot and not really friendly of make up. Usually I avoid completely wearing it, but there are always special events and days were I still want to look nice. Today I'll be sharing the products I use to create my heatproof makeup base. 

Summer Goals for 2018


Summer usually means that I won't be loading myself with tone of school work (or work in general) and I will have tone of free time for myself. Yet that does not mean that I won't be looking forward to score a few goals for this season before the beginning of the new semester. 

Two Favourite Peach Blushes for Summer


Getting that Hint of Peach 

I love to wear peach blushes, specially during the Summer time. I don't know why, but there's always something in me that reminds me of of the warmth of the season. I also tend to either wear more warmer shades or to just do simpler looks - because no one enjoys having their face melting under 35ยบ+ right? 
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