The 2014 Skin Care Favourites


So yes, the year is ending and instead of making a monthly favourites - specially because there isn't really anything in particular to love since I was too busy with school to ever think about makeup or anything like that - I decided to do something like Sleep and Water and write my Skin Care favourites of the year instead.
There are some items missing mostly because they are already emptied out - like my The Body Shop Cleansing oil -  so they aren't mentioned here. I also won't be talking about the Etude House Real Art Cleansing  Oil Light because I'll be doing a review after the 2014 favourites posts.
Next year some favourites will probably be the same, new things will be added. After all, New Year is all about change right?


The Garnier Micelar Water was a budget-friendly purchase. As you can see, I still have like half a bottle to use. Yes, I'll probably get my beloved Bioderma when this finishes but, I know that I count on this one too without any problems whatsoever. So yes, it deserves a spot here.

Mizon Hyaluronic Acid Serum was a good surprise and I can't be happier with it. I'm actually thinking about getting a backup because I can't live without it anymore. As you all know, I have dehydrated skin so, keeping moisture and water is what I want the most - specially because it helps with my terrible spots, marks and oily T-zone. This bad boy is a great alternative to very known things like the Indeed Labs Hydraluron (which is quite expensive and harder to get). And yes, I still want to try out their AHA serum - which is currently out of stock at ...and apparently there's also a AHA toner costs like 87 euros on ebay? Crazy...


As for moisturizers, the La Roche Posay Hydreane Light and the La Roche Posay Hydreane Riche were my all time favourites. They don't contain any funky or stupid ingredients - I'm looking at you mineral oil - and my skin looks so soft and pretty after using them. The light version is used during the day and the riche version is for the night time. I might test and try out other night creams but I know that the rich version is a safe option. And no, I'm not thinking about changing my daily moisturizer.

The La Roche-Posay  Effaclar duo + is another staple in my routine. It's something that I can count on to take care of my skin issues without too much fuzz. Doesn't irritate my skin at all and the new formula is nothing but sweet (not actually sweet, I don't really eat products you know...).

Lierac's DioptiGel has earn it's place. Although I used the Bioderma eye gel, this one has a better formula and takes care of my dry and tired under eyes without problems. Although I want to get fancy things like the Clinique All about Eyes or the Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream, this is my safe option and it's something that I recommend to anyone.

Lastly but not least for sure, it's the Avène Cleanance Mask which is my best friend to exfoliate my skin and to take care of nasty spots and cysts that sometimes I get because of stress and some food problems - I don't have too much time to think about eating healthy when I'm at school. It's sad I know, but hopefully it will be better during the second semester.

So here are my Skin Care favourites. What do you think about this new set up? I have to say that I like it even more than the traditional white board thing I used.
Take Care Everyone! And please tell me, how was your Christmas?
With Love, 

A small chit-chat update, 2014 in perspective


I know...I know. I haven't post as much. Like I've said before, college has been killing me. I recently got 2 weeks without classes and if everything goes as planed I won't be having too much to do in January besides one test. So I'll try to post and organize as many posts during that time as possible. 

Now, if you follow my instagram you already know that I finally got myself a vanity table. I still need to get a few bits and bobs in terms of organizing the interior of the drawer and I'm still waiting for my drawer set which will be siting next to the vanity. This one was a bit more expensive than the regular vanities from IKEA's so unique and pretty. It also gives me a prettier set for my blog photos!

Next, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I want to thank you all for reading and commenting. You love and support is amazing and I wouldn't keep this place without it. This blog is something really important for me and I'm glad I can share it with all of you. 
Specially because 2014 was a year of changes. I can firmly say that I grew up a lot and I'm ending this year knowing myself better. I used to not think about things like I do nowadays, I used to judge people quite easily - thankfully I've stopped that. It's hard, but I'm working on that. 
I've finished my first year of Chinese and I really want to take a second year for sure. It's a different language but It's something that I really enjoyed and I miss. 

I'm looking forward 2015. It will be a big year. At least I'll try to make it big and better. 
Again, thank you all for the amazing support. I'll try to post a couple more things before the end of the year. And yes, there will be a Christmas Haul, but I might only have it ready after the New Years Eve since I'll be ordering some stuff online. 

Take care everyone, Merry Christmas!
With Love,

Christmas Wishlist - 2014 Edition


So Christmas is coming. I have to admit that because of college I'm too stressed to actually breath the Christmas Spirit. But I'm trying to get it as much as possible.
Now, this is one of those years where I don't really know what I want besides one thing - a new pair of glasses. Not only because I don't the design of the ones I currently one, but also because I really need new lenses. So, the items I have here are like a compliment. And don't worry, it's obvious that I'm not expecting all of this okay?
In terms of base, I really want to get myself a new foundation and a BB Cushion.So, here are some of the options :

1. Clinique Even Better Foundation - I never tried anything from Clinique...and this looks quite good. I'm always dealing with hormonal breakouts (nothing major, don't worry) and I want something that makes my skin look good but that isn't too much you know? And the fact that this one doesn't have any perfume makes me feel safe.

2. Chanel Vita Lumière Aqua Foundation - I had a sample of this and at the time, I really liked it. Nowadays I'm a bit scared of this. I know it's water-based so it won't be bad to my dehydrated skin but I'm worried that I might get too shiny during the day - which is something I don't want at all. 

3. Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion Winter Foundation - Something that I really want to try is cushion bb creams/foundations. They always intrigued me. So I've been researching for the perfect cushion and according to Meejmuse, this is one of the best - her favourite is from Iope and it's quite expensive. 

4. Etude House Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion - I's Etude House. Do I have to to explain it even more? This one follows the same line of the previous cushion. And These cushions are known for being quite good and affordable so...I really don't know what I should get. 

Getting into the brush world, I've been dyeing to get my hands into more Zoeva brushes...specially their Rose Gold collection. And something I'll be sure, even If I don't get them now, I'll be sure to get them during 2015. 

5. Zoeva Highlighter brush - I really need something like this in my collection. I was looking for the Real Techniques brush but...this one looks so classic and pretty! And since I want to expand my highlighter collection - don't judge, I only have 2 powder highlighters...technically 1 actually - this will be a good addition. 

6. Zoeva Rose Gold Eye Set - Top of my priorities. I really need more eye brushes. The set of 6 I have is good but...I kinda need more. And yes, I'm still in love with my Argent Makeup 201, but he need more brothers and sisters. So, for the price, this set is just perfect. I'm really glad that they decided to make it! 

7. Zoeva Cheek Finish - I'll blame Shayne a bit. Ever since she made this post I felt in love with him! and no...I actually don't really need another blush brush but...It's always good to have backups right? 

8. Zoeva Rose Gold Set - So yeah...I really want this set too. It's just...too pretty.  And yes...more foundation and concealer brushes are welcomed. Oh and that pouch too. 

And now...The makeup and Skincare department. Besides what's here, I'll admit that I'm thinking about getting for sure the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Palette (I'm actually going to do a reservation on this one next Friday!) because it's so pretty! The original caught my eye but later I realized that the shades weren't my thing...but I can see myself using this one!  

9. Etude House Flower Moistfull Cream - I tried a sample of this and OMG, it's so good. I used this as my my night cream and in the morning, my skin was so soft. Seriously, soft and looking good, pretty and everything that I want it to look like. So yes, on my wishlist for sure. 

10. Mizon AHA 8% Serum - I'm in love with my Hyaluronic acid Serum from Mizon and I've read really good reviews about this one so...I'm quite curious about it. You guys know how much I love chemical exfoliation so...

11. InnisfreeMineral Single Cream Shadows - The shades are so pretty. I want them all (like the Pokemon's you know? ). I love cream shadows for my "I want to be polished but I'm too lazy/I'm late for school" kinda thing. 

12. Innsifree Mineral Single Eyeshadows (Fall collection) - I've selected these shades. They just look so pretty. But I'll be sincere...I if I end up getting the Too Faced palette...I probably won't be getting these. Although they are, indeed, really pretty. 

So here's my really super big wishlist...It's too much I know. 
Let's see how much of this really ends up moving in ?
Take care Everyone, have a nice day!*

With Love,

November Favourites'14


Oh yes, another month went by. November was the month of changes. Blog included. 
So, if haven't noticed, the blog name and URL has changed. I had an Epiphany moment were I decided to change it...and here it is. School is still crazy. More 3 weeks of classes and I'll a small break for exams and if everything goes like it should I'll be back in classes around February. That would give me a bit of time to work on more posts. I'll also try to post some-kind-of-Christmas-wishlist? 
So, I haven't used too much makeup during this month, mostly because I was sick during past of the month and it was bad. Terrible. Still, the days I wore, I had a few favourites. So I had to share them, obviously. 

The Clio Kill it Black Waterproof Brush Eyeliner was really cool to wear whenever I got time to apply it. It's my first "real" eyeliner - I had one from Catrice which was horrible...- and it's really cool. Although, I need to wear a primer with it, other wise It will go away and I'll look like a panda or something. I might try other liners - I still want to try to dolly wink eyeliner...I mean, the raves! Anyway, I might do a review on this one during this month - If I get the time to do it of course...

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother in 030 Cake Pop and this is apparently an affordable dupe to the Clarins  Baume Couleur Lèvres, which are kinda expensive. This baby is amazing for the days were I don't know what to wear but I want to look polish and with my lips hydrated and looking good. I might get the other shade a review both of them too (yes I have a pile of stuff to review...)

VMV hypoallergenics Ooh-la-lash Mascara is probably my mascara best-friend. It's - to this day - the only mascara that doesn't make me want to rub my eyes after applying it or during the day. And if my lash curled worked better, I would probably have doll lashes everyday. 

Essie Nail Polish in Not just a Pretty Face and Lovie Dovie are my recent acquisitions. The formula is just perfect - smooth and glossy - doesn't take too much to try and most importantly - doesn't chip like hell.  Not Just a Pretty Face is the perfect peachy nude for any occasion and Lovie Dovie is the prettiest pink. Yes, I want more.  

NARS duo in Orgasm and Laguna. Do I need to say more? The blush is just perfect - stays in place all day and looks natural. And the bronzer...The bronzer is amazing to define my crease. Yes you read it right, to define my crease. Because you know, I have a huge collection of eyeshadows - planing on getting more - but yes...I defined my crease with a bronzer. You guys probably that I went totally bonkers (probably did, all the best people are. At least that what Alice says)

Skin Food Salman Darkcircle concealer Cream in 01 kicks my under eye dark circles without any problem. (okay, the correct term is cover, I know, don't worry) Nop, I won't be replacing this one any time soon. Sorry Erase Paste, but you got competition.

MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC20, is still a favourite to deal with dark spots and marks. Although it needs a bit of work during this time - BECAUSE IT'S FREEZING HERE. ELSA LET IT GO ALREADY, OKAY? -  but nothing that two extra seconds won't resolve. 

So here are my favourites. I'll be back to my studies. 
Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

Yes, this was once Beauty with Love


But with time...we change. I changed.And so had to change the blog's name. 
Beauty with Love was an escape and a place where I would put my efford to grow and be as happy as possible. RandomlyDi is meant to be the same.

For those who are curious, RandomlyDi stands for just being me, Diana - Di for my friends. 
The post will be the same. Every time will be same. (except for the name and layout...which I decided to change again...I kinda like how it is now...Although I might do more changes in the future). 
So, I hope that you guys will keep...being the same? 
I know I haven't been posting as much...I've said too many times how school has been stressfull - it is. But no, I won't give up on my corner. I like too much for that. I work too hard for that. 

I just wanted to give this small note before people get scared. Oh and if you used to follow me on Bloglovin, I would ask you to follow me again here  since I had to "reclaim" this blog...

Take care everyone, I'll be working on more posts for December, don't worry!

With Love,

P.S. I had to re-install pretty much every-single comment went away. Not nice. 

Effaclar Duo+ | Review


Guess who's back? (or should I say, got time to write a post)
Everyone know how much I love the Effaclar duo from the La Roche you can imagine how I felt when I got to know that they reformulated this baby. Here are my impression and comparison to the original.

So, Effaclar duo+ is meant to work just like the original one but with the added benefit of also taking care of marks and scars. If there's something I'm always struggling with is marks. Ugly, red marks. That and occasional spots that appear when I'm more stressed - there's no point in mentioning that I've been like that for the past week or so right?.
So, when I'm dealing with that (along side with the rest of my skin care task force ) I like to use this guy. On bad days I double it by wearing at night and in the morning, but on regular I just use him in the mornings. I can see how the formula is better - My marks and spots go away more quicker than before.
The packaging is the same as before, and I'm happy with that because I always liked how sleek this tube was because It's easier to take him with me whenever I go out for the weekend or vacation. It's also easy to control the quantity of product that we want to use. 
But the best part is for sure the new texture : the older one was more "watery" which meant that it was prone to leaking...actually that's exactly what happened to my last tube of the regular effaclar duo...the thing wouldn't spot leaking for nothing and when I realized the whole product was now living on the cap. Because this one has a more consistent texture, that doesn't happen at all. 
Also, this will probably live longer compared to the other tubes because of that. Overall, I'm really happy with this product and I can't wait to try out their new toner - which has AHA and BHA. 
And again - this is the European version! There is an American version with contains  benzoyl peroxide instead of salicylic acid. So you need to be careful when searching for this. I've seen some people reacting badly to this product because they were allergic to salicylic acid - for instances if you are allergic to Aspirin, there's a huge change that you'll be allergic to salicylic acid.

Take care everyone!
With Love,

Mizon Hyaluronic Acid 100 Serum | Review


Finally, finally! I finally got a free week to take of blog posts! College is taking so much of my time and effort, but things are going nicely. In many levels.
Anyway, here's my review about one of the newest products I got from my Korean Beauty Haul. Let me tell you, this is probably the coolest item I got. Everyone knows already how crazy I am with skin care and taking my routine to another level. After hearing a lot of raves about Hyaluronic Acid and how good it is to moist  - hello, that's exactly what my dehydrated skin needs - and retain water in our skin. Usually people try to get Hydraluron from Indeed Labs but...that's kinda expensive and hard to get because it's only available at boots (and their international shipping is...crazy).
One day, while doing my usual search around Korean Beauty online shops...I found this serum. I never heard of Mizon before but after a quick search ( Thanks Google) I found out that it actually has really good products and reputation. It didn't take too much for me to get this as soon as possible. 

This comes in a glass bottle, which initially had a cap and the dispenser on a side - I guess it's to prevent problems in terms of bacteria and everything. It's really simple and easy to take out the product , a simple squeeze is enough . 
After that, I like to rub the serum - which has watery, but somehow jelly as well (?) texture - around the palms of my hands and tap it on my face until I feel that it's all skin in and my skin is ready to receive the moisturiser. Then I apply my usual night moisturiser's amazing. 

I can feel my skin nourished and the moisturiser working better because of it. I use this mainly at night after bed and let me tell, in the morning I don't look too scary as I used to because of this. I've also seen - not sure why - and improvement in terms of scars fading. My skin texture is softer and I'm nothing but happy with this product. 
Not only I want to get a backup, I also want to try their AHA serum, which looks amazing to add as my exfoliating serum. I got my from Jolse , here for 15,98$, which is like, half of what I would pay for Hydraluron. If you are looking for something like that, give this one a try!

Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

Lovie Dovie from Essie


Probably, the prettiest pink nail polish I ever got. And the best.
I finally got the chance of extending my Essie collection and I ha to show you lovie dovie. It's a pink shade, with a blue undertone. 
In therms of application, their new brush - yes there's a new one apparently - is great because I don't end up with nail polish were I shouldn't. Also, it doesn't take too much to dry and it only chipped after 6 days. A victory considering that I didn't use a top coat. 

So yes, today's post is really little. The next one will be bigger I promise. 
Take care.

With Love,

October Favourites '14


Finally! Monthly Favourites...
So, before anyone asks "where's the Halloween look" the deal is...I had too much work and zero time an patience to do it. I tried, but the shoots were horrible and I'm not going to present something that I'm not comfortable with. I'm sorry, but I won't. But, I'll try to do an Autumn inspired look. I won't promise anything, specially when I have tone of work, assignments and tests to do. But I'll survive.
Second, what do you think about the new look? It was and still is , a work in progress. I got inspired by Gh0stparties look (and before anyone says "oh you're coping " I e-mailed her asking about if she thought that it was too much and that I would be more than willing to do change if it was necessary and Kate, who is the sweetest girl, said it was okay to be inspired. And even complimented my photos - yes I jumped like a little kid. But I don't care. It made my day)

Now...favourites. I'll be sincere, I didn't tried out too much makeup, mostly because there wasn't much time. My daily routine consisted in concealing, doing my brows, setting and lipsticks. But Skin Care kept the same...with the exception of some new things. 
Lime Crime's Centrifuchsia is a good pick-me-up lipstick, specially for crazy days were I don't have too much time to spend on my eyeliner or that kind of thing. It's super pigmented and easy to wear.
In therms of Skin Care, there were two items added to my routine recently and they deserve a spot. The Mizon Hyaluronic Acid Serum is the bomb. If you are looking for a serum with hyaluronic acid that helps you with moisture, you need to try this one. I'll be sure to review it during this month.
And the Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil in Light was a happy finding. It's lighter than the The Body Shop cleansing oil. I'll probably update to the Moisture version during December and January but, I can see this one to be a good choice too. My only concern is it's citric smell. Don't worry, I'll be reviewing it as well. 
And keeping the Etude House theme, the Drawing eyebrow pencil is so good. The best I've tried so far and I'm really happy with it, specially because it stays on it's own for the longest time. Yes, I'm happy. 

And finishing with concealers, you all know why I love the Maybelline Fit me Concealer - easy to apply and leaves a good look. Now, paired with the SkinFood Dark Circles concealer - a perfect duper to the Benefit Erase Paste - it's even better. This duo has been taking care of my dark circles during the all month.
And to take care of my spots, there's nothing like the Aritaum Full Cover concealer, which made me rethink about getting the Full Cover from MUFE, since it's so good and I don't have a special need for another one. It can look cakey ,but nothing that a good thermal water won't help. 

Lastly but not least, the Holika Holika Cotton Pore Primer is the best primer I ever tried, It's not "silicony" and yet, took care of my pore without issues and smells so good. I'm currently thinking about getting the mist/setting set and the bb cream from this line soon because of how good it is. 

So here are my favourites, thank you very much for reading. 
I'll be working on a few posts during this month too, including wishlists and gift ideas. 
Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

The current Autumn loves and picks


I'll skip the part where I excuse myself for not posting more because of school. Let's say that I'll probably post something Once a week and that's it? Until my Christmas Break and it's what I can do. I love blogging but school comes first.
So, you guys know that I love to do posts about what I choose for this time of the year. I don't know, Autumn brings good memories and feelings. I like the cold weather, but I hate when it's super freezing so, Autumn is perfect.
And it's interesting because a week after taking these photos - because I had the time and light for that - we got this super strange and hot week which I hated. Mostly because I couldn't sleep properly.

So now, here are some of my choices. I tried to choose both high end and drugstore items...with the exception of eyeshadows. But you guys forgive me that, don't you?

I know, mentioned these two last year. Anyway, the Urban Deacay Theodora palette is something that I tend to pick up during Autumn. I know that some of you might get bothered because this was a limited edition and you can't get it but... I believe that some of these shades were released into their singular shadow collection and I really want to use what I have, no matter if it's a limited edition or not. Also, these have the best UD formula in my opinion!
Next, MAC Cranberry usually get a bit more usage during the time as well. I've been thinking about getting more singular shadows from other brands like etude house or innisfree - some of their mineral shadows look really good - and depot everything into my Wild Peach cosmetics palette that Shayne gave me (thank you!). I love to either do a smokey eye with cranberry allover the eyelid and Bewitch & West around my crease and lower lash-line. On a simple day, there's nothing like Broken all over my eyelid and Beware on my crease to define it.

I came to realize that I have more Autumn/winter shades than Spring/Summer shades.
Anyway, from Drugstore I couldn't resist to mention sleek. Their trio in sugar has the perfect shades - 2 matte and 1 shimmery - for any Autumn look of your choice, with gorgeous pigmentation. Alongside with that, the all time famous Face Form had to be mentioned as well - the blush can easily be worn at any occasion, the bronzer makes me look defined without being too orange or muddy and the highlighter is super pretty and isn't too shimmery.
From the High End department, my choice went for these 3 gorgeous products from NARS. Seduction is a quite intimidation shade, but believe me, it looks really nice for this time of the year and it can be blended. Laguna and Orgasm don't really need too much introduction : laguna is an amazing bronzer just like sleek's and Orgasm goes with any look or season.

(from left to right : MAC viva glam Rihanna; Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Pencil in Theodora ; NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencil in Never say Never )

Yes, I master the art of not doing my swatches like I should. Shame on me I guess.
Anyway, here are the lipies that make me look super classic and polished during autumn. The MAC viva glam Rihanna is perfect for when I want something red but "not that red". When I got it during my SWAP with Shayne I knew it would be perfect for this time. The same applies to Theodora, which can be a little intimidating but can be worn without problems - it lasts a lot on my lips too. The only problem is to sharpen it...apparently I'll have to get a compatible sharpener for him and the NARS matte velvet lip pencil - which is the most comfortable matte lip pencil/lipstick I ever found. Doesn't dry my lips and stays for a while in my lips without problems and it's really easy to reapply. 


(from left to right : Kate by Rimmel London in 05; Rimmel London 038 in Vogue; Rimmel London Amethyst Shimmer ; Rimmel London 166 Temptation; Kiko Makeup 87 ; Essence 03 Dare to Wear )
To compensate the fact that I only have high end palettes, here's a huge selection of drugstore lispticks. Starting with one of my all time favourites - Kate by Rimmel London in 05 , although I love to wear it during the Spring and Summer, I think he goes better with the cold season. In Vogue and Amethyst are really pretty shades that I'll be working with during this season as well - they look intimidating at first, but look seriously gorgeous. Temptation is the probably the hardest colour to wear (mainly because I need a lip pencil...) but has everything to shine during the cold. 
87 from Kiko looks more reddish on the bullet than what it is - in a season were people are loving purples and burgundy shades, this one is a budget friendly choice. And the Dare to Wear from Essence is also a friendly red guy that it's easy to find, although a bit dry for my taste (nothing that a good lip balm won't help)

Here are my choices! I promise I'll try to post actual looks with them soon on my blog later during November.
What will you rock during Autumn?

Take care everyone! Have a nice day!

With Love,

The Birthday Haul


So here I am finally to wrote this. Be prepared to a huge post of stuff and Spoiler alert : it's not the end! Because my dad has yet to gave me his present (and by the way I'm not complaining about it or anything, but he makes sure to tell me "I didn't forget about it" and I'm like "okay, sure"). I'm thinking about getting more skin care (like another serum), I want a BB cushion (I'm thinking about getting either the new Innisfree cushion or an Etude House one? Does anyone know if they are going to release their Holiday collection soon? They always launch pretty case and BB cushion versions for that). Oh and Etude House lippies! Many, lippies are in my wishlist...I really shouldn't crave I Know...but it's Etude House!

So, starting with what I got first, a friend used to sell Lime Crime and one day I visited her and mentioned that I was looking for a new primer that would survive my extremely oily eyelids and she ended up mentioning that she still had this Lime Crime primer to sell. I also asked her if she had any lippies and...she had Centrifuchsia, which was on my wishlist for years. I bought those as a birthday present. I'm really happy with them and I want more lip colours...but lime crime is quite overpriced now and the shipping is insane. Why Doe? Why!
Next, my mother asked if I wanted anything from the UK - she is working there - and I was like "Soap&Glory! Soap&Glory!" ( not literally okay?) and she got me these two amazing and gorgeou blushes. They are extremely pigmented...I dare to say, even more than sleek.
And Lastly but not least I got the Skin Food concealer and that Missha essence sample from an ebay seller - I don't really remember the seller's name! And apparently ebay will no longer work with paypal? (at least my friends were raging about that the other day...). The concealer is a great dupe for the Erase Paste from Benefit, Doing wonders to cover my under eye circles! 


Next, from another ebay seller - again, not mentioning it because of the "won't working with paypal in the future thing ". I decided to get the Clio Kill Black eyeliner which has a brush tip...I'll probably get the one with the pen tip in the future to compare them and see which one works best. I'm still trying to figure out how it works. Because my eyebrow pencil is almost dead I enjoyed a promotion and decided to get two Etude House Drawing eyes Brow Pencils in 01 and 03 - which I love. Next step is getting brow mascara from them as well. And because my Bourjois primer is empty now, I had to get a new primer so I decided to give a try to the Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Base - WHICH SMELLS SO GOOD! - and works really nicely. I dare to say that works better than my all time favourite Primed and Poreless from Too Faced. I also got a bunch of Samples and I'm really curious to try the Tony Moly Tea Tree lotion - another future Skin Care purchase maybe? 

Lastly but not least at all, from I got - alongside with a friend  - the Etude House real Art Cleansing oil which is really light and smells like oranges. Didn't break me out or anything, which is a good thing! alongside with a very interesting Mizon Hyaluronic Acid Serum - forget Hyraluron, get this. It's amazing and costs a fraction of the price. I wish I had found this sooner! And to finish the Aritaum Full Cover concealer - which covers everything and looks like a good duper for the Make Up For Ever Full cover concealer...with 25ml of product. Oh the amount of samples? AMAZING!
From all of the three packages this was the one that was more carefully packed and had more samples. I'll be getting more products from their store for sure. I guess you'll have to wait for November to see what I'll get.

So, what do you thing? Yes, there weren't any palettes which is a good thing - It's what I get the most...
I'll try to post my Autumn picks and favourites during next week. And yes, there will be reviews of the products mentioned!

Take care everyone, have a nice day!
With Love,

The Zoeva 6 piece eye brush Set


Brushes are an important tool for me. I'll admit that I'm a bit picky with the brushes I like to use - I usually don't like natural bristles and I like brushes that are soft. Oh and I don't like to spend too much money for them (but I guess we all don't like that either).
Last year, I found out that Zoeva had this kit for 16 euros and I felt curious. I only had one or two eye brushes at the time and I wanted something that would allow me to experience a bit more with eyeshadow. Later I asked a German friend if she could buy it for me - after I sent her the money of course - because this set was only available via Zoeva's Online shop and it was all in German...
The Kit contains 6 eye brushes which are what I can consider travel-sized one since they are a bit shot. Shorter than the Karma brush from the Naked Palette or the detail brush from Real Techniques. Not to mention that they also way shorter than the Argent Makeup 201. They came in a small pouch which I'm currently using in my hand bag for my eyes, powder and travel face brush. So far, the only Brush I haven't use was the eyeliner one because I have yet to explore the world of gel eyeliner But I think that the shame of this one is actually nice and better than the regular ones. I'll probably do an update about this brush later.

The Eyeshadow Brush has a nice size an shape and the bristles aren't too harsh. It's not as soft as I would love, but It's something that I can work with and it's a huge update from the Karma brush from Urban Decay - which almost rips my eye off whenever I try to apply eyeshadow. I wish the bristles were softer.
The same goes for the blending brush - not as precise as the AM202 but it's still nice and fluffy to work with, but sometimes it can be a little too harsh for my taste. I like my blending to me smooth and not scratch all over my lid.
The pencil brush doesn't look like a pencil at all...which makes me a little sad because I had really high hopes hopes for this one. It's not really precise, probably because of the fact that the top is cut an it's a bit stiff. Not too much, but enough to make to be extra careful with it.
The smudge brush is a true beauty. It does what it should without being too harsh so there isn't too much I can point. It smudges eyeshadow, just that.
The detail brush is also good - not as good as the one for Real Techniques - but works. It's nice for concealer, to place bright eyeshadow in my inner corner  and other detail work. I wouldn't recommend it for eyeliner, it's too big for that.

Overall, it's a nice set, Bare in mind that I got this a while ago an they may have changed their quality a bit. Still, I really want to get more eye brushes, specially for when I have these drying for their cleaning - yes, I clean my brushes every time I use them...I'm that obsessed.I'll probably get their Rose Gold set during this Christmas or Black Friday event. I might not love this with full force but, if you are new to the makeup world and need something to start, this is for you, although sadly this isn't available anymore. But you can still buy them piece by piece or their other sets. 

Take Care everyone. Have a nice day!

With Love,
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