Etude House Color Lips-Fit | Review


I believe everyone already knows about my love for Korean Cosmetics. They almost everything in their favour - amazing formulas, affordable price, cute packaging and some of the most innovative ideas. Like for example the BB Cushions that we all nowadays see being launched by various brands - from Lancôme, L'oréal, The Body Shop, before them, it were the Korean Beauty brands who designed it and launched it.
But their lip products are also one of the best options in the markets. Their Lip tints are some of the best we can find all the types and finishes you can imagine. The Etude House Color Lips-Fit are some of my favourites due to their pigmentation and finish. If you are looking for a Liquid Lipstick that is matte but isn't too uncomfortable and can be used for a gradient lip, this is for you.

Where have I been?


I believe it's almost a tradition to be missing for a while. The worst part is, it is never by choice. As always, University and life have been catching up with me, making me without any time to come here and write. There is no way I can apologize for heartbroken as it can be. 
Today I reached the final day for the semester. I still have some exams and papers to deliver but I won't be having more classes until February. And yes, I am counting to post again in between. This semester was quite insane. I had tones of work to do and deliver plus I had to catch up with some issues regarding my personal life. But what does not kill us makes us stronger right?

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