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There was a time where I wouldn't think about order Korean eyeshadows due to their lack of pigmentation - not because they didn't want to do products with quality but because the Korean Market wouldn't demand it as much as the western market. But with recent years, brands started to work on better shadows and pigments - probably because how the Korean Fashion has evolved and with the Globalization of Kpop. They aren't exactly perfect but they are still something worth trying, So during my first order from Etude House website, I decided to order two eyeshadows to try and see if they were worth something extra. I was pleasantly surprised.

( BR401 Cafe Latte ; Look at My Eye Jewel OR202  - both dry and with wet )
While making my first order from the official Etude House website, I decided that it would be a nice experience trying out their eyeshadows. Their range is quite good and the price is like...something that can't be beat. I mean, less than 5$ for a single shadow ? I had to try it out.And I'm really glad I did.
The matte eyeshadow, BR401 Caffe Latte has been my go-to matte shade. Seriously, there isn't anything that had beaten this eyeshadow. It might not look that impressive on the pan but really, it can make a difference. And the best part is that it's not powdery at all. all. It's super smooth and blends without any type of problem. It's not the first time that I might take with me a palette like Zoeva's Rosen Golden or Urban Decay's Naked 3  and this eyeshadow to keep the look polished and perfect. I'll probably get another matte from this line soon or latter.
The Glitter eyeshadow , Look at My Eyes Jewel OR202 is a really gorgeous orange full of golden particles. I'm usually really scared of this type of eyeshadows because they then to fallout a lot. Funny thinf is, this doesn't. I've worn this eyeshadow many times - both wet and dry - and it never fade, fell out or creased. Like never. I'm really tempted to get another two or three shades from this line to add into my collection - specially their greens and blues.
Overall, I totally recommend Etude House's single eyeshadows, They know have also a palette to house the shadows if you happen to depot them but, these are so good that I probably won't depot them. I believe it's because of eyeshadows like these that I'm really thrilled for shadows like Color Pop - I don't really like their packaging and how hard it is for me to get them. Seriously, try Etude House Eyeshadows, you'll fall in love for sure.

Take care, have a nice day!  

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