The Mid-year Realisation and Thoughts


I tend to avoid posts like this, but sometimes I just feel like I should do them. After all, this is more or less my personal corner as well. So prepare yourself for a more or less self-introspection type of post. 
Half of the Year has passed by. even? I feel like Yesterday was the New Year's Eve and I was asking for a good 2016. And so far it has been for the most part, although it also feels like a constant roller coaster. But it was also the year where I found my self clearly and I was able to see how changed I was. 
First of all, I realised that no matter what - no matter how hard it is - I should always stand by what I think it's right. It can be hard, it can be really difficult indeed. But I don't stand for what I believe, no one will do it for myself. 
Second, realising that it's not the number but the quality - specially regarding friends. It's more positive to have just one good true friend than a bunch that probably won't support you or help you where you truly need. I have to admit that I had a bit of an issue adapting to this mind step but...the difference is huge. I'm not saying that you shouldn't meet new people and make friends, not at all. But not all of them need to know everything that you do. Some things should remain to special people and that's it. 

Another important thing that I learned was that no matter how hard it is, we need to let people go. But go for good. There isn't any point in keeping people in our lives just for the sake of it. A friend once told me that not everyone is meant to stay in our life forever or for long periods of time and we should accept it. But with this said, we should also realise that some people are indeed meant to be in our lives - the ones that no matter how far apart we are from each other, we always find a way of meeting and coming back into each others life.  We just need to realise who is meant to stay and who is meant to leave and work things around it. It isn't "easy peasy", but it is something that needs to be done. 
Also, don't let yourself go with other people's issues. That was something I learned in the hard way...Seriously, being neutral sometimes is the best option. Specially when dealing with someone who is prone to create confusion without thinking about the consequences first. And if that person is selfish, things can get even more darker than what you would expect. So be careful. 

But I also learned that no matter how dark things are, there is always light. You know when Dumbledore says that we just need to turn it on? He wasn't joking around. Also, there are always special people around us to help us to become a better version of ourselves. We just need to look with precision and carefully. 

I know this post probably is looking quite strange by now. But my year was strange too. Whenever I thought things couldn't get worse I would be surprised...and then I would see that I could get through it, even when I thought I didn't have the strength to it. I grew more spiritually than even too. 
I learned that some time we should just back from confusion and conflicts. That it's okay to be assertive and say " no is no". That we really need some time alone to think by ourselves and reevaluate situations - because in the end, we are the ones who possess the answers we need. 
One of the best things I did this year was to visit the gardens from "Quinta da Regaleira", located in Sintra ( which is part of the District of Lisbon). It was one of the most peaceful journeys I had. I was able to find myself and realise I still had a major path ahead of me. That it is true when they say that we are on the right track when I get to many bumps while walking our road. That happens because it is the right one. When things come too easily, they go to easily as well. That we get those bumps to push us to our limits and realise our true potencial. 

With this said, I'm looking forward to the other half of the year. I know there have been too many bad things happening in the world - I mean...Donald Trump for example? - but we should stay positive. We can be the positive change we need in our lives. And there is a J.K.Rowling quote that always spoke to my heart : 

" Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve"

And that is in fact true. All we have to do is believe in ourselves and work harder. It can be tough but later, when you finally get there you'll realise that it was worth it. You'll value it with all of your heart and spirit. So be Brave, be Bright and most importantly, be the Light of your own live. 

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