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It is something that we expect nowadays - limited edition palettes (and make up in general). Every Christmas, every time a big movie comes out, a special collaboration...there is a limited edition palette. Personally, I tend to avoid the big Christmas kits because I'm not a fan of really big palettes and kits...I don't know, there's just something that makes me step away from them. But from time to time there are special edition items that caught my attention.
We hear about them for a while but...what happens next? It's not the first time a palette gets shoved inside a drawer and gets forgotten. Youtubers won't use them because they feel bad because their subscribers won't be able to recreate the look. Bloggers won't mention them for the same reason. Eventually these items end up taking up space.

For Example, I'm really excited about the new Too Faced Natural Love palette - it has warm pink shades and looks cute as hell - but I had to be real about it. Firstly I already own one or two palettes with that type of shades - Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette, Zoeva's Rose Golden Palette and Too Faced's Natural Eye Palette - which have pretty much the same type of shade selection. Secondly I am not a huge fan of big palettes. I don't know why but I tend to stick with palettes of 12 to 16 shades. Probably because I already know that I won't be using them too much on a daily basics. Or having trouble storing them or taking them to travell. So I'll give it a pass, no matter how much my warm-pink-shade-loving-heart will cry. 

But on the other hand, there area few exceptions, like the ones I present here. I got Urban Decay's Theodora Palette during a sale and I am really glad I did. Why? Because it has shades that I don't have in other palettes but that I really need - like that really warm brown. 
Other palette I have and I am really glad I do it Too Faced's Pretty Rebel. Why? Because it has the best of both worlds. I can take this with my on a trip and I'll be able to do the regular neutral eye look or a super duper crazy look for the night time. Actually, whenever I have a special event and I need a more glamorous or colourful look, I still reach for this palette. (also because it has the perfect Slytherin/Ravenclaw Silver and the perfect Yellow/Gold for Hufflepuff)

At the end of the day, I think we can have the best of both worlds. Some people work better with limited edition palettes and collections than others. I tend to like them when they have a reasonable size and a shade selection that will complement what I already own. Otherwise I'll just be getting tones of products without giving them the attention they deserve and wasting space. 

And you? What is your opinion on this topic? 

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