Are makeup brushes worth the Splurge?


Back in the day, makeup brushes were one of the biggest investments any makeup artists or makeup love would do. Eventually more affordable brush companies started to appear and with that a few transitioned into cult-like status, gaining popularity and updating their standards.
That's the clear case of Sigma Beauty and Zoeva(and recently Morphe). Both brands started as affordable brushes at an affordable price and as the hype grew both companies renew themselves into luxurious brands but with a more affordable price.

One can of course argue that both brands are still an investment and I agree. I got my two brush sets as an investment . The question is: are makeup brushes worth the Splurge and investment?

Personally, I do think so. Most of my brushes are either Zoeva or Real Techniques, and although I really love my Real Techinques brushes their rubber started to be weird with time - it is similar to Nars rubber! And that really leaves me sad because I really cherish all my brushes : both expensive and affordable. 
On the other hand, the Zoeva's are perfect and good as new. Only my Foundation brush has a stubborn spot that does not want to leave. Other than that they never shed and the handles look and feel amazing. The goes for the pouches as well. 

In regards to my own question, I do believe that brushes are worth the investment. I am not saying that you should get ultra expensive brushes that you cannot pay. Thankfully are many brands that do high quality brushes without breaking anyone's bank. But if you can't do the investment right away, there are still really affordable brands with careful products like Ecotools and BH Cosmetics with makeup brushes so soft that can compete with high end brands without much problems. 
I am currently thinking about getting an affordable set for travelling (I am always afraid of losing my brushes) and because I love to have spare brushes for the really busy weeks when I cannot wash my brushes (hence why I have multiple foundation brushes!!). I am still not sure what I'll be getting, but I've been winking my eye over a BH rose gold brush set that would look pretty when placed side by side with my zoeva brushes.  There a few points that I believe will help you access your situation:

  • How often do you do your makeup? If it is on a daily basics I highly recommend to do the investment and splurge on a good set. It means that won't be having to buy a new set sooner than what you expect. In a long term that would become more expensive of buying a good brush set the very first time. 
  • If you are planning of doing the investment, is it better to buy them one by one or in a set? I'd say a set for sure. Yes, you might end up with two extra eyeshadow brushes, but n the end those two extra brushes might value a saving of 15 or more €/£/$ when compared to what you would spend when buying them separately. 
  • Be patient and get hold onto those discount codes/weekends! Nowadays stores and brands tend to do more discount seasons/special weekends than they used to. If you are looking into making an investment, waiting for a particular weekend to get that precious set might save you some coins. For example Beautybay held a 15% off event over 30£ purchases last weekend and Sephora in Europe is currently caring out Zoeva and (at least in Portugal), the brand isn't classified as a special exclusive like Becca or Nars, which means that I can use a 20% coupon code whenever they are having an "exclusive sale". 

What do you think about investing in makeup brushes? 


  1. Zoeva brushes are incredible and definitely worth the investment in my eyes. They're such lovely quality, and mine have lasted so well over the three years that I have had them x
    Amber |

    1. Yees! As I mentioned, I got myself two sets and I never regret that decision!
      If I had to do the investment again, I'd do it without much though!
      Thank you for the comment! Wishing you all the best!

  2. I think that investing on makeup brushes is good as long as their limits. I have seen people that have collections they don't even use. I have only 2 brushes and they are enough for me. Ecotools brushes are great as well!

    1. I guess that goes from person to person. I for example like to have multiple foundation brushes because I cannot wear the same twice without cleaning it first.

      I am really curious about Ecotools!! Thank you for commenting! Take care*

  3. Loove how Zoeva brushes look like! <3

    1. Yeees!! They so gorgeous Looking!!!
      Thank you for the lovely comment! Take care!

  4. I definitely think quality brushes make all the difference when applying make up. They're worth investing in because you can use them for years to come.

    1. Yes!! I invested in my Zoeva brushes and they are still looking like I how I got them!
      Take care!!


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