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After my birthday it was expected that I'd have already a major Haul here. But...for now I decided to only get these small bits. Mostly because I am hording until most of the Holiday releases and special kits (also Black Friday!!) And yet I still needed and wanted some treats.
I mean, I was saving my money for my Colourpop order, until I saw Zoeva's new palette and Holiday kit with eye brushes. They will also be releasing a small cracker at Sephora with a small palette and two eye brushes. Not to mention other bits from The Ordinary - now I can finally trust the brand. I might talk a bit more about it in my upcoming review on their toner.

A bit out of nowhere I decided I need a new eyeshadow primer. My NYX Proof it was slowly declaring his death and I wasn't really happy with it at the moment - mostly because it wasn't holding my eyeshadows like it used to - and it felt like the right time. I decided to give another shot to the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and buy the travel size. It was sold I got the full-size version! Although I must admit that I almost got Fenty's eyeshadow primer, until the makeup artist at Sephora gave me his opinion about it and I went for this one instead. I am more than happy, specially since not only it helps with keeping my eyeshadows in place, it also makes them look more vibrant on the eyelid! 

(Soph x Revolution Lipstick in Fudge ; Revolution Lip liner in Noble ; Revolution Liquid Lipstick in Noble; Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original)

On the other hand, I ended up placing a Beauty Bay order with a friend. She was going to do a order by herself but it wasn't enough to qualify for free shipping. Since I hadn't spend any money on myself I decided to get a small treat. After some research (regarding swatches) and asking some advice, I decided to finally try out Revolution's lip kit and get one of their lipsticks with Sophdoesnails.
Starting with the lipsticks, the Soph x Revolution Lipstick in Fudge was a really nice surprise. I was torn between this and Cake but my friend ended up pointing out to this one. Although the swatches might make them look similar, Fudge looks a lot more grey on my lips. It is super comfortable to wear and actually hold really nicely - although it will come off once you start eating. I am actually thinking about getting Cake next!
Following that, the Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit in Noble was a very good surprise. I still remember watching Soph's video while she swatched every box that existed at the time. Noble seemed the one I'd be wearing the most for now so that why I got it. So far, I really enjoy how creamy the lip liner is and how long lasting this kit is. Once it's dry, only really greasy food would temper with it and I have to use a cleansing balm to remove it. It's almost bulletproof. 

Have you got any new products lately? 


  1. I love the Soph Lipsticks - I think Cake is my favourite, it's such a pretty nude xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. I really want to get cake next! Their formula is really nice (I can seriously compare tem to MAC lipsticks, without much joke) and they are so affordable! (And there's nothing like supporting a Youtuber like Soph!)

      Thank you very much for passing by! Take care*

  2. I'm struggling omg, I tried to post this comment so many times T_T Why is blogger not working for me~~ (wait did my other comments post? I don't know T_T)

    Happy late birthday boo, I love that UD primer! I use it everyday hehe, it works well for me too~ and I swear I think I have one of your IG comments on my post AHAHHAHA

    1. I only got this comment here! I used to have disquss but I had so many problems (specially whenever I got a new blog theme) that I ended up staying with the blogger main comment section.

      Aww thank youu! And that might be true since I've been following your blog (via blogger, which means I need to follow you via bloglovin now ahaha) and your IG as well ahaha! I believe it was because of that bug in your serum?

      Anyway thank you very much for passing by!! Take care*

    2. Omfg now it seems to be working - it only took the entire morning to fix! Frantically trying to google fixes lmao.

      AND YES AHHAHAHA parasite serum!

    3. Considering YouTube had problems this week, I'd say it was a google problem. They need to upgrade those servers!

      YES! I was the one calling it a noodle straw xD

  3. that lip kit looks awesome! the color is beautiful and perfect for fall

    cool blog honey! I'm following and I would love if you coudl follow me too =)
    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

    1. It's the type of nude lipstick I love to wear!
      Thak you for passing by! Take care*

  4. Interesting post dear!
    Mónica Sors

  5. Esse batom da Soph é lindo, tenho de investir nos batons, não tenho muitos. A minha paixão são paletes de sombras e bases.
    Recentemente comprei pouca coisa, o primer da Fenty que ando a adorar e a palete de sombras da Nars a Man Ray que é fantástica.

    1. O batom é um verdadeiro mimo! E sim eu percebo! A minha paixão são batons e blushes!
      Por acaso ainda não pesquisei essa paleta da NARS mas agora estou curiosa!
      Beijinho grande!

  6. I need to try that primer. I hear so many great things about it!
    Cute beauty haul!

    1. It is a really good one! I believe you'll really love it! Take care*

  7. You have some lovely product ideas here. I’ve used the UD eyeshadow primer before and loved it!

    Samantha x


    1. It is a really nice primer isn't it? Thank you for the commenting! Take care*


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