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As the end of the year approaches and Festivities start - Christmas parties, New Years Eve and such - if there's something that much be on point is foundation. Fenty Beauty was finally released here at Sephora by the end of August and I was lucky enough to get it right away. After much thought and use, I'll be sharing my thoughts on it.
I believe I cannot start this review without talking about how Fenty Beauty is important for representation. I have to tell you, there's nothing more beautiful than going to a makeup stand and see that everyone can easily get a match. That's something that for the longest time I could only see at MAC for example. I am thankful Rihanna, not only for creating this brand so carefully, but also for opening the eyes of other brands. Consumers are also more aware of this issue and will point it out rather quickly - Beauty Blender's Foundation is an example. 

The Packaging & Texture 
The packaging of this foundation is very classy and I don't have anything in particular to point out. I can see how much product I have or not and the pump works perfectly, providing the right amount of product and without the common spills associated with pumps. Perhaps the only thing I don't like is how easy the cap gets dirty, but nothing that a simple micelar water can't solve. 
The Texture is liquid and easy to blend into the skin, although I am constantly reminding myself that I need to properly shake the foundation before applying it.

The finish, application and overall performance 
The finish of this foundation is different upon the choice of application. If you go for a foundation brush, it will have the "foundation" look that not many people enjoy. Although it won't be uncomfortable, it won't be looking that good after awhile. On the other hand, if you decide to use a wet sponge, the foundation will have a more natural look, without appearing bad or cracking up were it shouldn't.
An important thing to mention is: this isn't a good option if your skin isn't on point. You know those mornings were we don't wake up that good and we want something that will pick up? This isn't an option of that. The better prepared your skin is, the better it will look. 
Overall, it performs really well and holds off any oil from the T-zone perfectly - although bare in mind what I just said about skin condition. If you are looking for a foundation for special events like Christmas and New Years Ever, this is a good option. On a daily-wear, it might not have the most natural finish (although mixing a more glowy primer or drops into it might change a bit)
This has been my choice for when I go out and want to look nice and polished and I'll continue to use it, while keeping my search for a daily-wear foundation. 

Have you tried Fenty's Foundation? What are you thoughts? 


  1. I use the Fenty foundation and love it. Still using it! One of my faves.


  2. Eu ando para investir numa base há séculos! Não sei qual vou comprar, mas confesso que até fiquei curiosa com essa (o que é engraçado, pois não me identifico muito com a marca). Pelo que dizes, tem um acabamento diferente daquele que eu procuro para o dia-a-dia e, como agora só uso base esporadicamente, parece-me ser uma óptima opção.


    1. Se procuras uma base só para ocasiões especiais, esta é uma excelente opção!

  3. Lovely detailed review! I tried this a while ago and I did really like it. The coverage is really nice and it's very comfortable to wear. However, I did pick up a way too light shade so it makes me look pretty much dead.

    1. Oh! I was actually really lucky,since the lady at sephora that did my match was really careful when doing so! Take care*

  4. I've heard so many good things about this foundation! Every next review makes me want to pick it up...

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

    1. I totally recommend you to give it a chance! You won't regret it! Take care*

  5. Hearing about Fenty review almost everywhere now. I have oily skin and I prefer something that looks natural. Probably not the best move buying this.
    Rachael | Rachael Latchman Diaries

    1. If you want something with a Natural finish this won't be the thing for you I believe! Unless you work it with a makeup sponge or so...

      Wishing you all the best! Take care*

  6. No. I don't know this product. Thanks for sharing. It seems good!!!
    Have a nice day and don't miss my latest post, now on my blog! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    New Vintage in Brescia

  7. I recently repurchased this in the right shade, when I went to get the concealer and I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I like it! The coverage is so easy to control

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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