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I know...Long time no see ( or in this case write and read? ). Besides the writer-block I had, I decided that I had to take a little break from the blog. I've been going outside and taking my time to be with my friends and at the night time, I've been watching as many good-quality movies as I can. I mean, Once mid-September starts, so will my really crazy schedule of classes and everything. I'll try to post as much as I can but...we all know that school is quite a priority for these shores. 
Today's post will be my impression/review on the Try-out set from First Aid Beauty I got a few months ago. I've been quite curious about FAB for a while since it's not only raved by many American and Canadian Bloggers, but it's also raved by Caroline Hirons. And we all know that if the Queen of skin care recommendations says something is nice - in this case their pads - I will try it out as soon as can. Or if my bank account allows it.  Since I wasn't only curious about the pads, I thought this kit would be a nice acquisition. And it was because now I now that I can't live without two of these products but that I really hate one of them. 

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
Seriously, just skip it. Don't waste a single penny on this, it's not worth it. 
I mean it. It probably one of the worse cleansers I ever tried. First, it claims to be SLS-free but it still lathers a lot, which I wasn't really expecting. 
It doesn't have any added fragrance so it has a really chemical smell...not to say plane awful.  But what really makes me hate it is what this did to my face. It's quite over striping so my skin would be super dry and tight in a way that it's not healthy at all.and the worse? I broke out really badly.  
It took me like a month to clear all the spots and thankfully most of the scars are finally faded.
Also, it has this really weird consistency...maybe I got a bad batch? But still...
I won't be getting this ever again and I don't really know what to do with the rest of the tube. At this point, I wouldn't even give this to my worse enemy. 

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads 
Now, the star of the kit that I shall keep repurchasing - at least until I find something similar with a better price but, so far there isn't such thing.
These are exfoliating pads - meaning they are part of my chemical exfoliation with BHA and AHA. These are pretty much, perfect. They aren't as gentle as my Missha Clear Toner ( which I still love and will repurchase) but they aren't super aggressive either. They just have the enough power I need to exfoliate my face a bit more twice a week or when my skin is having extra issues.
They don't have a funky smell, they don't contain any alcohol and I don't have any problems with them. I actually already repurchased a tiny pack like this but I'll probably just get the 60 pads pack next time. If you want something that exfoliates nicely but isn't aggressive, try this. 

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Lastly but not least at all, the Ultra Repair Cream has been my go-to night moisturiser. It's quite thick and it makes wonders during the night. My skin is quite dehydrated and does love moisturisers like this one. 
The only problem I see with this is one : it has eucalyptus oil and can be quite bad to people with super sensitive skin and two, I ended up foundation a Cheaper version from Mizon after repurchasing a tube of this. 
Nevertheless, this is a really good product to use. Since I tend to leave the fancy ingredients to my toners and serums, the only thing I ask my moisturisers is to moisturise. And it's what this does. Although I have to say that I always love when we get to find moisturisers with Hyaluronic Acid and free of Mineral Oil and those things. 

Overall, the only thing I won't recommend at all is the cleanser. Seriously, it's not worth it...unless you want some really painful break outs..
By the way, I did a few changers around the blog : new banner, icons, photo and overall look. I still need to add a new signature and I might add another widget or two - like the one I have for Pinterest. 
Thank you for reading every one!

With Love,

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