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I have to admit, palettes used to be a huge problem for me. I had this phase where I wanted all the palettes that would be released. The years passed by and I finally know to choose what I really should get and what I should not.  And here I am to talk about Zoeva's Rose Golden Palette.
The packaging of this palette is really gorgeous and elegant. And again there is no mirror on this palette, which can be a problem for those who actually use the mirror that comes with the eyeshadow palettes - I personally don't use them so it isn't a big issue to me. The majority of this shades are satin...almost creamy. They are so buttery soft that it's a delight to swatch them. And something that I really like is, depending your mood you can either wear most of the shades alone or combine with each other. They just match and look nice. Also, they are natural and neutral but not the typical shades we find on most neutral palettes. I really to wear this palette during the Spring and Summer Seasons. 

Luster is beige shade, and as a matte shade isn't chalky or dry. Or overly powdery as well. I personally like it for "highlight" the brow bone and to clean/define the crease whenever I decide to apply any of the other shades as a "wash of colour" on my lids.
Reflective Elegance is a gorgeous beige with a hint of pink perfect to wear alone or as base to any look. It's one of those shades that will open your eyes and make you look more awake.
Copper is King was the eyeshadow that caught my attention as soon as this palette was released. It kinda reminded me of Mythology from MAC ( which is on my wishlist for ever). I really like to wear this alone on my eye lids but it's also lovely just on the crease. The possibilities are endless.
Shinning Love looks darker on the pan and like Cooper is King I like to wear it alone or defining Cooper is king. It's such a different taupe shade because of the pink undertone that I can't find words to explain this.
Rusty Petals is another shade that looks darker on the pan but that can be built without problems. Like Shinning Love, Rusty Petals has a gorgeous pink - rose undertone that makes this shadow special and different. I like to wear this one paired with Reflective Elegance.

Foil actually looks darker swatched than what it looks in pan form. It's a really gorgeous and different gold shade. It has more brown than the regular golds like Half-baked for example. I like to wear it with Just a Rose or just by itself. 
Just a Rose kinda reminds me of Orgasm from Nars - and no, I didn't try this on my cheeks. When I wear this as a base shadow, I really like to wear something like Harmony or Wonder full to define the crease. It makes the difference. Also, paired with an eyeliner is amazing. 
Golden Rule looks quite green in it's pan form but actually it's a gorgeous gold shadow and like Foil it's different than the normal golds. 
Harmony is a matte greyish purple shade. On the swatch it doesn't look really pigmented but I actually don't mind that at all. First, it actually get picked up better but my eye brushes than by my fingers and if I want that really intense shade I can always build it up. But on days that I don't have too much time to blend or to be extra careful. 
Wonder Full is like Harmony - matte but needs to be build up. I like this one for whenever I want to make something more deep or for a special occasion. I'm always afraid of this type of shades but, as long as they aren't dry and can be build up I'm fine with them. 

Overall, this is a really amazing palette. Another thing that makes me quite happy is how I don't own or know dupes for the shades present here. In a world where brands always own similar shades and colours between each other, it's actually quite nice to know that Zoeva was able to do a complete palette full of shades I don't find anywhere.  Also, if you already own a basic Neutral Palette like the Naked 1 or 2, this palette will make your neutral life a bit more fun and will complement those shadows without problems. 

You can get this at selected retailers ( I got mine from Maquillalia, where it isn't available anymore)  Zoeva's Official Website  for 22,5€. Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty are also carring the brand, alongside with Sephora.  

And you, have you tried anything from Zoeva before?

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