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Keeping up with my interest for liquid lipsticks - specially those with matte finishes, today I'll be addressing the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. I have to admit that I was never into NYX but ever since they were bought by L'Oreal they started to suffer changes in therms of packaging and presentation that left me quite pleased. And that's what made me purchase these little guys. I started with two shades - San Paulo and Milan - which where shades of pink I didn't own at all ( surprise, surprise!) and after loving them so much I decided to get my hands into another two shades - Zurich as a everyday nude and Prage as the statement shade. 
Overall I found these lip creams to be really comfortable to the lips. Yes they dry to a matte finish but I don't find them uncomfortable at all - but be sure to know that I am already used to play with matte finishes because of my Sephora Lip Stains . They are easy to apply on my lips since the formula is quite creamy and non-patchy. They might start to fade away after 4 hours of wear around the corners of your mouth. I'm not sure if this changes with the use of a Lip Pencil or not, but it might help out - nothing that reapplication won't resolve.  

( from left to right :Zurich ; Milan ; San Paulo ; Prague)
The  colour matches with the packaging ( except for Milan which looks less dark than what truly is) - which is sleek and easy to store and carry ( I actually tend to have it inside my coat's pocket in order to reapply it faster. The doe-foot applicator is really good and allows me to apply the product on my lips without any dramatic issue and I am allowed to control the application even in places like the corners of my mouth. 

Zurich is a pretty brownish nude that on me tend to look like a " my lips but better" type of shade. I like to wear whenever I decide to wear a more dark or worked eye-look it's my go-to lipstick. If you want a beige type of nude lipstick this is a lovely option. 
Milan is a shade that might look more calm on the container than what it is in the real-life. I really like to wear it as a daily-go-to shade. It has a hint of purple but nothing to extravagant that makes me cringe or so. 
San Paulo has been my go-to shade for whenever I am playing with pinks and I want a good pink shade to go with it. I find it to have more red than Milan. 
Prague is the typical statement shade. It's a deep purple with a red undertone that makes it wearable and amazing. Whenever I want to look polished and fun without too much fuzz I just grab this. It's also a really good transition shade : still dark to be considered a Winter shade but bright enough to be worn in the Spring time. 

Overall I am really happy with these. I wanted to get more shades but I might do it after trying out their new brothers - the NYX lingerie Lipsticks which is a range full of nude liquid lipsticks. Let's say they have a nude for everyone. (this would be a nice time to insert that famous meme of Oprah saying " you get a nude, everyone gets a nude" don't you think? ) 

Thank you very much for reading and what's your favourite shade from Liquid Lipsticks? I'm on the hunt for Lolita and Lolita II and I right now...sadly color pop isn't available in Europe...
Take care everyone! 

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