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Yes, this is happening. I am finally going to talk about my Vanity and how I store my products. 
I'll start by doing the usual disclaimer everyone does : I am in no way bragging about how many lipsticks or blushes I own. I am ver concious that I own more than the average person - I have friends that own just 3 or 4 lipsticks and are happy about it. I never counted how many I own but I know that they are a lot and that I still want a few more. I mean, make up is something that I like - pretty much as I like to paint and art supplies ( which is also another large collection...specially in the copic and watercolour department). This is something I have accumulating during years and years. I wear all of what you see here and whenever I feel I am not wearing something or not giving it enough love I just pass it on to a friend that will love it more than me. I also own a few collection items - like that YSL quad or the Etude House Dream Swan compact. Those things I'll never let go. 
My Skin Care Stash - although I won't mention it too much - is also considered overwhelming to some people. But again - it's something I like to take care of. I always had many skin issues and ever since I started to take of it I saw many changes. I don't have breakouts (except one or two during that time of the month) and I've ve been taking care of spots and old scaring as well. 
Could I only own a small bag of items like many I know do? Maybe. But I like having multiple choices and trying out new things from time to time. 
Before anyone asks, my Vanity is from a local shop call " Loja do Gato Preto" - which is also available in Spain and France - and I got it because I wanted something with a more old look and not something super straight like the IKEA malm for example. I'm really happy with it and after more than a year I have no issues with it.
As you can see, my skin care stash is hosted inside an acrylic container. I really like it but I'm thinking about getting something else to store it. I feel like I can something prettier and with more carisma. My face brushes all stored inside IKEA candle holders and my eye brushes are stored inside a container a friend gave me when she came back from her Erasmus semester at Delft in the Netherlands. You can also see a small mirror, my three favourite perfumes, and another bits and bobs like my Naked 3 palette ( which is out, along side my wild peach cosmetics palette in order for me to wear what's inside of it). There's also a little pink Faerie which I got from one of my trips to Caldas da Rainha and I really like it. I'm considering getting another two or three because it's too cute. Lastly, the candle holder you see is from Ikea (although the candle that it's inside of it isn't). 

On the left side of my drawer I have my powder, my bb cushion and a variety of eye products. 
all the little compartments you see here are from MUJI and I really like them because of slim they are. I really want to get more compartments like these. 
The one you see on the left is divided in two sections. The first contains all of my cream eyeshadows and pigments ( and a random sample from benefit) and the second one contains all of my eye primers, my make up sponge from Real Techniques and my lip concealer. The other major compartment on the right contains all of my eyeliners, shadow sticks and brow pencils. You can also see my two MAC eyshadows standing there and my mascaras on the back next to my powders.  
I'm not 100% happy with this because I wish my powders would be stored in a different way and I might depot the MAC eyeshadows latter. But so far this has been the best solution and the easiest way of fitting things. It is busy, but not overcrowded. 

I have to admit that this is probably my favourite drawer. As you can see here I house my blushes, bronzer, highlighters and some lipsticks. 
My Etude House Lipsticks are housed here because of their creamy texture, I don't want them to melt because of the sunlight so I just usually house them in that part of my Muji box. Next to it I have my Bourjois Cream blushes and miniatures from benefit, alongside with some The Body Shop blushes - which are okay but nothing too special. Sadly. 
On the back I have my bronzer and a Rice Powder from Bourjois. I'm not a bronze kind of 'gal, mostly because I don't need too much to define my face. Because of that I only own those two and Laguna from the Nars Orgasm-Laguna duo. Next to it I have all of my liquid Lipsticks from Sephora and Nyx. I don't really know how to store them so I usually just fit them into that compartment.
The big compartment on the right side houses all of my blushes. It's a bit overcrowded so I might need to get another box in the future...
Lastly but not least, you also see some random eyeshadows and lipsticks. The Etude House Liquid Lipsticks are still housed in their box mostly because I don't want to take out the box before I review them...and because I really don't have any other please to house them. Maybe I should consider getting a Muji acrylic drawer in the future...

On top of my Antique Drawer set I have this acrylic with my lipsticks and daily face products. It's easier for me to come her and get my primer, concealer and foundations that just have them inside the big drawer of my vanity. I also have her all of my lip pencils and lip liners - If I see them, I don't forget about them. 
I really like this because I get to have all of the things I use the most in one place without any struggles in the morning. If I end up getting the Muji Acrylic Drawer I mentioned before, I place it under this little guy. I need to blame Alix from I Covet Thee for this one - because of her Vanity video from two years ago I feel in love with the idea of having a specific corner for the make up I use more often. 
Next to it I have my cotton pads and some jewellery - specially tinny rings - on my bird container. I used not to like stuff like it but because of Kate from Kate la Vie I ended up falling in love with it. And too much instagram decor also. 

And to finish up, I needed to mention how I store my Essie nail polish. I use one of the small drawers from my vanity to do it. There are also two nail polishes from H&M and some random pots for travelling purposes. I might do a Esse collection post later - I mean, are you guys interested on that?
I tend to gravitate toward either super pastel-feel shades or towards the more dark and metallic shades. I's the 8 and 80 in the same drawer.

And so here it's my storage ( and some kind-off make up collection).
The only I totally forgot to show was my palette drawer. But that means I can do an entire post about it and my palette collection later on as well...
Thank you very much for reading and if you happen to have storage advices to give, be sure to! I would love to read them.
Take care, have a nice day! 

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