Where have I been?


I believe it's almost a tradition to be missing for a while. The worst part is, it is never by choice. As always, University and life have been catching up with me, making me without any time to come here and write. There is no way I can apologize for this...as heartbroken as it can be. 
Today I reached the final day for the semester. I still have some exams and papers to deliver but I won't be having more classes until February. And yes, I am counting to post again in between. This semester was quite insane. I had tones of work to do and deliver plus I had to catch up with some issues regarding my personal life. But what does not kill us makes us stronger right?

Today is a quite special day for me. I was invited to run for my faculty's Student Union and I can proudly say that the List/Movement I was part of won with great majority of the votes. My colleagues and I had to face many obstacles created by the other party and had many stressful moments. But all was worth it. I am really excited with this new project and I wish to do all I can to make my academy a better place for my fellow colleagues. It has been an exciting experience. 

I've also been considering what I want for 2017 and some changes I want to do. I won't do the typical list. I've just been considering some things that need to be resolved and organised and I have been working on that. 2016 was a crazy year for me, spent organising many aspects in my life and I want to get into 2017 with an open canvas and ready for new experiences. We never know what's coming right? But the perspectives are so far really positive and that has been my main focus. 

I have a few ideas for the blog and I hope I can finally have enough time to dedicate myself to this lovely place. The same goes to my fellow bloggers! I know I have been missing from your lovely corners and I am so sorry about it! But I hope and I catch up during  January! 

Take care everyone! 

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