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I believe everyone already knows about my love for Korean Cosmetics. They almost everything in their favour - amazing formulas, affordable price, cute packaging and some of the most innovative ideas. Like for example the BB Cushions that we all nowadays see being launched by various brands - from Lancôme, L'oréal, The Body Shop, before them, it were the Korean Beauty brands who designed it and launched it.
But their lip products are also one of the best options in the markets. Their Lip tints are some of the best we can find all the types and finishes you can imagine. The Etude House Color Lips-Fit are some of my favourites due to their pigmentation and finish. If you are looking for a Liquid Lipstick that is matte but isn't too uncomfortable and can be used for a gradient lip, this is for you.
Three of the shades I have were given by the lovely Shayne from Queen of All You See when we made our second Swap.At the time I was super curious with Korean tints - they would appear everywhere. I wasn't really into the more sheer ones, but these looked like the perfect choice. They were marked as something that would allow me to do gradient lip and full-coloured lip if I wish. To me having that possibility was more interesting that anything else. And having Krystal from f(x) representing the brand at the time also helped.

(from left to right : PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink ; RD301 Perfect Fit Red ; OR202 Wanna Fit Orange ; PK002 Silhouette Fit Pink ) 

 The texture of these tints is one of a kind. It starts as a liquid/mousse type of product and later dries into a matte/powder finish that doesn't feel drying or uncomfortable at all. It also leaves a stain that will be on your lips for hours  - I tend to apply a gloss on top sometimes and it looks amazing anyway.
The applicator ir a regular one, although it is short when compared to what I would find in Sephora or any other brand. But it still makes the application smooth and without problems. I like to use these as opaque matte lipsticks or as gradient lip tint. My favourite shades and RD301 and PK002 since they are the more vibrant ones. PK003 and OR202 are shades I tend to reach during the warmer seasons. Overall, these are really fun to try out. If you want to get a lip tint but also something you can use opaque this is for sure a good thing to try out. Although I would recommend you to try their regular lip tints! They have a true lovely formula. 
Take care! 

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