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I have lost count of the times I said I’d be back blogging and in the end, I was not able to. School or personal issues would come in between. And those were not there writing block would strike me like Zeus thunder (noticing my classical studies here?). Nonetheless I would never dare to delete this space and stop blogging what so ever.

With all of this in my mind I had to find a solution to my problem. One of my major issues is to feel obligated to post weekly when sometimes I cannot. But then I would feel bad if I decided to post something and spend two weeks until the next post. All nonsense. After much though, I was finally able to realize that none of that is important and that I should not feel pressured, otherwise things would never go as I wanted them too. 

Of course, some will argue that constant posts are better than having just a few. The truth is, life does not allow that for now. I am currently finishing my degree, working at my Faculty’s library and working with my student’s union as a Secretary for the Student’s Assembly. Last week I had too much pressure on me. I was tired, I got ill and things were not turning well. 
So, this is me telling that I’ll still blog. Not sure when or about what but I will. I am currently programing some topics and posts to deliver. Will you bare to wait a little longer? 

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