The Lunar Chronicles : Cinder


Cinder is the first book of the very popular book series " The Lunar Chronicles" written by Marissa Meyer. Every book of this saga - with exception for Fairest and Stars Above - is names after one of the female main characters of the books. Cinder had been trending on Goodreads and Instagram for a while and it took a little until I finally gave up and decided to get the whole collection. This Christmas my mother offered me the whole saga and I have been reading it ever since. 
This book starts by telling the story of Cinder, a cyborg girl who happens to be the most skilled android mechanic in New Beijing and has a very complicated relationship with her Stepmother Adri and her daughter Pearl and Peony. All Cinder wanted was to gain her independence and freedom but she soon sees herself in the middle of a complicated family problem. But worse than that, she finds herself in the middle of a political - or should I say Intergalactic - feud. 
Considering this a very light science-fiction novel, I like how the writer decided to not over-complicate the scientific and technological part of the story and focused more on the mental and emotional part. Cinder is a girl who appears both strong and not so strong - yes, I decided to not use the word weak on purpose. Although she is special in multiple ways, Cinder still has the emotional characteristics of any sixteen year girl. 

I would also like to address that I likes how the writer took on the issue of cyborgs and showing them as mistreated minority.  The world is changing fast and we never know when this might actually happen without getting notice. 

Nonetheless as I stated before, what made me feel in love with the narrative was Cinder's personality ( I love her sarcasm) and her relationship with Iko (her android). 
Overall, this is a really good book and I really enjoyed reading it. I already read Scarlet which is the second book of the saga and I am currently in the middle of Cress (the third book of the saga). 

Have you read anything like this? If so I am up to recommendations! I like to jump between science fiction and fantasy. We all need to spice up out imagination, don't we?

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