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Oh how I missed this! After spending almost 3 weeks without my laptop, I am finally able to write and post here like I wanted to! Today I'll be sharing a collective make up haul - meaning that I did not get all of these things at the same time ( by any means) - and my thoughts and first impressions on these. I'll probably be doing a more in dept review later. If there is anything you want me to review or compare please let me know! 

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 
Following my love for their Powder and Concealer I decided to give this foundation a try. There has been a certain hype around it on the internet, many claiming it as a holy grail. I personally have mixed feelings. On a normal cold day this foundation will last - with exception of a certain are on my nose due to my glasses - but on a warm day? Forget it. This foundation won't stay or feel nice if the love of God. It doesn't matter how much I'll powder it and set it with a setting spray. It's quite sad because I got this thinking I would be able to wear it on a everyday basics. I guess not. 

Soap&Glory One Hack of a Blot Primer
I asked my mum if she could get me this from the UK. I really really amazing things about it and so far I really enjoy it. It is a mattifying primer but it has hyaluronic acid (hell yes!) and leaves my skin with a velvety feeling. 

NYX Lip Lingerie in Exotic and French Maid 
I got these from one of the new NYX Stores that opened up recently here. Exotic had been in my wishlist since forever and I feel in love with French Maid at the store. Compared to other liquid lipsticks these tend to take a minute or two to dry out matte on the lips but they aren't uncomfortable at all. So far so good and I am thinking about getting another two or three. 

NYX Proof it eye Primer 
I shall blame youtube for this one. A couple of months ago I saw a review claiming that this primer was a dupe to the high end primer from NARS. So far I liked it but I am not blown away by it. I think I still need to try it out a little more before forming a proper opinion on it. I am also considering getting it's brother - the glitter glue. 

Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer in 02 
With summer approaching I decided to get a darker shade of concealer. I won't be getting too tanned but I know that I always get a little bit of colour. Also, this shade has a yellowish undertone that is amazing to counteract the darkness of my under eyes. I look like a panda sometimes....

Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in 08 Mellon Pop 
Another present from the Uk. I own another two shades of this range - that for some absurd reason I cannot get here - but I decided that I needed something more fun for the Spring and Summer. Mellon Pop is the perfect peach shade, leaving my cheeks with a healthy look. I'll probably do a in dept review later of all shades. 

And that's all for make up. At least for the mean time...I am considering getting a couple more things (like more liquid lipsticks ). I'll be posting another book review and a Skin Care Haul (hint, there will be the ordinary there). 

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