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I am an avid skin care junkie. There is no question about it.
And this past year my skin care regime has changed a bit because the needs of skin also changed with time. with that in mind, I decided to share my current favourites, by choosing 5 simple products that have been the game change. Curious?

 Pixi Glow Tonic
I already shared my love for this product here, but I need to mention it again and again. This was probably my best discovery in skin care. (although I also really love The Ordinary, even if I'm not mentioning here. Mostly because I am planing on purchasing more products from the brand and do a separate post about it. )
This product helped me take care of my hormonal spots (that always love to say hello) and whenever I was super stressed. My pores around my nose also looked less and less clogged, which eventually translated into having a better canvas for make up. I am currently thinking about trying out The Ordinary's version, but I am pretty sure that I'll be coming back to this one. I cannot recommend it enough. 

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Lipbalm
Although this is actually an empty, I looking forward to repurchase it. Last year in September I caught a flu (mostly due to air-conditioning environment) that not only left me voiceless during my birthday, it also left me with my lips completely chapped. What saved them? This little guy!! I wasn't able to repurchase it in December ( I am currently using one from Uriage) back I want to do it once I finish the one I am currently using. Nothing kept my lips hydrated and cared like this.  

La Roche-Posay Tolarine Eye Cream 
I have tried many eye creams. I don't like when they are heavy or take to long to sink in. Guess what? this lovely guy is perfection. Among other things I LOVE the pump system. It means that I can control the quantity of product (usually a pump is enough for both eyes) and that the product doesn't get contaminated. I love how it's light, doesn't have a scent and sinks in quickly. My eyes cannot thank enough. 

Bioderma Hidrabio Gel Moisturiser
It isn't news how much I love Bioderma (I am a huge fan of their micelar water). I was super excited when they finally decided to release their Hydrabio range, which is infused with hyaluronic acid. Their moisturiser prove to be perfect for daily-use. The gel-texture not only provides a quick absorption of the product, but it also means that he is perfect base for make up. It doesn't matter if it's the hot summer or the cold weather. This moisturiser will get me covered. (and yes, it made me forget a little about my favourite mizon moisturiser) 

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing butter
An oldie, but a goodie. After purchasing twice Innisfree's Cleansing Oi, I decided that it was time for me to move on into something else. At the time The Body Shop was having a 25% off at an item of choice and I took advantage of it. I love how this product is able to break my makeup, cleanse my skin and at the the same time be gentle. My skin is always softer after using it! 

Although I am curious to try the ultra-famous DHC cleansing oil, I believe that I won't be leaving this product aside from now on.

And you? What have been your current skin care favourites?
Take Care! 

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