The tale of High End Liquid Lipsticks


Liquid Lipsticks have been a staple in my life.

Seriously, there is no other way of describing them. It doesn't matter how hectic my life is, liquid lipstick is always put in place. But until now, my liquid lipsticks have been mostly from the drugstore or budget friendly (like NYX, Sephora's own collection) I wanted to try a couple High End Liquid Lipsticks. Not only because I was seriously curious to compare them with more affordable brands, but also because there were specific shades in the High End spectrum that I couldn't find within other brands. 
Which is why I decided to do the investment during my birthday (yes, September, I know...). Also Portugal was finally lucky enough to get both Huda Beauty and Kat von D at Sephora. LIKE FINALLY!!! I still cannot believe that in a year we went from having a really small "meh" sephora to a really good and full of good stuff Sephora.  (they also carry Nars and Becca!!! Like finally!!!)

Anyway, I got 4 liquid lipsticks, two from Kat von D and two from Huda Beauty. 3 are nudes and 1 is a gorgeous blood red. (yes, there's a theme here)

(from left to right : Huda Beauty Famous; Huda Beauty Bombshell; Kat von D Lolita; Kat von D Lovecrat)
Huda Beauty Famous
I have been looking for a deep red lipstick for a while. I wanted that really vampy, blood look that makes me chill and warm everything I found it on pinterest or tumblr. I have to admit that I almost chose Vixen (which is still in my wishlist) but this was more red while the other was more brownish. So far I really love this shade  BUT I need to advise you : get a lip liner. Seriously, for this shade you'll have to. Not only because it makes application easier but also because it doesn't bleed all over during the day.
Huda Beauty Bombshell
I was torn between getting this one and Venus. I wanted a nude shade because I knew I would wear it more than if for example I had chosen a purple or another red. What I never expected was to fall in love with this shade like I did. I had to force myself into stop using it because I wore it nonstop for two weeks. I really love how it looks on my lips and I couldn't be happier. I might getting Trendsetter in the future alongside Vixen!  Also this one does not bleed like Famous (although I like to wear a lip liner because of the gradient effect)
Kat von D Lolita
Do I really have to explain why I choose this one? I has been in my wishlist for years! I almost asked a friend to get for me from Spain!! But Luckily it was released here so all I had to do was run into the nearest Sephora.  I really love the how this looks in my lips and how I pair it either with an everyday look or with a more sophisticated look. I also don't find the need of getting a lip liner (although I like to use it sometimes in order to give a little bit of dimension to my lips)
Kat von D Lovecraft
This was the surprise. You see, I was meant to be getting Lolita II alongside the original Lolita, but I changed my mind in store because the two shades looked very similar (they aren't, but the lighting tricked me)Instead I fell in love with Lovecraft! Which is a gorgeous mauve-pink that looks really pleasant with my complexion. 

Overall, I am really happy with these. I find that their formulas are really long lasting and their shade selection is enormous.  I already have another 4 shades in my wishlist for 2018 (2 from Kat von D and another 2 from Huda Beauty). I am also really happy that we finally started to have popular high end brands like this in our market. (Thank you Sephora!) I've heard that they'll be launching Fenty Beauty this year (yeeees!!!!) and I hope that they eventually decide to launch ColourPop as well (please!!!)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Take Care! 

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