A Gift Guide to your Nerdiest & Geekiest Friend


I am very aware that it is a bit late for gift guides (or not? there is always someone who shops at the last minute I guess?) and I hadn't done any, specially beauty related, because I'd already seen really amazing gift guides from really amazing and talented girls. But at the beginning of this week something stroke my mind. I've seen gift guides for her, him, toddlers (Gemma's is a really good one!!) and even for those who just love cosy home stuff. But I haven't seen any gift guides to someone like me: the nerdiest and geekiest friend! 
With that in mind, here I am making my attempt to that. If anything, I hope this might give your some ideas to make the Christmas of that friend that really loves Game of Thrones and is currently hyping about Captain Marvel's new movie trailer extra magical. 
Yes I can imagine some of you rolling their eyes right after reading Primark, but let's be honest: it's where you will likely find really amazing stuff for really affordable price. I couldn't add it but for example, a bed cover from Harry Potter costs more or less 18£ when before I could only find them at minimum of 40£...plus shipping from the US!
The good thing is that you can get anything there. The super popular Disney Chip Mug is back for 5£ but you can get the really cute Disney 101 Dalmatian Mug for 6£. Disney Store also has similar Mugs, but that cost double the price of these. (I guess it really depends on your budget!) Primark also has mugs for Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Harry Potter, Bambi...Star Wars! Your friends coffee and tea would never be same. 
If your friend likes to state his loves on the wall like me, the I'd Rather be at Hogwarts poster (which only costs 2£!! What a steal!) is probably a really good option. I am planning a small renovation at home and I am seriously thinking about getting one for myself! And with the cold weather, there's nothing better than a hot bottle...except a Hedwig Hot Water bottle! For 8£ you get something cute and warm at the same time. (It can also double as decoration!)
Oh and if yout friend happens to be a geek and love beauty (you know, like me), this Minnie Mirror for 6£ is probably the cutest thing! It reminds me of Jeffree Star's mirror, but with that Disney touch to it.
Lastly from primark, among other things,Harry Potter Pyjamas!  There's nothing like a warm and cute pyjama...specially if it's a Harry Potter (they also have Batman and Star Wars I believe). If your friend happens to be someone who loves to be at home, believe me he/she will love these (and for 12£ and 13£ they are amazing!) It will be like Hogwarts Common rooms.

Another thing your friend might love are Funko Pop Figures! They usually can cost between 10 and 14£ (depending on the size and extras) and you can easily find them at speciality stores, some bookshops nowadays also carry them and Disney Stores nowadays do carry the ones that are related to Disney and Marvel character. I do Own a Baymax Pop Figure from Big Hero 6, which I adore! I've been thinking about getting a few companions, which will likely happen in 2019! The ones I have here are a mix of what was really popular this year: Deadpool, Batman (because he's Batman!!) Harry Potter & Newt Scamander and Venom. I'd also all of the Avengers, Black Panther and any other character. (I hope they get to do some inspired by The Chilling Stories of Sabrina!!)
And lastly, board games! I still know people who love a good board game and for Christmas celebrations it can be a good prompt to leave people out of social media and the internet and just stay together. It's also super entertaining for other family and friendly gatherings. The two I have presented here are the Cluedo Game of Thrones ( which can cost around 35£ at Amazon) and Monopoly Game of Thrones (which is around 20£ at Amazon as well). These also exist in form of other games and with other series (back in the day I really wanted to get the Assassin's Creed Monopoly!)

Another recommendation I'll leave is, if you happen to want to gift a book but you don't know what your friend might be into or want...Check their Goodreads page! They might add the books they want to their "want to read" collection so you can see either what books they want to read or even what series sparks interest.

I hope you all enjoyed this, I know it's a bit of detour from the usual beauty-related posts but I really wanted to share it. Who knows, I might do these more often? 


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    1. Ainda bem que gostaste! Beijinho grande!*

  2. Lovely gift guide! Especially the pop figures! :) Merry Christmas, Diana! Have a good one :)

    Hazel | http://dressmeupbuttercup.com

  3. So cute! You can never go wrong with anything Harry Potter! Lol. Have a happy new year! ♥

    PerlaGiselle | iamperlita.com

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