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Hello hello!
I feel like I need to apologize for the lack of posts. (I mean, this post is all about that). You see, Christmas was a very hectic season, followed by a very quick room renovation, New Year's trip and lastly for a very case of flu. Posting and reading blogs has sadly, becoming the last thing I'd thing about. 
So, before I resume my regular schedule - I am already planning new blog posts, although I still need to work o the photography , which is something I really want to improve this year - I really want to explain where I have been and what I look forward for the present year. 
 The Christmas Season
Christmas is usually seen as a season of love, kindness and all things good. And don't get me wrong, it was all of that. But it was also days of planning, going out and getting everything out of place. Specially since I had a very busy week right after it. 

The week after and my trip to IKEA
One of my resolutions for this Christmas was to finally get my new book shelf and a new desk (actually I just got a new table top, but it looks like a new desk anyway). This meant I had to do my trip and then step up everything with my dad. (Plus the fact I had a friends dinner scheduled for the renovations day!!)
Everything is finally done, with just a minor thing to be done eventually. My room feels bigger and more accommodating to my needs. I am planning to do a few changes on my vanity as well (which I will explain next). Oh and did I mention I ended up also having to travel for a New Year's Eve party with a friend? Yes, a very busy week!

What happened after New Year's Eve
And if you thought things got slower when I got back....not really! I ended up doing a second IKEA trip in order to get myself a new mattress and I got the flu! Which made me super tired and crankier because I've been coughing for the longest time and not being able to sleep very well. I am finally recovering and looking forward to tackle some projects. 

What about the blog? New projects?
Although I've been busy and sick, I haven't forgot about the blog. I am looking forward to post as often as I can. I am planning to share more reviews, books and possibly a declutter series! I really want to change things in my vanity area, but I cannot do that without going through what I own and part ways with what no longer serves me. I do this very often and without publishing it, but this year I am seriously thinking about doing it as a monthly segment. (any ideas about it?) I am also thinking about starting to share my bullet journal process, since it's something I'll finally start this year.

I wish 2019 gets to be a good year for all of you!Let's make this a better year than 2018! 

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  1. Honestly, never apologize for disappearing. Life happens all the time, and while consistently updating your blog is ideal, it can be hard if you're not blogging full time.
    Yasss, trips to Ikea are always the best, and where did you go for NYE?


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