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Finally, finally! I finally got a free week to take of blog posts! College is taking so much of my time and effort, but things are going nicely. In many levels.
Anyway, here's my review about one of the newest products I got from my Korean Beauty Haul. Let me tell you, this is probably the coolest item I got. Everyone knows already how crazy I am with skin care and taking my routine to another level. After hearing a lot of raves about Hyaluronic Acid and how good it is to moist  - hello, that's exactly what my dehydrated skin needs - and retain water in our skin. Usually people try to get Hydraluron from Indeed Labs but...that's kinda expensive and hard to get because it's only available at boots (and their international shipping is...crazy).
One day, while doing my usual search around Korean Beauty online shops...I found this serum. I never heard of Mizon before but after a quick search ( Thanks Google) I found out that it actually has really good products and reputation. It didn't take too much for me to get this as soon as possible. 

This comes in a glass bottle, which initially had a cap and the dispenser on a side - I guess it's to prevent problems in terms of bacteria and everything. It's really simple and easy to take out the product , a simple squeeze is enough . 
After that, I like to rub the serum - which has watery, but somehow jelly as well (?) texture - around the palms of my hands and tap it on my face until I feel that it's all skin in and my skin is ready to receive the moisturiser. Then I apply my usual night moisturiser and...it's amazing. 

I can feel my skin nourished and the moisturiser working better because of it. I use this mainly at night after bed and let me tell, in the morning I don't look too scary as I used to because of this. I've also seen - not sure why - and improvement in terms of scars fading. My skin texture is softer and I'm nothing but happy with this product. 
Not only I want to get a backup, I also want to try their AHA serum, which looks amazing to add as my exfoliating serum. I got my from Jolse , here for 15,98$, which is like, half of what I would pay for Hydraluron. If you are looking for something like that, give this one a try!

Take care everyone, have a nice day!

With Love,

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