Yes, this was once Beauty with Love


But with time...we change. I changed.And so had to change the blog's name. 
Beauty with Love was an escape and a place where I would put my efford to grow and be as happy as possible. RandomlyDi is meant to be the same.

For those who are curious, RandomlyDi stands for just being me, Diana - Di for my friends. 
The post will be the same. Every time will be same. (except for the name and layout...which I decided to change again...I kinda like how it is now...Although I might do more changes in the future). 
So, I hope that you guys will keep...being the same? 
I know I haven't been posting as much...I've said too many times how school has been stressfull - it is. But no, I won't give up on my corner. I like too much for that. I work too hard for that. 

I just wanted to give this small note before people get scared. Oh and if you used to follow me on Bloglovin, I would ask you to follow me again here  since I had to "reclaim" this blog...

Take care everyone, I'll be working on more posts for December, don't worry!

With Love,

P.S. I had to re-install pretty much every-single comment went away. Not nice. 

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